Review by Ziggiloo14

Reviewed: 05/09/04

One of, if not the best puzzle game onm the NES.

Gameplay 8/10
An awesome puzzle game with a high variety of puzzles that are usually very difficult to complete. It seems to take a long time to complete (I've never completed it, but it took me a long time to get where I got). You can carry up to three items at a time and, since you'll have to use many items, this adds greatly to the overall challenge. You can't save, and it may cause a problem to some because many game overs are certain.

Story 6/10
There's not really much to the story, Zaks kidnaps Dizzy's girlfriend Daisy and reeks havoc on Dizzy and his friends. While there's not much to the story, there is a strange cast of characters ranging from Dozy, Dizzy's friend who constantly sleeps, to Dylan the hippie.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics are actually pretty good for an NES game. The sky cycles realistically from dawn to evening. The scenery is also easily distinguished.
Every once in a while, an item appears that is not distinguished immediately, but this usually isn't really a problem.

Control 6/10
To put it bluntly, I had a difficult time using the controls. It takes a lot of practice to master Dizzy's jump and if you mess up, Dizzy will roll, sometimes causing him to roll into a different screen or to his doom. I was really never fond of the swimming either. While I don't really remember the swimming all that much, one thing I DO remember is not liking it. Also, if you fall from up high, you have no control over where Dizzy lands, which often leads to him becoming dizzy and collapsing for a short time or dying.

Sound & Music 8/10
For an NES game, the music is decent and (for me at least) the music never became repetitive until the 2nd or 3rd hour. Of course, for someone that starts playing the game today, the music would seem inferior to modern technology. The music changes depending on what type of terrain your on or what area your in and fits the area pretty well.

Challenge 10/10
One of the most difficult games I've ever played... really. I've owned the game for about 10 years and really never got around to finishing it (for reasons mentioned below). In spots, like one where you ride in a mine cart and another where you ride downstream in a barrel, a lot of practice will be needed. The puzzle range from easy to extremely difficult. Not recommended to people with high blood pressure. :p

Replay Value 6/10
While the game is addictive and definitely worth replaying. One would undoubtedly have a feeling of extreme frustration if they spent hours on the game only to start over again. This feeling may cause people to store it up for a few months, if not years. Thus, this takes off on the overall replay value score.

Overall 9/10
I don't see the lack of a save feature as a downfall. If there was one, the game's difficulty would sharply decline. Some puzzles are insanely difficult and will put up a great challenge. Some items will be extremely difficult to get, while others will be difficult to use. It's a favorite of mine and is bound to be a favorite of anyone who is patient enough to take the challenge.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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