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Guide and Walkthrough (NES) by Rolent X

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 09/13/2000

Darkwing Duck (NES version)
By Justin Ridenour aka Rolent X
Version 0.1
E-mail: RolentoHeat@aol.com
Copyright 2000 by Justin Ridenour. This walkthrough may not be reprinted
elsewhere without the permission of the author.

*Thanks to Nintendo Power for the maps that originally got me through the game.
*Thanks to Capcom for producing yet another enjoyable Disney game.

Table of Contents
1. Characters
2. Items
3. Bonus Stages
4. Strategies on Getting a High Score
5. Enemies
6. Game Strategies
7. Walkthrough

1) Characters
Drake Mallard, aka Darkwing Duck: The main character.
Launchpad McQuack: DuckTales mainstay and Darkwing’s sidekick. Helps in bonus
Gosalyn Mallard: Darkwing’s adopted daughter. Help’s you in bonus stages.
J. Gander Hooter: Leader of S.H.U.S.H. Gives Darkwing his missions and briefs
him on the bonus stages.

2) Items
Diamond                       Worth $100
Gold Bar                       Worth $500
Small Gas Canister       One Gas Point
Large Gas Canister       Ten Gas Points
Heart Bottle                  Fills one heart piece
First Aid Kit                 Fills your entire life meter
Lightning Gas               Allows you to shoot two bolts
                                      diagonally. Costs 1 gas.
Heavy Gas                    Allows you to shoot a puff of gas that
                                      blasts left and right when it hits. Costs
Arrow Gas                    Allows you to shoot an arrow. Can also
                                      be used to climb walls. Costs 3 gas.
Darkwing Doll              Gives you an extra life

3) Bonus Stages
Throughout levels, you will find bonus stage entrances by firing in all
directions. There are two in each level (except for the Sewers, which I haven’t
found another for yet. E-mail me if you know the location.) In the first,
thieves leaving a crime are dropping loot and you need to fire on the capsules
to collect it. In the second, you are in the thieves headquarters and need to
use your cape to open the capsules. Launchpad and Gosalyn will catch your loot

4) Strategies on Getting a High Score
1) Collect all the stolen loot you see.
2) Go to all of the bonus rooms. They’re filled with stolen loot.
3) Shoot as many enemies as possible. You have no time limit. Kill enemies
multiple times and pick up the loot they drop

5) Enemies
The Bridge:
Eggman: FOWL henchman that runs at you and fires when you attack it or get
close. A few pellets should take care of him.
Rocket Turtle: Cannot be hurt while in his shell. Comes out and rockets towards
you. Defeat by firing when it pops out.
Bat: Flies at you when you get close. Just fire at it.
Dagger Duck: Shields himself from you shots, and only lets his guard down to
throw a dagger at you. Use your cape to block his dagger and quickly fire at
Slug: Duck and fire at it.

The City:
Firebug: Pops up from under the city streets and shoots a fireball at you. Duck
and shoot at it.
Duck Bomber: Flies around throwing bombs at you. Wait until it stops on level
with you and fire.
Turtle: When it gets close, it sneezes and throws it’s shell at you. Be
careful, for the shell returns like a boomerang. Jump the shell, fire, and then
jump when it returns.
Padded Eggman: Bounces back and forth shooting at you. You can’t shoot his
body, so you need to shoot where he’s vulnerable: his head.

Dagger Duck: same as before
Parachute Egg: Parachutes from the ceiling. When it hits the ground, it hatches
and charges at you. Try to shoot it when it’s in it’s egg form.
Hammer Eggman: Hides in ceilings and only pops out to swing it’s hammer at the
ceiling. It knocks two pieces of stone left and right. Defeat by shooting when
he comes out.
Alligator: Charges at you. Just blast it.
Flying Worm: Hides in holes and flies at you when you get close. Just fire at
Kangaroo: Jumps and fires bombs at you. Dodge the bombs and fire at it.

