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Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/02/2004

Version 1.4     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
1/2/04        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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      $$$$$$$$$$$$$     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$     $$$$$$$$$$$$$
       $$$$$$$$$$$$$$    $$$$$$$$$$$$$
           $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$      $$$$$$ 
            $$$$$$$$$$$$          $$$$   $$$$   $$$
          $$$$$$$                  $$    $$$$    $$$
      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$          $$$$$$$$   $$$$  $
   $$$$               $$$$$$$$$$$$$       $$$$$$$$$$
 $$$$    $$$$$$$$$$                   $$$$$$$$$$$$
 $$   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$
$  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                   $$$$$$
$  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                       $$$$
$  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$                       $$$$$
 $$  $$$$$$$$$$           $$$$$       $$$    $$
   $$$$$$$$$$$$         $$$   $$$     $$$    $$
     $$$$$$$$           $      $$$$     $      $$
    $$  $$$$$           $        $      $$$$   $$
      $$  $$$  $$$$     $        $$$    $$$$$  $$ $$$$
   $$$$$$$   $$         $  $$$$  $$$    $$$$$  $$$$   $$
 $$$       $$$   $$$    $$$$$$$$  $$  $$$$$$$  $$$    $$
 $$   $$   $$  $$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$    $$
 $$ $$$        $$   $$  $$$$$$$$$   $$     $$    $$$$$$$$$
  $$$$  $$     $$   $$    $$$$$$$ $$$$     $$$$$$$$$     $$
  $$$ $$   $$$$$$ $$$$$$   $$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$    $$$  $$
  $$  $$  $$$$$$$ $$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$      $$$   $$$$
   $$$$$$$$    $$$$ $$  $$$$$$$$$$$          $$$$ $$$$$$$
               $$$$   $$                   $$$$$$$$$
                 $$$   $$$$$            $$$$$$$ $$$
                  $$$$  $$$$$$$     $$$$$$$$$$$$$
                   $$$$$   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  $$
                    $$$$$$   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$  $$
                      $$$$$     $$$$$$$$$$$  $$
                        $$$$$$$        $$$$$$$$
                          $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$

Duck Tales Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2004

For the latest version of this guide, check

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Story
003.  Controls
004.  Walkthrough
  004a.  The Amazon
  004b.  Transylvania
  004c.  African Mines
  004d.  The Himalayas
  004e.  The Moon
  004f.  The Last Battle
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the Nintendo Entertainment System
(NES) game called Duck Tales.  If you want to contact me,
e-mail ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject
blank if you do.


Uncle Scrooge, the world's richest duck, is going off on a
treasure hunt.  Cool!


A button: Jump (the longer you hold A, the higher the jump)

Left/right: Moves Scrooge left or right, even if he is

B + Right: Scrooge uses his cane like a golf club and
swings it against the (non-moving) thing to his right.
This opens treasure chests.

B + Left: Same as B + Right, except he swings his cane
against the thing to his left.

Up/down: Scrooge climbs up/down something.  Only works if
Scrooge is in front of something that can be climbed (a
vine, a chain, a rope, etc.)

Down: Scrooge "ducks".  Only works if Scrooge is not in
front of something that can be climbed.

A + B + Down: Scrooge uses his cane like a pogo stick.
This makes him jump higher.  It is also used to kill
enemies (by landing on them), open treasure chests, and
let Scrooge cross dangerous ground (like spikes) without
getting hurt.


You start off at Scrooge's machine.  Choose a place to go,
and you go there.

004a-The Amazon

Scrooge lands in the Amazon.  See the two tree stumps?
Have Scrooge swing his cane against them, and jewels that
were hidden in the tree stumps come out.

On the ground to the right of the tree stump on the right
are three jewels.  Swing Scrooge's cane against the
circular rock to fling it to the right part of the screen.
It hits a treasure chest, allowing you to get a treasure.
Look out for monkeys when you're doing this.

Pogo right (this way you find some hidden jewels in
midair).  Get the treasure chest you come across.

Pogo off a monkey or those two gray blocks to that platform
in midair.  Pogo off of those two blocks there, and then
pogo off of the treasure chests that were under the blocks.

Right of that are some steps with a flower right of them.
Right of the flower is a vine.  Ignore the vine (for now)
and go over that area.  Pogo off the snake (or hit a block
at it), and jump off that platform to the right.

