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by FatRatKnight

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Game Mechanics FAQ by FatRatKnight

Version: 1.36 | Updated: 04/11/2020
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  • Player Stats: The game does hide a lot of numbers. How hard do you hit? What about resisting their punches? And why do spells always sting so bad?
    • Level Table: Just another table of information. There is some level-related trivia, which may help you realize why you're leveling up to begin with.
    • Equipment: So you find this armor, but is it any better than this or that? And I bet, for being so expensive, that this shield will help a lot, right? More numbers the game hides, so it may help to have a list.
    • Items: You'll probably like these potions without my help, but what makes these worth the higher price? And what does that do?
  • Magic: Spells overview. This particular page gives some pretty strong clues on how they work. The two below spoils 'em all!
    • Non-Attack Spells: Okay, so this spell didn't do a flashy "whoosh" and this cool "boom" after. Here's what it actually did.
    • Damage Spells: The flashy "whoosh" and cool "boom" spells. Some whoosh and boom better than others.
  • Monsters: Monster's image lets me identify them, and I'll reveal all the stats they hide, too.
    • Monster AI: Observations on the inner workings of a monster.
  • Tricks and Glitches: A few ways to make the game easier on you.
  • Stats Trivia: Just a few numbers of curiosity I have in mind. They point out practical moments in gameplay, but at the same time, there's plenty of less practical but interesting things as well.

While playing this old game, you might think, what in the world are my stats? Sure, I may have this expensive sword, but exactly how much does it help? You see no solid numbers other than yours and the enemy's HP. Okay, so you play around with the spells a little, and find that you can see some other stats, like the enemy's POW or your DAM, but you might not even understand what they mean.

This FAQ should help you figure out every little detail about how this game works. Including enemy AI, what each status effect does, what else affects your stats, and of course, just how powerful that sword is. Keep in mind, that there aren't any definite names for just about anything. Equipment, spell runes, items, and monsters. I've included images in this new format to reduce confusion.