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Walkthrough by KGifford

Updated: 07/13/96

"Dizzy the Adventurer" (c) 1993 Codemasters

Done by tsr on 13.7.96

"Let's play Dizzy"


The story so far

"Dizzy and his girlfriend, Daisy, were out searching for Pogie, their pet
Fluffle. They discovered a secret entrance into Zaks' old castle [well, duh,
the yolkfolk's village is one screen away from the castle -tsr] but were 
unaware that the Evil Wizard was watching them through his crystal ball. In an
attempt to catch Dizzy, he cast a spell on a spinning wheel in the West Tower.
As Dizzy and Daisy entered the tower, they noticed that the spinning wheel was
mysteriously turning. Unable to control her curiosity, Daisy approached the
spinning wheel and accidentially pricked her finger [no way - she's wearing
boxing gloves like all the other yolkfolk -tsr] and collapsed. Dizzy shook her
in a vain attempt to waken her, but with no success. Suddenly Dizzy heard
footsteps approaching. The door swung open and there stood Boris the Troll!
Grabbing Dizzy he threw him into an underground prison."

"Is there any hope of escape for Dizzy? Is there any way to awaken Daisy from
her endless sleep? The answers lie in Dizzy The Adventurer!"

Well, as we will soon see, the answer is yes to both questions, so read on
as i write this ...


There is a score in this game (unlike any other Dizzy game on the NES). You
get 100 points for eating a cherry, 200 points for entering a new screen, 300
points for collecting a star, and 500 points for solving a puzzle. The maximum
score you can get in the game (I think) is 32,500, and that involves doing 
some weird jumping and life sacrificing just to get a couple extra sets of 200
points for discovering new screens.

There are 50 stars you have to collect in the game (besides completing the 
game itself); fortunately they're all in plain sight so you shouldn't have 
much problem getting them all in the course in the game.

As far as I can tell there are only three ways to die in the entire game:
walking into the fire you create at the start of the game (this burns you to
a nice orange and black color - now all someone needs to do is remove the eyes
and he can have a nice hard-boiled egg for breakfast) (also, oddly enough, 
none of the torches in the game hurt you, like the do in other Dizzy games),
falling into water, and running into Rockwart the Troll in the castle. Oh


Part 1 - Getting out of the chuffing cave and starting your journey

Grab the straw, match and bucket of water. Throw the straw on the door, use
the match to set the straw (and the door) aflame and use the water to put out
the fire. 

Go left twice and grab the pickaxe. Go right three times and grab the cage.
Go right and down and use the pickaxe to break open an entrance to the cave.
Head into the cave, left and up, and grab the gold doubloon. Now we'll leave
the cave and go on the boat to the right, across the river. Drop off the
bucket since we don't really need it. Have a chat with the boatman and give
him the doubloon, who is so amazed that he'll let you ride his boat as many
times as you want, and give you his axe to boot. Zaks' castle looms ahead, and
the music changes ...


Part 2 - Finding a use for a smallish teddy bear head with arms and legs

Go right one screen and drop off the cage. Now, head back to the screen we
were at earlier with the pissed-off lion. (Feel free to talk to whomever you
come across during this walkthrough, btw, as that's part of the gaming
experience and stuff.) Jump on the mushroom. Wow! Hold A down and you'll
eventually fly up to a cloud, where you should take those oars that are lying

Go one screen right and jump on the clouds to get the pile of logs. Now head
back to the ferryman and give the oars to him. He will be happy (again) and
will give you a fishing net, which is just the thing Dylan (who is two screens
to the right) needs for his fishing adventures. Go ahead and give it to him,
and he gives you the remnants of his fishin' pole - a rope and a stick. Leave
the stick there.

Now, head left one screen, and jump up one screen. We need to get over to the
platform to the right with a star on it. So, drop the logs, and then drop the
rope next to the logs. Dizzy makes a little bridge for us. That's great! (and
it gives us 500 points too)

Jump across the clouds and enter the castle. You fall into a hallway which is
partly blocked by a big, thorny bush (no pun intended). We'll tackle that for
later; for now grab the harp and head out of here via the platform.

Grab all the stars around here (there are only about 10 of them), and take the
pair of pliers.

Go back left, to the Yolkfolk village. Go two screens up (in order to do this
you'll need to jump on the clouds to the right of the village, and then from
the platform where Dora is standing simply jump to the highest platform). Now
you're on a screen with Grand Dizzy. Jump left to a screen filled with clouds,
then jump right again to gain access to the higher platforms. Take the stars
and stuff, and head left again. Jump across the clouds, and go left one more

Wow, it's heaven..! Fortunately, St. Peter is accomodating enough to not kill
you yet, so give the harp to him and he'll gladly give you "some of his
special cheese" (?!?). 

