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Reviewed: 05/04/00 | Updated: 05/04/00

Crystalis - This crystal is a little cloudy.

Crystalis is a veyr popular, fun to play game. Great, but
definitely not deserving a good review.

Graphics ? 5/10 :

The graphics are decent; characters and terrain are made rather well, monsters too. Too bad they choose such a horrible combination of colors for not only the main character but all other things in the game as well. Color tells you alot, you know. Blue is water, red is fire, but certain colors shouldn't be put together in ways that hurt the eyes the way they are in this game. Also, I say the graphics are made well but details are scarce, everything looks like something out of a 2-year-old's toybox. I'm a NES-only gamer, no high-tech systems here, but these sprites lack quality! Also, there is WAY too much sprite overload slowdown. Not good. And the angle of view is awkward.

Sound ? 7/10 :

This is a good soundtrack, not too repetetive, good musician. The music captures the mood nicely. Too bad the sound effects are all distorted and sound like crap, and I mean the music instruments as well as the action sounds.
Bad effects. However, the action effects symbolize the events rather well. Crystalline sound of water solidifying when you freeze a path over water, etc.

Play Control ? 3/10 :

I don't like the fact that just because you are concentrating energy into your sword means you should be slowed down any. The item screen makes you use an item you
selected even if you didn't need it. There are glitches in the game that let you get past certain spots. Movement is also too fast and awkward.

Plot ? 5/10 :

This is a sort of good plot but nothing special or original.
It's the future, there is magic, there is post-apocalypse,
there are mutants. Crystalis might have been one of the first games to use this idea, but it's not the first I've seen use it. But, at least there is a plot, and at least it was sort of worked on. The introduction of this big strange Aztec guy (is this the right game ? do i got the right game here ?) is the only thing of note.

Re-Playability ? 5/10 :

I would give an 8 to a game I am willing to play when I am sitting there saying ''what do I want to play'' and it often comes to mind. I would give a 10 to a game I usually want to play when I turn on my console. A 6 to a game I might think of playing one more time, when my eyes pass over it while I'm searching for something to play... but to this game, a 5. I will probably only play it once in a great while for some nostalgiac reason. It just takes too long,
even with save feature. And the plot doesn't intrigue me too greatly. Also, after finishing this game, I wasn't too up for doing it again.

total Overall Score : 5

This game is just ... average . Nothing too great about it.

Rating: 5

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