Leveling up?

  1. Does a highter experience level have any effect on the game?
    Like more power or something like that?
    'cause I' m a Warrior right now and do not recognice any changes in gameplay...

    User Info: chris03051979

    chris03051979 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. When you use a mantra to start the game, you get all of your items plus a specific amount of gold depending on what your Title Rank is, which you get based on how much experience you have. You can use that gold to buy items, die off, and then start again with the newly purchased items and the same quantity of starting gold as the previous time.

    New title ranks also apparently lower the amount of time you can use Wing Boots for.

    User Info: Camden

    Camden - 7 years ago 1   0

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