Basketball Kangaroo: Dribbles a basketball for a couple seconds and throws it
at you. Just shoot him before he throws the ball.
Robot Dog: Rockets across an area, stops, then rockets back in the direction
that it came from. Shoot it when it stops.
Padded Eggman: Same as before.
Turtle: Same as before.

Eggman: Same as before
Bat: Same as before
Genie: When you get close to it’s lamp it comes out and spits fire at you. Only
vulnerable when it’s out of it’s lamp. Duck when it comes out and fire on the
Shoe Rat: Runs quickly at your and tries to drop kick you. Quickly fire at it.
Magic Carpets: Guys on magic carpets will fly on screen, shoot a flame at you
and then dive bomb you. Unless you can get on level with them, just avoid them.
If you can, shoot them when they try to fire.

Plant: When you get close, it fires its heads at you. Jump over its heads and
fire at it.
Bulldog: Charges at you. Just fire away.
Bird: Flies at you. Just shoot it when it gets close.
Armored Mouse: Walks at you. Jump and shoot at its head to knock its helmet
off, and then fire at its face.
Fat Chicken: Shoot it to deflate it and then quickly shoot it again before it
can fly around the screen.

F.O.W.L’s Floating Fortress
Cannon Dog: Stands on a cannon and fires it at you every few seconds. Jump and
shoot him and then duck to avoid the cannonball.
Slug: Same as before.
Dagger Duck: Same as before.
Jouster: Runs around on a horse, heavily shielded from the front. Shoot it in
the back.
Armored Mouse: Same as before.
Fat Chicken: Same as before.
Terminator: Shoots fire at you, and when it takes enough damage, turns into a
cyborg and walks at you. Very tough. Shoot it until it turns into the cyborg
and either shoot like there’s no tomorrow or jump over it.
Barrel Dog: Hides in a barrel, pops out and throws it at you. When it pops out,
shoot it and the barrel.

6) Game Strategies
1) Try to keep the Arrow Gas for as long as possible. It helps you reach
secrets such as 1-ups and bonus areas, and it takes out bosses in six hits.
2) Use your cape to your advantage.  Projectiles such as daggers and
basketballs can be reflected by it.
3) Duck. Duck under cannonballs and other projectiles that you can’t block with
your cape.
4) Enemies replenish when you kill them and move offscreen where from where
they were when you go back. Kill them multiple times to pick up lots of stolen

7) Walkthrough

The Bridge
From the start, head right and collect the Lightning Gas from above the crate.
Wait till the Eggman walks to the far right of the platform it’s on, jump and
fire at it. Drop off the ledge next to you and collect the diamond. Jump up and
grab the switch, jump up on the girder that falls and fire on the Eggman.
Continue on, jump to the hook and fire on the next Eggman. Collect the diamond,
fall on the switch to grab it, and jump from the girder that falls over the
pit. Jump up to the hook on the left and grab it, then jump to the right across
the hooks and then collect the 1-up doll from the platform at the end. Jump
straight up on the platform and fire to the right to make the bonus stage
entrance appear. Enter and collect as much treasure as possible. When you exit,
you will be at the beginning of the level again. Continue back to the platform
where you got the 1-up doll. Walk to the far right ledge and the rocket turtle
below will rocket off and into the pit. Jump down and across the pits until you
reach the first platform. Jump up to grab the platform above and jump on top of
it to collect the diamond. Continue climbing up while firing on bats when
necessary. Climb up to the top, jump up and grab the lever, and jump up to the
highest level. Fire on the Eggman, run to the end of the platform and jump
across the long line of hooks. Use your lightning gas if necessary to hit
sleeping bats. At the end of the hooks, jump to the platform, and then drop
down the left and into the narrow passage below. Collect the gold bar, kill the
bat, jump over the crates, fall to the right, and walk a little to the right of
the crates. Turn left, jump and fire at the crate to open the next bonus stage.
After the bonus stage, you will land at the level above where you entered the
bonus. Head right and fire on the two rocket turtles. At the end of the
platform, jump up and grab the pulley. Hold on to the end of the pulley rope
and drop to the girder. Grab a hold of the next pulley, jump up the next two
pulleys, and then at the end of the last pulley ride, jump across the spikes to
solid ground. Jump up and grab the switch to drop the girder. Jump up and grab
the next switch to drop another girder on the spikes. Fall of onto the girder,
and fall to the next screen. Head left, jump over the crate and you will land
on the floor. Head right, jump the next crate, and then out in the open, jump
up next to the dagger duck. Defeat him, and then jump up to the lever to you
left and collect the Heavy Gas if you like, (you should keep the Lightning Gas
for the boss.) Jump back down and head right. Defeat the dagger duck at the end
and then jump down to the lower platform to your right. Kill the slug and jump
up to the platform above to get the gold bar. Shoot the dagger duck to your
right and then jump up to your left to get the gold bar. Continue to jump
across the high platforms and collect the first aid kit. Fall down to the left,
kill the slug, and then shoot the dagger duck to the right. Behind it lies the
boss room.

