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  1. Hello im new to the boards and started this account to try and get an explanation of what is going on. I recently picked up an old crt (tube) tv for the sole reason of playing DH. Im playing on a Retron3 with OEM Zapper. When I pull the trigger the screen flashes and makes the bang sound as it's supposed to BUT I HAVE YET TO KILL A DUCK!!!! You may be thinking I'm just a terrible shot LOL but I even stood right next to the tv and pointed the gun directly in the ducks direction and still nothing. Also there is times where it doesn't make any noise or flash. I've been searching online for an answer and the only thing I can come up with is someone saying they had the same issue and it's that alot of the old OEM Zappers are no longer "fully functional". So I found an aftermarket zapper on Amazon made by Hyperkin called the Tomee Zapper Gun. In the reviews someone stated they went through several OEM zappers before giving up and buying the Hyperkin (I've tried 2 different OEM zappers ). So just as I was going to order one I noticed another review stating they were having the same issue as me with the Hyperkin. Now I'm at a loss all I want to do is introduce and enjoy some DH with my sons but I'm not trying to waste anymore money on OEM zappers or this aftermarket one if it's not going to work. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! I appreciate anyone who can shed some light on my situation. TIA

    User Info: JGerb88

    JGerb88 - 3 years ago

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  1. Don't panic what you need is a tv older than a HD TV and newer than a CRT TV I would recommend the small but very accurate sansui model COM311AD made in 2000

    User Info: Videogamevlogs

    Videogamevlogs - 2 years ago 1   0

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