Go down the vine (reach it from the right side).  You land
on a block.  Hit it to the left, and pogo off of it to get
to the top of the statue.

Pogo left off of the statue, and you can walk across the
top of the screen.  This leads to a room with four treasure
chests.  Get the treasure chests, and go back up the vine.

Go right.  Hit the tree stump with your cane to get a
jewel.  Open the treasure chest for a cool item that makes
Scrooge invincible for a short while.

Hurry right now.  You'll come to a thorny pit that has
vines hanging above it.  Climb up the middle vine (the
fourth one you come to), and you get taken to another
hidden room.  Open the two treasure chests here.

Climb back down the vine.  To get across the thorny pit
(the thorns hurt you), you can jump from vine to vine, or
pogo off of the thorns.  Be careful no matter which way you
use; bees fly right in your way and you get hurt if you
touch them.

Past the thorny pit is a flower.  Pogo over it (it hurts
you, and you can't pogo off of it), and you make it to a
bunch of blocks.  Pogo past them to an area with a monkey.
Pogo off of the monkey (you can reach a jewel hidden in
the middle part of this area).

Past the monkey is a stump.  Hit it for a diamond.  Go over
the snake, and fall down the vine.

Get the jewel in the upper/right corner here.  If you want,
you can go left through this area until you find two
treasure chests (they contain an extra life and a cake,
which fills your health meter).  Whatever you do, when
you're done with it, go back up the vine.

Jump off to the right.  See the block on the right?  Hit it
left.  It hits a treasure chest and kills a snake.  Cool!
Get the treasure, and climb up the vine.

Two bees hang out in this area.  Climb up when there aren't
bees in your way.

On the next screen, jump off to the right and hold right
and up.  You fall down to the next screen.  If you keep
holding onto the right and up buttons, you grab a second
vine.  Jump off it to get the treasure, and climb back up
the original vine.

If you're low on energy, get the treasure chest in the
corner on the right for some more.  Go left.

Here, you have to jump from platform to platform, and you
die if you fall.  Bees float through this area, so be
careful when you jump so you don't hit the bees.

You'll make it to an area with a gap too large to jump.
Launchpad (a duck in a helicopter) will be floating
overhead.  Grab onto the rope, and let him take you to the
left.  Jump off it to the next platform, and continue
jumping left from platform to platform.

You'll reach a platform with two flowers on it.  Past the
flowers is a bridge of blocks.  Once you start going
across the bridge, it will begin to collapse.  Pogo across
it quickly, and over the blocks you come to.  Climb up the

To the left is a treasure chest.  Destroy the blocks
surrounding it and then get the treasure chest.  Go to
Launchpad (the duck who flew the helicopter earlier).

Launchpad offers to take you back to Duckberg.  Say no, and
pogo left from where Launchpad is.  Again, you can walk
across the top of the screen to a hidden area with four
treasure chests.  Get the treasure chests and go back to

Again, tell Launchpad that you don't want to return to
Duckberg (unless you do).  Go right, through the area below
Launchpad.  Walk right quickly.

A rolling ball, which looks somewhat like a hamster,
follows you.  Walk right so it doesn't hit you.  For a
little bit, the ground turns thorny, so you'll have to
pogo across that area.

The top of the area opens up.  Jump to the statue.  The
ball hits the statue and bounces off.  Jump off the
statue to the left, and treasure chest appears in midair.

Pogo off the statue onto the block.  Jump up and press up.
You grab a vine (that you couldn't see).  Climb the vine
to the top, and go right.  Climb down the vine, and you
make it to a boss fight.

The boss is a statue, an evil duck statue.  It moves from
left to right, and jumps occasionally.  When it jumps,
it lands on the ground and starts a minor earthquake, which
prevents Scrooge from using his pogo stick.

It hurts to touch the statue.  Have Scrooge pogo around
the room, and off the statue's head (this way you hurt the
statue).  Don't hit the ground during an earthquake, or it
messes up your pogoing).

If you hit the statue on the head enough times, the statue
dies, and the treasure of the Amazon becomes yours to take.
Open the treasure chest for the treasure. 


