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FAQ/Walkthrough by risktaker

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/18/03

                       Die Hard Strategy Guide
                             Version 1.2 
                             By Risktaker

III.Options and Items
VII.Recognitions and Other Stuff
VIII. Revisions
IX. Version Explanations

I.  Die Hard is one of my favorite NES games, but not enough people
have been exposed to this NES treasure.  This game has gone without 
a decent guide for long enough, so I decided to compile all of my
strategies.  I hope that they improve your Die Hard experience!

   Die Hard is about a cop named John McClain who is visiting his
wife in the Nakatomi Building.  His wife, Holly, is taken hostage on 
the 30th floor, along with a bunch of other hostages.
   The main terrorist, Hans, is after the money in the 30th floor
vault.  His hacker, Theo, is slowly breaking the locks into the vault.
It's up to you to stop him.

II.  Weapons

Pistol- You start out with the pistol.  It has a small clip and fires
one bullet at a time.  Save the ammo, because you revert to using the 
pistol after crawling through the air ducts.

Sub-Machine Gun-  This weapon fires rapidly.  The ammo can be found
on the blue guards.  Use this weapon most of the time.

C4- Conserve this to destroy locked doors.  The only enemy tough enough
to use this on is Karl.

Rocket-  Use this to destroy the computer on the 4th floor.  You only
get one.

Flash Bangs- Use these to stun enemies for a short time.  These aren't 
the most useful things in the world, but they come in handy.

III.  Menu and Items

Foot Meter- Stepping on glass and running will lower the health on
your foot meter.  While the difference between running with full
foot health or running with no foot health is large, conserving is
just as slow.  It's better to run with no foot health then to walk
with full foot health.

Criminals- Keep track of how many criminals there are left.

Locks- The locks are the timing system of the game. If all of the
locks and the end timer run out, Hans escapes in an ambulance.

Life- If this runs out, you die.

Radio- Pick these up from guards.  You can hear the orders that Hans 

Rocket- Use it to blow up the 4th floor computer.

Map- Tells you where to aim to destroy the 4th floor computer.
C marks the spot!

Detonators- You need these to use C-4.

First Aid Kits- Restore foot health.

Soda Cans- Restore life.

Keys- Allows you to open most doors without gunfire.

IV. Enemies

Green shirted guards- They use pistols and sometimes carry health.

Blue shirted guards- Carry sub-machine guns and radios.  

Red shirted guards- They use sub-machine guns and have a role in the
direction that the game goes.

Karl-  Wears a white shirt and takes a lot to kill.

Hans-  Final boss.

V.  Walkthrough

To begin, I'll give some pointers.  Then I'll give the walkthrough for
the most movie accurate path.

*You may need to use C-4 on Karl.
*GET THE DETONATORS!  More on that later.
* Most doors take a bullet to open.
* Don't jump out of any windows!
* The roof door requires a key.
* Floor 33 has the most guards and the most glass.
*You must hit the computer on floor 33 to activate the express
*Guards don't enter stairwells.
*Assume that you are to shoot any guard that you see.
*The elevator beeps at new arrivals.
*If you have no gun, punch the axe case by the elevator.
*Search side rooms for health if you need it.  
*Restock your life at the vending machines on floors 33, 34, and 35.
*Shoot a vending machine to get the life.

Floor 32:

The game begins.  Run up and shoot the green shirt (A guard.  I'll
be referring to them as blue shirts and green shirts).  Then run up 
and to the right to shoot the blue shirt.  Take his radio and gun and
run for the stairwell.  Go all the way to the top.

NOTE:  On advanced, you can appear on other floors.  Use similar

Floor 35:  

Dispatch all three guards.  Run to the right and up.  When you reach
the locked door, you'll hear footsteps.  Run back down and shoot the
guard for the roof key.  Go through the locked door and up the stairs.


Shoot the guards and then run to the top staircase.  You'll get a 
message that shows you calling the police.  Go back down the stairs.

Floor 35:

Shoot all new arrivals.  Explore until you find the map and the rocket.
Beware!  You'll lose them if you get shot!

The 4th floor side quest can be done at any time.  I highly recommend
completing it now, though.  (Later on, you can C-4 your way into the
33rd floor control room.  After the 3rd lock, there will be two green
shirts on the 4th floor.) 

Go to the air duct at the top of the map.  Shoot it and enter.
Go down through the closest passages until you reach the 33rd floor.

Floor 33:  

Crawl to the right and drop out in the room with the elevator.  Touch
the computer to activate the express elevator.  Use the elevator to 
reach floor 4.

Floor 4:

Touch the rocket launcher and fire at the location on the map.  Theo
will yell, and you'll get goodies along with a time bonus.  Ride the 
elevator back to floor 33.

WARNING:  Leave the 4th floor before the second lock is broken or 
you'll be stuck there!  Once lock 3 ends, you'll have to touch the
computer again.

Floors 31-35:

Patrol the floors by elevator and eliminate all of the guards.  Do so 
until you get the message about Heinrich.  Go to floor 31.

Floor 31:

You'll be interrupted with pictures from outside.  As soon as it
ends, hunt down the red-shirted Heinrich.  Take the detonators.  
Return to floor 33 with the detonators, making sure that you pick 
them up again if you get shot.

Floor 33:

Blow up the steel door into the computer area.  Get shot and leave 
the detonators.  Patrol the floors again.

Floors 31-35 + trip to floor 4 to eliminate 2 guards:

Patrol until you get a message regarding hostages on the roof.
Go to the roof.


This part isn't necessary, but it's close to the movie and still
pretty cool.  Go to the hostages and a helicopter comes.  You can't
shoot it.  Just go to the bottom left part of the screen.  Shoot 
open the flashing container and a hose will fall out.  Touch it for
a really cool cutscene. You'll swing through the window onto the 30th 

Floor 30:  Dispatch any more guards and Karl.  Once there is only
one criminal remaining, the door to Hans's room will be unlocked.
Enter for the final boss fight.

Final Boss:  

Beat up Hans with your pistol.  If you want, you can knock him out
the window.

Congratulations!  You've beaten the game!

For an ending scene with a cinema, don't lose the detonators.

VI. Options

These parts of the game are optional.

-Floor 4
-Calling the police
-Giving up the detonators
-Keeping the detonators and possibly fighting Karl
-The helicopter rooftop sequence
-Hiding until the time runs up and fighting a bunch of guards on 
floor 30.
-Exploring all of the rooms by using C-4.  Don't blow up the door
on floor 35 that you can't open!

There are multiple endings triggered by these events:

-Time running out
-Calling the police and winning
-Calling the police, doing the helicopter sequence
-Calling the police, keeping the detonators, and winning for
an animation of Powell shooting!

VII. I'd like to thank Activision for making the game.  I'd also like
to thank the cast and crew of the movie Die Hard for making such a 
good action setup for both film and game!  I'd also like to thank
Adam L. for telling me about the hose.

VIII. Thanks for reading my guide.  If I have any errors or if I left
anything important out, just e-mail me at dr_avocado@hotmail.com!
I'd appreciate any comments.  Just label them Die Hard Guide so I 
don't think that they're junk mail!  Also, if any other sites want 
to use this guide, just e-mail me. 


Version 1.0- The original guide
Version 1.1- Adds Section IX and updates e-mail address.
Version 1.2- Added roof hose and fixed ending analysis.

Last updated 7/16/03

Copyright 2003.   



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