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Reviewed: 04/06/00 | Updated: 04/26/01

Why, yes, SNK HAS made games other than fighters and Metal Slug!

Quick, name any SNK game that comes first to your mind. Yeah, probably a lot of King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, or World Heroes. Before they started pumping out fighting games at an absurd pace, SNK created a little action/RPG gem on the NES called Crystalis. Now, with that little intro, let's set the way-back-machine to 1988..

Crystalis is an action/RPG much like Zelda, but has a few different features. Spells and experience are more prevalent in here than Zelda, giving more of the `RPG feel` than Zelda. The story is also very different, set in a ''post apocalyptic'' world where you, as the hero, has been unfrozen from a cryogenic sleep to save the world from evil. Oh, and when I say post apocalyptic, I don't mean the awesome landscapes of Fallout, I mean people are living in villages and using swords as their main weapon.

One thing Crystalis has going for it is its graphics. The backgrounds are pretty detailed for being an NES game, and the sprites are nicely large. The music, however, leaves a bit to be desired. Although the overworld theme song is so catchy its evil, the rest of the music is average, especially when more than one MIDI instrument is playing at the same time.

Now, let's get to the thing that makes this game so great: the story. Although the post apocalypse stuff wasn't very thought out (where are my EMP rifles?), the actual story is outstanding. Basically, it revolves around the hero and his quest to save the world, with a little war and death thrown in (ok, a LOT of war and death). I really don't want to go in depth on this, because I would like for everyone to just play the game to find out what goes on.

The other difference between this and Zelda is the number of weapons and armor you can get throughout the game. 4 swords, 12 types of armor, and various other weapons and items make this a lot more deeper than Zelda.

I have one complaint about this game, and only one: WHY is the end part of the game so easy? Outside of the last 45 minutes, this game is fairly difficult, but then it suddenly turns into a breeze. Well, nothing's perfect, I suppose.

Crystalis has always been a personal favorite of mine, and is pretty much why I started seriously playing games in the first place. I would recommend it to ANYONE, especially those who don't mind playing ugly NES games over their beautiful Dreamcast.

Rating: 9

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