Boss: Quackerjack
There are three levels to this area and a banana guy at the top dropping banana
peels on you. That is the most danger because Quackerjack just runs back and
forth. When you get on level with him, he jumps to another level. Use you
pellets to blast Quackerjack, or for an easier fight, use your lightning gas
from above to hit him. After a barrage of hits, Quackerjack will fall.

The City
From the start, head right and kill the firebug. Jump up to grab the platform,
get atop it, and jump left onto the next platform. Face left, jump and fire to
open the bonus stage entrance. After the bonus, you will be at the beginning of
the level again. Shoot the firebug again, jump the banana peel and watch out
for the firebug on the other side. Jump on top of the van, but be careful not
to slip on the peel, and jump up to the platform above to collect two diamonds.
Jump to the higher level on the right and take care of the firebug when you
land. Jump on the tire and stay on it while it rolls across the spikes. Jump to
grab the low platform while watching out for the duck bombers. Then jump to the
platform on the left to collect the highly useful Arrow Gas. Head back to the
right and take a leap to the right next to the banana peel. Jump over the tire
and watch out for the firebug at the top of the stairs. After you deal with
him, jump on top of the van next to the peel. The second you land, a duck
bomber will attack. Deal with him and the firebug to the right of the van. Jump
up to the higher level and continue right. Shoot the firebug, jump and grab the
light, and start your climb upward. Several platforms up on the left is a first
aid kit. When you jump to the screen-long platform above the kit, two duck
bombers will attack. Shoot them and then jump up and grab a light. Climb
further up on these, and you will reach more platforms. Climb these and take
care of the two duck bombers. Collect the gold bar, but do not collect the
Lightning Gas at the top. Jump across the two lights to your right and onto the
platform. Shoot the duck bomber and then jump to the tire. As it rolls across
the spikes, watch for the duck bombers above. Jump to the next tire and then
jump to solid ground. Fall into the hole at the end to enter the next screen.
Head left, fall to the ground, go right, and take care of the turtle. You will
see a first aid kit high up in the air on a clock. Jump and fire an arrow at
the bottom of the building. Jump up to it, and then up to the clock to get the
kit. Now jump down so you’re holding on to the bottom of the sign. Face right
and fire to open up the bonus stage entrance. You will reappear where you made
the drop to the left of the turtle. Shoot the turtle again, and then jump up to
the next platform. Shoot the next turtle, and you will find a balloon pump to
your right. Jump atop of it until the balloon is full of air. Now jump to grab
it and you’ll float over the lights and turtles below. When it drops you, you
will see two 1-up dolls above, and a padded FOWL agent below. Take care of him,
jump to fire an arrow at the wall below the 1-ups and jump up to collect. Jump
back down, shoot the padded eggman, and then stand next to the higher platform
with the turtle on it to your right. He will walk close and fire his shell.
Just jump straight up and fire at him and you will fall back to safety. Head
right and cross the lights. You will now enter an area with a turtle, and two
padded eggmen. Deal with this turtle the same as you did with the last one.
Then climb the platforms above and shoot the two padded eggmen. To the right of
the second one is a first aid kit. Jump to the light, and to the two higher
platforms with the padded eggman in between them. Jump over him to the second
platform, and then down to the boss room.

