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FAQ by Damage_Dealer

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/08/2009

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                        STEALTH FIGHTER                 

                 for Nintendo Entertainment System
                          General FAQ

FAQ made by Damage_dealer (Igor Sheludko)
E-mail: damagedealer@ukr.net
Version: 1.00
This entire document is (C) 2009 Igor Sheludko.
All trademarks and names are property of their respective owners. No section 
of this guide can be used without my permission. This includes, but is not 
limited to posting on your website, making links to my guide, including 
parts of my guide in your own, or making reference to any material 
contained within. Only GameFAQs has permission to post this guide.

You are controlling a stealth aircraft here, which is hardly detectable by
enemy base radars. The equipment of your plane will be increasing as you play
the game, you'll be getting cool weapons such as X-Press missiles for taking
down UFOs. The levels of this game include Libya, Israel, Korea, Russia, etc.

Main menu:

Press START/up and down to navigate.
OPTIONS - lets you choose the game mode (ONE PLAYER, TEAM PLAY where one 
player controls the aircraft and the other shoots the enemy, COMPETITION - 
where 2 players can compete against each other, and finally three SAVED 
can resume your game progress by using a password).
THEATER - here you can choose your mission. To get to secret missions, you
have to complete each non-secret mission on a certain difficulty level.
ENEMY - difficulty level (GREEN - easy, AVERAGE - medium, VETERAN - hard, and
ACE - very hard).
AMMO - here you see your ammo supplies. You start with 5 of them, and you can
get 21 at most.
You can also switch music on/off here.

Flight Operation Basics:

After you've written you pilot name, you can start doing missions. Operation
plan consists of: leaving the base (HOME BASE), defeating the enemy (PRIMARY
TARGET) or another target (SECONDARY TARGET), returning to the base. After
the mission briefing press START to start mission, SELECT to review it and B
to return to main menu.

Controlling your Stealth Fighter:

The scale that appears on the bottom of your screen indicates the damage dealt
to your aicraft. To the left are:
Top-left indicator - altitude (ft.; I don't recommend flying on the altitude
of thousand feet or lower).
Middle-left indicator - speed (kt.; to speed up, press SELECT+Up, to speed 
down, press SELECT+Down).
Bottom-left - course (gr.; 0 or 360 means you're moving up, 90 means you're
moving right, 180 means you're moving down and 270 means you're moving left).

The "F" scale shows the remaining fuel. Autopilot is turned on by pressing
SELECT+START. The central part of your system board is for navigational 
equipment. Press SELECT+B to switch map and radar. You can take a full view at
the map by pressing SELECT. START button is for closing the map mode.
The right part of your screen indicates the information about remaining
missiles and the tech. status of your aircraft. The number in the bottom right
shows you the remaining aviacannon ammo. To shoot missiles, press B, to shoot
ammo, press A.

In the middle of the left part of the system board is the scale with 2
pointers. The left pointer indicates the enemy's radiolocators, and the right
pointer indicates your probability of being found by enemy's satellites.
If the LOCK indicator is highlighted, it means that you've been targeted with
missile ("R" sign starts blinking if this missile has electromagnetical search
system, "I" sign starts blinking if the missile has infra-red search system).
If the FIRE indicator is highlighted, it means that your target is confirmed
and you can shoot the missile. If you get a "GOOD SHOT" message - the missile
have hit the target. In case of missing, you'll get a "TARGET UNDAMAGED TRY
ANOTHER SHOT" message.

The right bottom corner of the screen tells you about the remaining chaff
(CHAFF) and infra-red (FLARE) cannon-traps. These thingies are the only way to
escape being hit by a ...enemy missile. So, basically, if you see the "LOCK"
indicator highlighted, press START and fire your cannons!

The walkthrough of the missions is pretty much the same, as you will encounter
more and more enemies, with more and more missiles and shots being pointed at
you. If you're struggling to beat a certain mission, use the secret password I
provided below to help you in fighting those fierce enemies.


Insert 4093CB1# password and return to main menu. Stop the pointer at THEATER
option and press SELECT. Now, pressing Up or Down on the world map will let
you choose any mission and moreover it'll give you invulnerability.

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