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Reviewed: 10/13/01 | Updated: 10/13/01

After playing this game, All I can remember is how bad it was.

Argh! The third Fisher Price game. If I hate them so much, why buy the collection? To add to my NES Collection that's why. Fisher Price: I Can Remember, The third game in the series is also the worst, and gives off sickness to those who play it, those from one minute to three hours. The first game, Fisher Price: Fire House rescue an action maze type game was not good, it's sister, Fisher Price Perfect Fit Followed in it's footsteps, and Fisher Price: I Can Remember proves that it does run in the family.

Just recently, There has been party games on some consoles, Just about every single one of them has a memory test game, where there is a series of blocks and you need to match the picture behind it with another before both time and lives run out, Fisher Price: I Can Remember is just a carnation of that, And doesn't offer much challenge at all, But the point is, why pay for a game where you match pictures, when you can play it on a decent game, or even on SKY Digital when the adverts are on?

When you switch on the NES with Fisher Price: I Can Remember in, You will be greeted by a rubbish, re-make of 'Old McDonald', but to be fair, I think the sound is the best thing in the game. There are three types of music I have noticed, the 'Old McDonald' one, a 'Vvvvv' noise which is annoying and a classic nursery rhyme, Which I am not keen of, but serves well as a kid's pre-school game.

Unlike the sound, there is not many sound effects in Fisher Price: I Can Remember, and when there is sound effects, you will start to wish that you never even heard them.

The graphics, does give the game a little, well deserved boost. There are no frames of animation in the pictures (Or just about anything in the game for that matter) but are neatly made drawings of stuff like a bus, a Camera and a Drum.


Graphics : 4/10
Sound : 2/10
Music : 6/10
Entertainment : 3/10
Challenge : 3/10
Overall : 3/10

Rating: 3

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