Boss: Wolfduck
Wolfduck will turn into his strong form only when the moon is not covered. In
this form, he will throw large crates at you. When a cloud covers the moon, he
will turn back into a regular duck and run back and forth across the screen
screaming. In his strong form, jump his crates. When he turns into a duck, fire
your arrows at him and jump when he gets close. After about six arrows,
Wolfduck will go down.

From the start, head right until you see a platform with a dagger duck on it.
Watch out for the parachute eggs, jump and shoot the dagger duck, and then jump
to the platform to your left and collect the Arrow Gas. Drop to the floor and
head to the right. Across the pit is a dagger duck. Take care of him and then
jump across. Climb the stairs and take care of the dagger duck at the top. You
will see Heavy Gas on a ledge to your right. Leave it and drop off screen. On
this screen, you will see a narrow passage below you and a hammer eggduck. Fall
to your left and hold right to get into the passage. Jump and fire an arrow,
climb it, and shoot the hammer eggduck. Head to your right and quickly fire to
shoot the hammer eggduck and the alligator. Head to your right and you will see
a 1-up doll atop the wall, and one below it. Collect the one on bottom and get
your arrow gas ready. Hop aboard the moving platform to your right and when you
see the wall, fire an arrow at it. Jump and climb it so you don’t hit the
spikes to your right. Quickly jump to the arrow and up to the platform above.
Hold on to the bottom when it heads left, and when it goes back to the right,
quickly jump up to your right. Collect the gold bar and fall back to the bottom
of the high moving platform and hold on. When it gets past the spikes. Jump on
top and over to the high 1-up doll. Now move back through the narrow passage
and to your left. Fall down to the next screen. This room is completely dark,
but you can see the outline of the room and the enemies eyes. Head right, jump
to the ledge and fire at the flying worm. Jump and grab the light switch to see
what’s ahead. Across the pit is a banana peel and two worms. Jump down  next to
the peel and fire away. Head right and you’ll see two ledges going up. Jump and
fire to get the two worms above. Climb them, jump to turn on the light again
and fire on the worm on the high platform. Jump down and quickly shoot the worm
when you land. Climb up to the next light and shoot another worm. Jump to the
light, and then take care of the firebug on the higher ledge. Jump across the
spikes and shoot the next worm. Use the light, jump across the pit and shoot
the worm. Head right and shoot the next two worms that appear on each one of
the stairs. Use the light to see ahead. Don’t get the Lightning Gas, shoot the
firebug and drop to the next screen on your right. Drop down the passage to
your left and head right. You’ll see hammer eggmen on the ceiling. Run under
them and shoot the alligators. Jump up to the high platform and shoot the
hammer eggman that comes out. To the right is a kangaroo. Drop and hold to the
bottom of the platform to fire at it, but quickly jump back up. Do it until you
defeat him. Jump to the platforms to your right and shoot the alligator. Get
the Large Gas Can in the crevice on the bottom, and jump back to the higher
level watching for the alligator. Head right, trigger the moving platform, and
fall left to get the 1-up doll. Jump back up to the moving platform, shoot the
kangaroo to your right and don’t get the diamond below. Shoot above where the
kangaroo was to open a bonus stage entrance. You will start back where you
dropped from the last area. Head right back to the area where we got the bonus
stage. Get on the moving platform to your right. Wait until it moves past the
spikes below and drop to grab the bottom of the platform. When the spikes above
are past, quickly jump back on top and onto the solid ground. Get on the moving
platform to your right. This part is tricky, you will need to quickly jump onto
and down to hang on your platform while avoiding spikes. Quickly hang, then
jump back up to the top and jump to grab the next platform. Drop, jump, and
drop to avoid the spikes. Then, drop down to the next platform. Jump on top of
the next platform, and then jump to hang from the last platform. Stay there and
drop to solid ground when it hits the wall. Shoot the alligator and jump the
pit. Jump up to the pipe, and then up to the first aid kit. Jump across the
narrow platforms to arrive at the boss room

Boss: Liquidator
Liquidator will turn into a puddle of water and move across the room. When he
turns back into his normal form, he will play a horn that will call fish to
rise and fly at you from the water. Avoid the fish and follow him around the
room. When he turns into his regular form, quickly fire a couple arrows at him.
Six arrows will do this evil doer in.