Go right over the blocks.  See the duck skeleton?  It's
alive!  Pogo off it to kill the skeleton, and continue

You'll find a suit of armor.  Pogo off it to the treasure
chest in midair.  Get the treasure, and keep going right.
Scrooge gets the item that makes him temporarily

You see Webby.  Talk to her.  She says that Huey has been
kidnapped.  You'll have to save him.  Go right, down the
stairs (get the jewels on the stairs).

At the bottom are some blocks and another duck skeleton.
Go past them, and get to the rope.

Here you can take a quest for treasure.  If you go on this
quest, you'll get treasure, but no closer to finishing the
level.  This quest will take you back to this rope.  If you
want to go on this quest, keep reading.  If not, skip to
the paragraph that starts with "You get back to the rope".

Go right.  Pogo off the blocks for a jewel and an ice
cream, both of which are hidden above the blocks.  Go
right past another skeleton, and you make it to some

Go up the stairs and to the right.  A ghost comes.  Oh no!
Go back to the stairs to take refuge there.  Once the ghost
passes, go right and keep going through that area.

Another ghost appears.  Press down to "duck" when the
ghost appears.  Keep going right, and you end up at more
stairs, and a coffin.

A ghost appears, but it doesn't hurt you if you are in
between the coffin and the stairs, so get there.  Get to
the top of the coffin, and pogo jump upwards.  You get a
hidden jewel.

Go right through this area, past the scary ghosts, coffins,
and skeletons.  If you want, you can golf swing against the
coffins for treasures.  Counting from the stairs, every
second coffin holds treasure, and the other coffins either
don't have anything or contain ghosts.

Past the coffins is a rope.  Fall down the rope.  Golf
swing against the set of armor twice to get a cake.  Go
left.  You'll find a treasure chest.  Open it for a cake.

Drop to the thorns below.  Pogo off the thorns (it hurts
if touch them, so you have to pogo off of them).  Go left
through this area, and you end up in a room with six
treasure chests.

Get all of the treasure and walk into the mirror.  It
transports you to the start of the level.  Jump off the
platform you're on for a hidden jewel.  Continue right. 

You get back to the rope.  Climb up it.  Jump off it to
the left.  Jump on the platform in midair.  Huey is there,
being held captive by a Beagle Boy.  Pogo off of the Beagle
Boy (or hit the block thing at him) and talk to Huey.

Huey says that this mansion has an illusion wall, mainly,
a wall that looks like it is there, but isn't.  That's
interesting news.  Get back to the rope.

Go as far left as you can in this area (you end up against
a wall).  Pogo up, and you find the item that makes Scrooge
invincible for a while.  Go back to the rope, and go right.

You'll come across a mummy duck.  To kill the mummy, you
can either a) pogo off it or b) hit the ball the mummy is
chained to.  Go past the mummy (you should still be

Get to the platform that has two treasure chests and a
mummy.  Get the treasure and go right.  Past another
mummy is a rope.

Ignore the rope for now, and continue right.  There are two
mummies there.  Kill them if you want to.  Hit the coffin
with your cane, and a jewel appears.  Jump to the top of
the coffin and walk right to get the jewel.

Wha?  You walk right...through the wall.  Hey, this must be
the illusion wall Huey talked about!  Actually, it's not.

Anyway, go through it, and get the treasure chest.  It
contains a cool treasure that increases the size of
Scrooge's life meter.  Go back through the wall to the
rope, and climb up it.

There's a block to the left of the vine.  Hit it to the
right.  It hits a treasure chest and kills a mummy.

Go right.  You can go through the wall on the bottom here.
This is the illusion wall Huey talked about.  Go through
the wall, and jump into the first mirror you come to.

You are sent to a place that has many suits of armor.  Go
right.  A suit of armor blocks your way.  Hit it with your
cane twice, and you get some cake.  You can then continue

You end up in an area you've been in before.  Go back to
the illusion wall.

Here you can take another quest for treasure.  If you want
to take it, go through the mirror before going through the
illusion wall and keep reading.  If you don't want to,
continue reading until you reach the paragraph that starts
with "go all the way back to the illusion wall"

Pogo left and you find a mine cart.  Jump in it, and press
down so you go past the low wall without bumping your head.
The mine cart falls through a shaft.  Just before it falls
through the floor, jump out of the mine cart to the ground
to the left.

