Review by PGoncalves

Reviewed: 10/21/00 | Updated: 10/21/00

A great challenge for the rpg player.

The evil dude, Darces, is trying to take over.You gotta kill him!Hehehe.Well, you need the 5 swords to get the big sword, know, it kills him!


It actually shows everything you equip!It looks so cool. Also, the enemies were well drawn, and the magic spells..there were MANY spell animations, and when you floated into the sky, it looked really cool. The only problem? The item seller looked like an alien A big turnoff. It looked really funny, nonetheless.


The intro music is ok, I also like the music when you start a new game.The sounds are good for an NES game, a swish if you miss on an attack, the enemy screams when you kill it, and I also like the game over theme.The enemies make cool sounds too.


You get lost easily, which makes you mad a lot. It gets frusterating too, but the cool strategies like the parry make this game more fun.Attack, drop back, with perfect timing, you'll kill anyone with out getting hit!I really hate all the NPC's that bug you for a lifetime and a half, though.


The controls were sorta weird.Press A to attack, pause, then select Equipment, magic spells from three picks of up to 25 types of magic.Scary... I do not think it is possible to use all the weird combinations of spells. Some, you will find are good, though.


Kill the evil Sorceror, with the big cool sword. Almost makes you not wanna play the game.


Very hard, but the fun gameplay and somewhat cool controls make up for it. You have to find two certain spells at one point, which I wont reveal(because they are big spoilers..) and it takes like an hour to find them.There are also other big challenges, walking arround a practically pitch black screen.

Overall: 9/10

Cool game, made by Taito, the makers of Bubble Bobble

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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