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FAQ by Green Goblin

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/09/01

Dusty Diamond's All Star Softball Faq v 1.0
Birthed by: GreenGoblin(greengoblin333@hotmail.com)

Table of Contents:
0. The Story
1. Controls
2. Player Profiles
3. The Parks
4. Hints and Tips
5. Passwords
6. Version History
7. Credits, and Copyright

0. The Story
Mudville was the sight of the classic poem, "Casey at the Bat". But mudville
has another - and some say, even greater - claim to fame. Each year, the
world's finest softball players gather in mudville to battle for the World's
All Star Championship.
Sixty top-ranked players compete on 6 different fields, from a rocky sandlot to
a manicured major league stadium! For serious softballers, it's the All-Star
Game, and World Series rolled into one.
Now, it's tournament time once more, and sports fans everywhere are eagerly
following this classic contest. Can your team - with a little advice from Dusty
Diamond, the legendary all time All-Star - play fiercely enough to win? Or will
last years champions, the the awesome "Amazons", triumph again? There's only
one way to find out.
Choose your team and ... Play Ball!
The one player mode of "Dusty DIamond's All-Star Softball" pits you against the
computer in a tournament. The object of the tournament is to win 5 emlimination
round matches, and ultimately to win the final championship match between your
team, and the "Amazons". The two player mode lets you play one game against
another person at any one of the six different playing fields.
1. Controls
A button: Batting, pitching, throwing, sending base runners back to the base,
and to confirm menu choices.
B Button: Advancing Base runners, stealing, tagging base runners, pitching, and
special plays(jumping, sliding).
Control Pad: moves players around bases, around playing field, throw to a
certain base, and various selections.
2. Player Profiles
*NOTE: there are sandtraps, water, and other obsticles you will have to deal
with on the playing field. I will note, to my knowlage, which players can run
normal speed through these, while the other will move very slowly through these
"Gary" -Decent all around player, but has no place on a winning team
"Ace" -Great arm, some power, and can run through water. A  good choice for an
"Don" -Good pitcher, and can run through water.
"Cap" -Crap.
"Fuji" -Good power hitter, and catcher. He can run over infielders, and make
them drop the ball, as well as protect the ball at catcher. Good #3, or #5
"Rip" -Has an occasional knack for getting hits, although little power. Nothing
great here.
"Clark" -good all around player, but accells at nothing. Might want to give him
a try.
"Gene" -alot of power, good arm. Good pick.
"Alan" -crap.
"Casey" -Good defense, weak hitter.
"Doug" -Some power, and can run through sand traps.
"Jimmy" -Good lead off hitter, and can run like the wind on offence, and
"Biff"- Little power, slow runner.
"Davy" -good batting skills, gets alot of singles, and doubles with his decent
"Slick" -Good offense, great defence. Pick him up for defensive purposes.
"Chuck" -Can hit some, nothing great.
"Woody" -Decent speed, some power.
"Mudcat" -Good pitcher, good curve.
"Eddie" -Very good hitter, not a whole lot of power, but gets alot of singles,
and doubles. Decent in the fiweld too, a good pick for 7th, or 8th in lineup.
"Rocky" -Can hit a homerun once in a while, and is a good pitcher with a cool
"tornado" windup.
"Sid" -Great defense, but can't hit for crap. Decent pitcher.
"Leon" -Has some power, and can run well. Decent pick.
"Jose" -Excellent defense, great arm. Not much at the plate, but a decent pick
for the outfield.
"Harry" -Good pitcher.
"Johnny" -Can knock out infielders by running into them, and can hit the long
ball too. Great choice.
"Froggy" I like this guy, he hops around the bases liek a frog. He has decent
speed, and can hit the long ball, or run out a double. Can run through all
kinds of obsticles. Great choice for lead off, or #2.
"Arnie" -Crap
"Joey" -has speed, and nothing else.
"Rodney" -Slow as all hell on the bases, but can hit some.
"Peter" -Great curve, good choice for pitcher.
"Lance" -Can pitch good, and can hit the long ball on occasion. Good choice.
"Dizzy" -Crap, total crap.
"Zelda" -Uses a broom to bat! Other than that, she's crap.
"Larry" -Can run through water, and can hit for power sometimes.
"Stan" -Can hit some, and can field, and run fast.
"Diablo" -This guy rules. He uses a spiked club for a bat, and boy can he bat.
Use him as your cleanup hitter. He hits a homrun about every other hit he gets.
"Kirk" -good runner, and can hit some. Nothing great.
"Bruno" -Can run over infielders, and can pitch pretty well too.
"Mikey" -Can hit a homerun on occasion, and has the best arm in the game. Great
"Slash" -Basicaly, crap.
"Babe" -Your thinking babe ruth, right. Nope, can't hit a homerun, but can
pitch some.
"Ronnie" -Decent, can hit some.
"Claude" -Very slow, but can hit pretty well.
"Ross" -He's fast, and can run though a bunch of obsticles.
"Rock" -Slow, but can hit homeruns often.
"Boris" -Crap.
"Louis" -can't hit for crap, but is the fastest runner in the game.
"Flip" -Can hit some, but is an excellent pitcher.
"Matt" -can hit some. Crap.
"Josh" -Can throw good curveball, and can run. Doersn't hit much, though.
"Binky" -Good defense.
"Sparky" -Decent hitter, good arm.
"Brian" -This guy can hit some loong homeruns. kinda slow.
"Bela" -Good hitter.
"Tony" -Crap.
"Artie" -This guy wears a hardhat, and swings a pick axe! Other than that, he
"Mike" -Good pitcher, and can hit singles, and doubles. Decent pick.
"Glenn" -Can hit alot of doubles, and tripples. He's fast.
"Sunny" -Crap.
3. The Parks
Park Field -Lots of obsticles in the outfield to deal with. Note that if a ball
rolls over the home run line, it's still in play.
Island Field -No obsticles. This park is the 2nd, or 3rd biggest.
School Field -Fun field to play on. If you break a window with a homerun, it
becomes an out. No obsticles
Cliff Field -a few obsticles in the outfield. One of the smallest parks.
Sandlot Field -lots of obsticles in the outfield. The smallest of the 6 parks.
Put your best fielders in ther outfield.
Professional Field -Biggest field, pretty tough to hit homers, except for
people like Diablo, and Fugi.
4. Hints, and Tips
-Players play better or worse depending on a bunch of different things,
surprisingly. Some can hit curve balls better, some fastballs, some play better
at night, some during the day, and some excell on certain fields. So take note
of those differnces, and use them to your advantage.
-Here is my pick for the best line up. It combines alot of speed near the top
of the order, good power near the middle, and good defenseive players at the
#1. Froggy CF
#2. Binky RF
#3 Fuji C
#4. Diablo 1B
#5. Johnny LF
#6. Gene 3B
#7. Lance SS
#8 Stan 2B
#9 Peter P
(Glenn(speed), Rocky(pitcher), Louis(speed), and Brian(power) for substitues)