Go left, and you find more mine carts.  Jump in the first
one, and when it starts falling, off of it onto the second
mine cart.  When that one starts to fall, jump off it onto
safe ground.  Then climb down the rope that is there.

Get the two treasure chests.  Hit the block on the left
so it flies to the right.  It hits something.  Go see what
it is.

It turns out to be a jewel.  Do the same thing with the
other block for another jewel.  Go down the rope all the
way, and you end up at the start of the level.

Go all the way back to the illusion wall.  Go through it,
and you're in the area with two mirrors.  Enter the second

This area is full of ghosts, blocks, and plenty of hidden
treasure.  Go left, destroying the blocks, avoiding the
ghosts, and getting the treasure.  You end up at a boss

The boss is Magica De Spell.  She's a sorceress that wants
to steal Scrooge's #1 dime (the first dime that Scrooge
made), so she can use it in a magic spell to make her much
more powerful.

She turns into a crow and flies around a bit.  Then she
lands on the ground and shoots lightning at Scrooge.  You
can pogo off her head when she is a crow, or when she
shoots lightning.

It's hard to hit her when she shoots lightning (unless you
hit her before she shoots the lightning, but that's hard to
do as well), so try to hit her when she's a crow.
Unfortunately, when she's a crow, she usually flies too
high for you to hit.  However, sometimes she flies within
pogo range, so hit her when she does.

When Magica is defeated, you get the treasure of

004c-African Mines

Flintheart Glomgold, the world's second richest duck,
earned all of his money working in African diamond mines.
These mines are probably his.  He doesn't like Scrooge, so
this won't be the safest place from Scrooge to be.

Part One-Finding the Key

Go right, down the stairs and past the ugly slugs.  There
are several small diamonds here.  At the bottom of the
stairs is Louie.  He has bad news; the entrance to the
mine is locked.

You'll need a skeleton key to pick the lock.  Now, where
would you find a skeleton key?  Hmmm...I know!  Back in

Scrooge returns to Transylvania.  Go to the right until
you find the suit of armor.  Pogo off it so you can reach
the mirror left of it.  When you go in front of the mirror,
Scrooge is transported to a room with a chest.

Open the chest and Scrooge finds the skeleton key inside.
Go to the mirror on the left.  You get sent back to
Scrooge's machine.  If you want to, you can do another
level before returning to the African mines again.

Part Two-With the Key

Go right down the stairs to the lock.  Scrooge passes
through the lock since he has the skeleton key.  You
come to a block.  Hit it so it flies up and to the right.
It kills a bat.

Go until you find a mine cart full of coal.  Stand to the
left of it and jump to reveal a hidden treasure chest.
Jump onto the hidden treasure chest, and off of it onto the
other treasure chest.  Then get all of the treasure.

Hit the mine cart for a jewel.  Continue right.  You'll
find a block in front of a chain.  Hit the block so it
kills a bat.  Go right past the chain.

You'll come to a wall you have to pogo over.  A bat is
above the wall, so get over it quickly.  You land near a
slug and a treasure chest.  Don't get the treasure chest,
but keep going right quickly because the bat is hot on your

You'll end up near a mine cart.  Hit it for a jewel.  Get
the jewel, and destroy the blocks right of it.  Open the
two treasure chests there.

Go back left.  This time, kill the slug and get the
treasure chest.  It has the item that makes Scrooge
invincible.  Get it, and go back to the chain without fear
of being hurt.

Go down one screen and jump off to the left.  Hit the mine
cart full of coal to get a jewel.  Go right through the
small area (get the jewels hidden in the air before it).

At the end is Mrs. Beakley, Scrooge's maid.  She has a lot
of ice cream for Scrooge.  Catch the ice cream to fill up
your health meter.

Start pogo jumping.  Pogo to the right, into the ravine.
A swamp monster pops up.  Pogo off its head to keep going
right.  Do this for four consecutive swamp monsters, and
you land on a platform with a mine cart.

Hit the mine cart for a jewel, and pogo off of it and
across the gap.  Go right.  Open the treasure chest you
find for a hidden treasure, and go down the chain.

You land by a mine cart.  Hit it for a jewel.  Get the
treasure chest for a cake.