At the start jump up to the girder to avoid falling in the pit. Fall back to
the ground after the pit and blast the Basketball Kangaroo. Jump up to the
lever to lower a ring on a chain. Jump to the ring and ride up on it so you can
jump to the higher level. Blast the kangaroo on the top, jump up to where he
is, turn left, and jump and shoot to open the bonus stage entrance.  You will
start back at the beginning at the level. Fight back to where you entered the
bonus stage at and move down the other side. Blast the kangaroo, and climb the
girders to the upper right. At the top will be a robot dog. Jump and shoot it,
jump up to the next girder and shoot the next robot dog. Jump up again, shoot
the next robot dog, and then jump up to the lanterns. Jump from the lantern up
to the ledge above and deal with the kangaroo. Head up again, shoot the
kangaroo, and you will have a choice of two gases: Lightning to your left,
Arrow to your right. Take Arrow as usual and head up higher. At the top, shoot
the kangaroo and you will have a choice between two girders to climb. Pick the
left one, get the first aid kit, and then shoot the kangaroo above. Continue
climbing up, jump to the moving platform and get the large gas can to the right
if you need it. Jump up to the next moving platform, and then up to the girder.
Head right, jump to the lever, grab the ring, jump to the next lever, up to the
next ring, and finally, jump to the 1-up doll. Below you is a robot dog and a
kangaroo. Drop when the dog is to your left, take care of it, and then shoot
the kangaroo. Jump over the higher level, shoot the kangaroo, and then up to
the lever. This is a tricky jump, but jump over to the ring and up to the
higher level. If need be, use your arrow gas to climb the wall. Drop to the
other side and shoot the kangaroo. Climb the stairs, shoot the kangaroo at the
top, and fall to the next screen. Shoot the padded eggman to your left, fall
and shoot the one to your right. Head further right, and you will see a padded
eggman walking back and forth in an enclosed area. Jump up to the girder above
him, collect the two diamonds, and fall to the right to avoid him. Head right,
jump to the lights, and up to the girder. Up above is a padded eggman. Jump up,
shoot the eggman, jump left to the next girder and shoot the next eggman.
Collect the large gas can to your left if you need it, jump to the next girder
and shoot the turtle. Now jump and hold the girder and shoot to your left to
open a bonus stage entrance. You will start again where you fell into the area
with the two padded eggmen. Fight your way back to this area. Jump again, and
deal with the next turtle the same way. Jump up to the girder to your left, up
to the long girder above and shoot another turtle. To the right is a lantern.
Jump up to it and climb the two lanterns up to another long girder with a
turtle on top. Deal with it, climb two more lanterns, jump above the long
girder, and shoot the padded eggman. Jump up to the girder to the upper right
and you will see lights above you and a first aid kit and 1-up doll to your
right. Use your arrow gas to get into the crevice that the goodies are in and
climb the girders above. At the top is a gold bar to your left and a turtle to
your right. Shoot the turtle and collect the gold. Climb the lights above until
you reach the top. Jump up and fire on the padded eggman. Head to the right of
the platforms you are on and you will see a turtle to your right and a light
right below. There is a first aid kit to the right of the turtle, so get it if
you need it. If not, drop to the light and the boss room is next to you.