-How to Beat the Amazons:
Ok, the last team are a bunch of girls. How hard can they be, right. Haha, they
will run up, and down the field like lightning, and throw to bases before you
even think about going there. There good, damn good. Here are my tips to
beating them.
First off, go out thinking you need to play, and pitch a perfect game. You must
have a pitcher that can throw the curveball. He will get you some much needed
strike outs. Make sure you put Everyone at the postion best suited for
them(strong throwers in the outfield, and 3rd base, Diablo at 1st, or 3rd, and
Fuji at catcher so no one can knock you down, and score a run.). Most
importanly are 2 tings. 1. Get people on base! Bunting wont work most of the
time, but you can try it with fast players like froggy, or louis. If you do get
these players on base, have them steal 2nd imedatly. If you have someone at
third, and less than 2 outs, try a bunt, and have the man at third stealing
home in the process. You need every run you can get. You will not shut the
amazons out, I can almost guarentee it. Ok, the second thing is this... Don't
even bother with thier #3, or #4 batters(I forget thier names), just walk them,
or hit them, and hope for a double play. They will hit a homerun like every
other time they even touch the ball. It will save you runs. You pretty much
have to play a perfect game to beat them(I've done it a few times, but they
still beat me about 4 out of 5 times I play them), so good luck.
5. Passowords
WHAT? You want passwords, you came to the wrong faq my freind. I am an NES
purest, and believe games should be beaten from start, to finish, or not at
all. Cheats are fun to see the end of games, but who wants to see an ending
they had to cheat to get to, I mean it's only nintendo, right? You should be
able to finish this game if you play the Amazons, the final team, using your
head. Also, read my how to beat the amazons above ;). Serously, if your having
a bunch of trouble, send me an email, and I'll try to dig up a code for you.
6. Version History
V. 1.0 8/9/01 -The original version of this faq was created.
7. Credits, and Copyright
Many thanks to gamefaqs.com, for being such an infinite supply of gaming
Thanks to everyone that is part of the NES scene, preserving memories of a part
of us that will never die.

Dusty Diamond's All Star Softball is Copyright 1990 Brodurbund Software Inc.
This Document is Copyright 2001 by GreenGoblin(Brian J. Baker)

I am not affiliated with Brouderbund, or anyone
who had anything to do with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted
on any site so long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you
are posting it.  You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.

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