Go left as far as you can (this involves evading a bat).
You'll end up at another boss fight.  Just before entering
the narrowed passageway leading to the boss, jump around
to get a hidden ice cream to fill you energy meter.

The boss is a weird slug-like thing wearing a crown.  It
jumps a few times, then turns into a ball.  The ball will
go around the room (the room is diamond-shaped), and then
he'll jump some more.

You must pogo off the boss's head.  This is easy enough,
but when he goes around the room, you might hit him when
he's on the ceiling.  So you can only pogo when he's not
at the top of the screen.

That's the hard part of the boss fight.  The other hard
part is avoiding the boss when it comes at you during the
go-across-the-room attack.  Other than that, the boss fight
is easy.

Beat the boss to get the treasure of the African mines.

004d-The Himalayas

This level is no fun.  You can't pogo jump because Scrooge
gets stuck in the snow!

Go right.  You can see a rabbit going through the snow.
You can pogo off of the rabbit's head.  If you pogo off of
the second rabbit you meet (when it is in the middle of the
platform it's on), you can get a jewel hidden in midair.

Continue right and you come to a rabbit in between two
chests.  Get the treasure in the chests (a diamond and an
ice cream).

Right of that will be a cliff you can't jump over.  Go
left, and then jump right over the cliff.  You can make it
that way.  On the other side of the cliff is a rabbit and
a mountain goat.

Mountain goats will start to plague you now.  Hurry right.
You'll find a rope.  Climb the rope to the top to get out
of reach of the goats.

Go right.  You'll meet more goats and rabbits.  The third
treasure chest you see will be on the side of a cliff.
Don't stand on the lowest part of the ground next to the
cliff.  Get the treasure chest.

Now go to the low ground.  You fall down through a hole,
and land on a platform.  Jump left off of it.  Jump around
until you get an extra life, which will be handy.

Jump to the rope and jump right off it to get the treasure
chests.  Then climb down the rope.  You fall down again.

You land next to Launchpad.  Go down the rope by Launchpad.
You land on a platform with a rabbit.  Go left from
platform to platform.  You'll find one with two ice blocks
side-by-side on it.  Stand on the ice blocks and jump up
to get two hidden jewels.

You'll come to a spider.  After the spider goes down,
quickly jump past it and over the ice blocks.

Go left, and you come to an ice block by a pillar of snow.
Pogo off the ice to get over the snow to the left.  Stand
on the second ice block for the item that makes Scrooge
invincible for a short while.

Go left over the second pillar of snow, the same way you
got past the first one.  Go left and touch the spider to
kill it (provided Scrooge is still invincible).

You'll meet Huey.  He tells you that Bubba is trapped in
the snow.  Jump left as high as possible off of the
platform where Huey is.

You jump into another one of the items that makes Scrooge
invincible.  Quickly go left, and use it to kill the
rabbit.  Then go left from platform to platform.  Icicles
fall, but it doesn't hurt because you're invincible.

About the time you find a treasure chest, the invincibility
wears off.  Open the treasure chest for a diamond and jump
to the platform to the left.  Pogo to the platform above

Stand at the left edge of the platform to make the icicle
fall.  Jump left off of this platform to the snowy area.

Hit the block so it goes left.  Pogo off of it onto Bubba
to knock him out of the ice.  Since you helped him, Bubba
shows you a hidden treasure.  It's an energy booster, now
your life meter is larger.

Now, you have to get back to Launchpad.  You can go all the
way back, which takes a while, or you can die, which takes
you back to Launchpad instantly.  If you die, you have to
give up the life you got earlier.

Whatever you do, go back to Launchpad.  Go left (pass by
the spider after it has gone down).  Jump to the white
platform.  Jump left across the white platforms, and then
to an icy platform (a spider awaits you along the way, so
look out for it).

Slide left across the platform and jump over a gap to
another icy platform, or else you will fall down and you'll
have to get back to Launchpad again.

At the end of this platform is a spider.  After the spider
goes down, jump over the gap (under the spider) and go left
over the ice.  Hockey players plague this area, and they
hit blocks of ice at you, so pogo to be safe.

At the end of the ice, jump to the high white platform and
climb up the rope.  Climb up a screen and jump left into an
alcove to avoid being hit by a blue thing, and continue
climbing up.