Boss: Moliarty
The boss room is set up with a girder at the top with two machines on it and a
machine on the floor. Two shots to the blinking light on the machine will break
it, and Moliarty will fix it. The lights, when working, will shoot fire at you.
When you’re on level with Moliarty, he will throw a wrench at you. At the
start, drop to the floor. The bottom machine is the only one that is broken at
the start, so drop to the floor and try to get three arrow shots off from the
start. Jump over him when he charges, jump up to the top level to follow him
and try to get two more shots in while avoiding the fire. Drop back to the
floor and one more shot will do him in.

From the start, shoot the eggman across the pit. Now, jump across the pit, and
then across the narrow platforms ahead. When you get across them, shoot the
eggman and the bat hanging from the girder. The eggman on top of it will fall
into the pit after a few seconds. Blast the bat on the hook and the bat to the
right, jump up to the hooks and up to the girder on your left. Jump and shoot
left close to the end to open up the bonus stage entrance. After you exit the
bonus stage, battle your way back to the right of the hooks and enter the
warehouse. Jump to the pulley and ride it to avoid the spikes. When you’re over
the pit, drop to enter the next screen. To your left is a Heavy Gas. Don’t get
it, and ride the platforms down to the lanterns below and cross them. Jump to
the platform at the end and then onto solid ground. Defeat the genie, jump up
to the platform, and defeat another genie. Head right, fall down and shoot the
rat. Then jump to the higher ground on your right, shoot another rat, jump to
the platform above, and shoot the genie. Run to the end of the platform and
jump up to the next one to get a first aid kit. Jump right and shoot the genie.
Drop into the crevice below you to get gas and a gold bar. Wait to the platform
is right next to you, fall on it, and quickly jump up to the gas canister. Drop
right and shoot the rat. Continue right and watch for the magic carpet guys.
Jump over the rise in the ground, shoot the rat while still watching for the
magic carpets. To your right is a pulley. Jump to it, and ride it close to the
end. Quickly jump and fire to open up a bonus round entrance. You will start
right next to the pulley when you return. Ride it to the end and drop to the
next pulley. Drop off of this one when you are above the first aid kit.
Continue right past the pulley above, jump to the higher platform, and take a
leap of faith to it. Keep trying until you make it. Ride it to the platform in
the air, kill the genie, and collect the diamonds. Continue to the right and
fire on the magic carpets that get in your way. Collect the 1-up doll and jump
onto the higher passage. Shoot the magic carpet, jump onto the platform, and
you will be next to some lanterns. Climb them up to the platform and shoot the
genie. Jump to the next platform, shoot the magic carpets, jump the last
platform, and shoot the magic carpet at the top. Continue right, shoot the rat,
and at the end, move closely to the end of the platform and the magic carpets
won’t hurt you. After both of them fly by, jump on the hooks over to the first
aid kit if you need it. Fall to the floor and enter the boss room.

In this room, there are two platforms on each side, two lanterns in the middle,
and a spark moving back and forth on the floor. Jump back and forth on the
platforms using the lanterns.  Megavolt will jump up on the platforms and
attempt to shoot sparks at you. If he shoots one straight up, watch out because
it will fall from above. Use your arrow gas to shoot him when he’s on level
with you. If he jumps to the top platform, you can shoot him when he’s on the
middle, then on the top, and a third time when he falls off the side to the
floor. Six arrows will do him in.

