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Just what the doctor ordered... 02/19/19 Ryan Harrison

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Crazy addictive 10/25/18 2001mark
Its up to Mario to save the world from the evil viruses. 08/23/11 BimmyandJimmy
Addictive puzzle game, but second to Tetris 11/01/99 Blackjack4x
Apparently It's Pretty Damn Easy For A Plumber In The Mushroom Kingdom To Get a P.H.D.... 01/13/02 Bobo The Clown
From plumber to doctor in record time. 05/27/04 Braben
What Mario's medicine for everything should be? BEER 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
Sick??? Schedule yourself a check-up at the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital!!! 10/15/03 Dralion addictive as Tetris... 04/05/00 EPoetker
A puzzle classic 10/16/03 evilrooster5
Dr. Mario, Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Bugs 04/09/00 Falsiloquos
Doctors still make house calls, so long as they’re in video games 09/28/02 JIrish
Pill overdosing has never been more fun! 02/19/08 katamari_roller
Just played for first time in years, still a great game 12/28/01 kc23
The most addictive puzzle game ever created... ever. 05/28/03 KFM
Very, very addictive 04/14/01 Leetdude
He's got the cure! 08/06/01 MI4 REAL
One of those games you never get rid of 09/10/00 Nivla
Popular but overrated... like Antibiotics 01/04/10 Ofisil
Mario as a Doctor, in this fun filled puzzle tetris-like game! 02/21/02 Paulos
Help Mario get rid of some nasty viruses!! 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
Best puzzle game ever? Hell yeah!! 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
This is a really fun game 07/11/05 Webster1209
I've got a bad case of loving this game! 09/29/01 Wild Gunman

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Dr. Mario (NES) - Awesome Video Game Memories
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