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Reviewed: 04/22/00 | Updated: 04/22/00

This is a Master Piece

Crystalis without a shadow of a doubt is my favorite Nintendo game. This game has it all a splendid story, a vast story, some wonderful supporting characters. Great graphics and beautiful music what more could you ask for in a NES game?

It is the end day all of mankind has been turned into monsters, or some were killed. You are a scientist who was suspended in animation along with another female scientist, you 2 were chosen to save the world when things were in dire.

Your heroic journey begins as you exit the cave into a small town called Leaf, a Wind Town. You meet some interesting and friendly people and you are off on your journey. You meet 3 Wise Men and one very noble Wise Woman. You will need their help because they teach magical spells which you will need for your journey.

The Graphics are gorgeous; every thing is large and greatly detailed. The hero is a nice size and his face is distinguishable, he has no mouth but this doesn't matter he still looks nice. The backgrounds look great as well, especially some of the more colorful places like jungles and plains. The caves do tend to be drab at time, but this doesn't hamper any thing graphically.

The music is memorable, and it is sweet and you may find yourself humming it as the day goes along. I especially like the music in the town of Oak it is very calming. The sound effects were nice too, though quieted by the music they were distinctive especially when you killed enemies.

During your quest you get 4 swords, Wind, Fire, Water, and Thunder. You also have to find these rings which are called balls and bracelets to make the swords more powerful. You get armor as well, which makes your defensive rating go higher. You get magic from the wise people like heal, teleport, telepathy, and sleep, plus many other fun ones. This makes the game fun you get different magic powers instead of the usual fire and ice.

There is about a total of 12 or so towns to visit, they all have different armor and different people to speak to. You usually have to a small task, some times a large task for the Town Elder. Sometimes you have to do one for people inside the town, these are usually very small, and they may require you to find an item for them. You usually have to do this in order to get another item like a gas mask or leather boots.

You get relics as well; these usually raise a particular stat, like strength defense or speed. Some even allows you to have a new ability like rabbit boots allow you to jump. Leather boots allow you to walk through poisonous marshes, and other ones do other wonderful things. Most armor and Shields you can buy however one's like Psycho Armor can only be gained by defeating a boss, same goes for relics.

Once you get the ability of Teleport this game is a lot of fun, and traveling is just as easy as using 20 MP's. My favorite spell is transform, which allows you to turn into a different person. Try each one in each town you will get a different response from the people. This game is just fun to play around with, not just to go along with the story line.

With all the fun things you can do in this game, one could not ask for more. This game has a very intriguing story and it does change over the course of time. Better yet you get to ride a dolphin, not too many games let you do that. There isn't any side quest you have to do, but like other RPG's visiting towns after something traumatic has happen usually warrants a better response from the people or at least a different one. If you are a fan of RPG's this is a definite game to get. That's a $pade Guarantee.

Story: 10/10
Visual FX 10/10
Audio 10/10
Game Play 11/10
Replay 9.5/10
Overall 10/10

Rating: 10

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