Review by Dr. Pizza

Reviewed: 01/23/05

Thank you Mom, Thank you for Getting me this Amazing Game....

When I first got this game. I had no idea how beautiful this game would become. I got this game along time, like in 1991. For like 2 years I was stuck in the first stage, lol. But that's because I did not realize what kind of game I was really playing. But eventually, I did find my way out of the first stage. And when I began to really get into the game. I realized just how beautiful this game really is.

Now this may not be the best review you ever read. but like it or not, here's what i think of this amazing game.

Introduction - 9
The game bring's you into a dialog, showing you what has become of the planet. Then you enter a name of your choice. The hero's default name is S.N.K. Which is named after the company. But of course you can name him what you want.

Gameplay - 10
This is a game that's a lot like Zelda. You use swords to kill monsters, but unlike Zelda, there's 4 type's of swords. They are Wind, Fire, Water, and Thunder. With those 4 combined. You can create the best sword in the world, called Crystalis! But not only do get to use some sweet swords in this game. But they even have there own levels. 3 level's to be exact. But wait! there's even more! You have the ability to use some sweet magic. What kind of magic you ask? The ability to teleport. The gift of healing yourself. The gift of changing into other people, and many more magic tricks. There's also lots of great armor that can save you from getting Paralyzed, Poisoned, or being turned into stone. Overall this is one of the greatest games I ever played.

Story - 10
The game then starts with you coming out of a strange capsule. Then coming out of a cave. You end up freaking some guy out, and he runs to tell everyone about you. Eventually you will start talking to people. And find your way to your first sword, The Sword of Wind. There is 4 Swords, Wind, Fire, Water, Lighting. And your goal is to combine the 4 together, to bring the ultimate sword ever. Which is Crystalis. He needs the sword so he can defeat DINA, the creature who has consumed the planet's world.
And because of DINA, the world is now using swords and magic again. But you know the stuff I told you from above on Gameplay.

Graphics/Sound - 8
The game has some of the best music in it. But hearing it over and over again hurts my ears after awhile personally. There's some really strange music in this game especially later on. I think overall the score for an 8 is good.

Play Time/Replayability - 10
This game by far has lots of play time and Replayability, you will want to play this game a lot again. Why? Because it has some of the most sweetest magic and swords ever in a game! The game doesn't really give you much of a difference in choices though. But overall its a fun game because you learn new skills and tricks. You get awesome power up's and much more.
And unlike the NES games back then. This one actually has a save feature. 2 of them to be exact! So you can save up to 2 games at a time! Now I do not remember if you have to hold Reset and then turn the power button off or not. But most NES games like Final Fantasy and Zelda, would tell you to do that after you saved your game. Because sometimes if you didn't, Your saved games would be erased! But assuming your probably playing this game on an Emulator now because NES games are so old. Then you could just save it by hitting a button. =P

Final Recommendation - Buy the game if you can find it. That's all there is to it. Its probably only a couple of dollars. And its well worth the bang for your buck.

Final Score - 10
You have to go play this game. It's the best NES RPG game in my mind. You might agree with me after you have beat it. =)

Rating: 10

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