A Beagle Boy is there for some reason, but he doesn't
matter.  Go right, and pogo to the orange platform.

It starts moving right.  Get to the first white platform
you see.  From here, you can pogo right without having to
worry about the orange platform (you catch up with it
later).  You might find a cake along the way.

You make it to the boss fight against a snow creature.  It
will jump from one side of the screen to another, landing
on the two sides of the room and in the middle of the room.
When it reaches a side of the room, it hits the side,
causing snow to fall from the ceiling.

Avoid the snow when it falls or you'll get hurt.  Pogo off
of the snow creature's head when it lands in the middle of
the room.  Do this and eventually it dies, leaving you the
treasure of the Himalayas.

004e-The Moon

Right of you is an alien (you'll see a lot of them in this
level).  Pogo off it and continue right.  A roboduck
(you'll see a lot of them in this level, too) shows up.

Go right (you can pogo off a roboduck to reach the treasure
chests in midair) until you find a chain.  Climb up it to
enter the alien spaceship.

There's another chain above you.  Get to the chain and
climb up.  When you're at the top of the chain, jump off to
the left.

You'll find two large green things you must pogo to land
on.  When you're on top, you have to walk across or the
spikes on the ceiling will harm you.  Go left past two of
these things, then climb up the chain you find.

Go left and you find a treasure chest, which contains the
key to the UFO.  Go back to the chain and climb down.
Kill the alien on the left, and hit the reddish block to
the left.  Use it to pogo off the wall and get to a hidden
area with a treasure chest, and a cake and jewel in the
lower corners.

Go back right past the tall green things to the chain and
climb down.  Go right until you find another chain (beware
of spikes on the ceiling in your way).  Pogo right over
the spikes to get to two treasure chests, then go back to
the chain and climb up.

Jump off the chain and get to the chain above it.  Climb up
one screen and head left.  You'll find a wall, but since
you have the key, you go through it.  You'll see three
aliens protecting something.

Get the thing they're protecting (it's some sort of remote
control).  Go back right to the chain.  Here, you can
explore the spaceship if you want, but in the end, go down
to the bottom level of the spaceship, and climb down the
chain that you entered the spaceship from.

Jump off the chain to the right, and you land on moon
ground.  Jump right to another platform, and get to the
right end of it, going past the blocks.

You'll make it to an area with an alien, roboducks, and a
platform going left and right.  Pogo to the platform so
you can get to more moon ground to the right.

Go right some more, and you'll find a green wall.  Scrooge
uses the remote to make Gizmo Duck come.  Gizmo Duck
destroys the wall, revealing a chain.  Climb down the

There are two ice creams in the upper right corner here.
Get them, and go right through this area (past several
Beagle Boys) to find the boss fight.

The boss is a giant rat, on the moon to get the cheese,
because it is rumored the moon is made of green cheese.
It runs left and right, and also jumps to the two platforms
on the opposite sides of the room.

You can avoid it if it jumps to a platform by being on the
edge of the platform (against the wall) and jumping.

Hit the rat five times (it's not so hard) and it dies,
leaving you the treasure of the moon.

004f-The Last Battle

Once you beat all the levels, your treasures get stolen and
taken the Dracula Duck Manor.  Looks like you'll have to go
back to Transylvania!

Transylvania's much shorter this time because the treasure
is gone.  Go right (past the duck skeletons) until you
reach a rope.  Climb up it.

Jump right off of the rope.  Go right through the area full
of mummy ducks until you reach a rope.  Then climb up the

Go right, past the mummy ducks and through the illusion
wall.  Jump into the mirror on the right.  Go left through
the ghost area you end up at to get to the boss fight.

The boss is Dracula Duck.  He disappears and reappears,
each time being too high for you to pogo off of.  Each time
he also sends a bat to hurt you.

You have to pogo off of the bat and onto Dracula Duck to
hurt him.  If you hit him five times, he dies.

Flintheart Glomgold and Magica De Spell (in her vulture
form) appear.  It's a race to the treasure!

Jump to the rope and climb up as fast as you can.  As soon
as you can, jump to the treasure.  If Flintheart gets to
the treasure first, you'll have to start this level all
over again.  But if you make it to the treasure before
Flintheart, you win the game!


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2004.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions under
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