Head right, jump and shoot the plant, run under the next plant and shoot the
two bulldogs. Continue right and kill the next plant. Drop, shoot the bulldog,
jump across the vine and kill the plant. Drop, shoot the bulldog, and then jump
across more vines shooting birds along the way. At the end, drop to collect the
diamond. Jump back to the top vine, jump to the lantern, and then turn left,
jump, and fire to open up a bonus round entrance. You will start back at the
beginning of the level. Continue back to where you entered the bonus. Jump to
the next vine, shoot the birds, and then shoot the plant at the end. Drop to
the ground, shoot the bulldog, and then make a mad dash under the plants while
watching out for birds. Enter the cavern, jump across logs and solid platforms,
and take the high road to get a gold bar. Head right from the gold bar and jump
only on the ground you can see. Under the waterfall next to the first aid kit
is a hold. Get the kit and fall to the next screen. Shoot the bat, fall to your
left (watching out not to hit the waterfall), shoot the bat to your right, and
enter a hidden wall in the waterfall to your right. Jump across the lanterns
while being careful not to be hit by the bats. Collect the 1-up doll and
continue on jumping. Collect the gold bar, jump back left to the highest
lantern, jump and shoot to the right to open the bonus round entrance. You will
start back at the logs. Continue to where you fell onto the screen with the
bats and now fall into the waterfall on your left. Continue right and shoot the
armored mouse and the fat chickens. Climb the vine to the left and collect a
first aid kit. Climb the high vine across the screen jumping over the enemies.
When you are above a lantern, drop to it and the boss room is to your right.

Boss: Bushroot
Bushroot will hop around the screen jumping up and down from the vines. When
you hit him, he will jump up to the top vine and a hand will grow from one of
the trees and throw apples at you. Stay at the bottom and wait for Bushroot.
When he lands, shoot him with an arrow, and when the hand appears, run to the
corner away from it and it can’t hit you. Hit Bushroot with six arrows and he
will go down.

F.O.W.L.’s Floating Fortress
Head right and shoot the cannon dog. Drop down, kill the slug, jump up to the
girder and shoot the cannon dog. There is lightning gas and arrow gas. Get the
arrow gas if you need it and drop back down. Shoot the dagger duck, slug, and
cannon dog to your right. Jump up on the next girder, and shoot the cannon dog
to your left. Jump over the Heavy Gas and collect the 1-up doll. Drop back down
and continue right. Shoot the slug and two cannon dogs. Next, shoot the dagger
duck that is on the high platform, jump to the platform and then jump and shoot
to the right to open a bonus stage entrance. You will start back at the
beginning of the stage. Continue back to the two dagger ducks, but this time
drop down and defeat the lower one. Drop off screen and you will grab a rope.
Jump to your left and drop off it. Continue left and fall onto the next rope,
jump up and fire to your left to open the next bonus area (I think). From here,
 shoot the two jousters, then shoot the two armored mice and the fat chickens
to your right. Jump and grab the lever, and quickly drop, grab the platform
that pops out of the wall and climb up to the higher level. Shoot the fat
chickens, grab the next lever, drop down to the next platform, and jump into
the narrow passage. Shoot the fat chicken, jump across the hooks to the next
lever, drop while avoiding the spikes onto the platform, and drop into the next
screen. You will land on a rope. Jump to the left on it, drop and continue to
the right. Deal with the terminator and continue right. Shoot the barrel dog
and jump over the next terminator. Shoot another barrel dog, and then another
terminator. Jump up to the hook above and shoot at another terminator. Jump
over it to the higher level when it goes cyborg. Go right and jump to the next
hook. There is a terminator below you. Jump down between his shots and fire.
Hold onto the hook when he goes cyborg and he will fall into a pit. Continue to
the right jumping across the hooks. At the end, drop down and shoot the
terminator. Jump on the next hook and up to the higher platform. Shoot the
barrel dog, then fall and collect the two gas canisters and the first aid kit.
Jump up to the girder and up again to shoot the terminator. Jump across the top
girders and shoot the two terminators. Collect the gas canister and 1-up doll
at the end. Drop, shoot an arrow to kill the terminator in one hit and enter
the boss room.

Boss: Steelbeak
In this room, Steelbeak sits in a protected room in the upper right corner.
There are three hooks in the room and two eggs that fly around shooting at you.
Get to the upper left hook and shoot at Steelbeak with regular shots. You
should also hit the eggs while doing this and also hit them when they reappear
from off screen. Eventually, Steelbeak will leave his room and head to the
floor and run back and forth, eventually picking up safe doors to throw at you.
Jump up to the hooks to avoid them and fire arrows at him. Six hits and
Darkwing once again saves St. Canard from the evil that is F.O.W.L. and rides
off into the night.

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