Go back to the screen with Pogie (the fluffle) is walkin' around, and place
the cheese nearby where you dropped the cage. Now you have a caged fluffle on
your hands, and you ought to pick it up, you know..

Go back left, and return to the lion. Use the pliers and the thorn in his paw
will be off.. and you get to keep the thorn to boot! Drop the thorn for now,
and go left a couple screens to where you originally got the pickaxe. Drop
Pogie and watch the madcap antics ensue as the enraged fluffle chases the
troll away to some unknown location. Dizzy has a hearty laugh, and the music
changes to reflect this victory ...


Part 3 - Gosh, that really was quite amusing

For the moment, however, let's head all the way back to St. Peter's pad in the
sky (picking up the thorn along the way). Go to about the middle of the screen
and let Dizzy fall through the cloud. He'll fall onto another cloud where 
he'll find some juggling balls! Wow! 

Jump off the cloud to the right to go back to land, and re-enter the castle to
the right. Use the axe to cut through the thorns, and drop off the thorn in
your inventory here for the time being. Go right one screen and take the horn.

Jump on the platform and navigate the castle hallway. Don't bother taking the 
potion as it doesn't have any use in the game. And don't you dare try to grab 
that wrench yet! 

At the far end of the hallway there is the "Inner Sanctum". One screen up is
Daisy, but we don't have the key to open the door up there yet (try it your-
self). Instead, jump on the top platform and go left. The troll will be 
running toward you... no problem, just drop the thorn and when he runs into it
and he'll run off (god knows why) and dizzy will have another hearty laugh
at yet another troll's expense.

With the troll gone, you can now grab the wrench in the platform below. Now
let's leave the castle, and go all the back to the other castle, on the left
side of the playfield.

At "The Cave Opening", you will come across a rather destitute-looking jester 
who seems to have lost his juggling balls. Hand him the balls (no pun 
intended) and he'll give you his joke book. Drop the book for now, and head
left to enter the castle.

Once inside the entrance hall we find a puzzled-looking bloke who seems to
have lost his trumpet. Give it to him and he'll repay you with a magic (!)

Still keeping on the high platform, go as far left as you can go, and use the
wrench on the bridge mechanism in order to lower the drawbridge below. Now go
one screen right and jump on the platform. Go up and then right, and grab the
key. Be sure to grab all the other stars and cherries you see around here.

Leave the castle and go back to the jumpy mushroom, picking up the jokebook as
you pass by. Jump up to the cloud again, and when on the cloud, drop the magic
carpet. Now, when you walk onto the carpet, it will take you to a different
cloud! Take the crown and the two stars, then jump back onto the carpet to

Fall back down and go to the castle on the left. Go as far left as you can go,
but don't go on the high platform this time. Ignore the loaf of bread, as it
has no use in the game. Walk past the now lowered drawbridge and go to the
weeping princess.

By the way, if you've been a good egg and have taken all the stars you've seen
lying around, you should now have collected all 50. If not, look around 
(particularly in the area above Zaks' castle) for some stars before finishing
the game.

Anyway, give the jokebook to the distressed princess, and she will give you
the royal flag. You are quite near finishing the game, and the suspense that
this brings is shown in the music, which changes ...


Part 4 - Sir dizzy the adventurer

Now, where do you remember seeing a flagpole before? That's right, at the
royal tower, next to where you got the key. Now, go up there and put the flag
on the pole. Go one screen right and talk to the king, who was summoned by
the regal flag. Give him the crown after speaking with him (he had apparantly
lost it or something) and he will repay your kindness by giving you an
official title and a few extra points.

Well, we've completed all the puzzles in the game, and collected the stars,
and we've got the key to Daisy's bedroom, so how about we go there? Enter
Zaks' castle via the clouds again, follow the path into the castle, and when
you enter the inner sanctum, jump up through the hole in the ceiling. Unlock
the door with the key. Amusingly, the music changes, reflecting the general
happy tone that you just made in gaining access to the sleeping Daisy ...


Part 5 - Walking a few inches over to Daisy and kissing her to win the game

Walk a few inches over to Daisy and kiss her to win the game.


Part 6 - The end

Daisy wakes up from her enchanted sleep after getting pecked by Dizzy. The
duo share a really, really hearty laugh between themselves. Zaks, seeing the
whole thing through his crystal ball, is really pissed and vows revenge upon
our happy couple. You get to go to the "The End" screen, and get to hear some
kind of weird random collage of snippets from all the tunes in the game. Then
you turn off the power to your NES and do something constructive, like write
a walkthrough for "The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy" for me. <=K


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