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Reviewed: 03/22/00 | Updated: 03/22/00

Another (good) Zelda clone!

One thing you've gotta admit, the NES hasn't seen nearly enough Zelda clones. But when they come around, they're usually pretty good(with the BIG exception of Deadly Towers, a most horrid piece of trash that should have been exiled to the Dark Dimension before it ever came out.) Name your character, read the story, and gaze at the

Graphics: We see the sacrifice of detail for efficiency here. Rather than having you stare, enraptured, at the cookie-cutter backgrounds, the makers at SNK wisely chose to have the graphics advance fast enough for you to run around the rather big levels, slashing bad guys with the greatest of ease. The sprites are pretty nice, nothing particularly special, but above par. At least your character has some height on him, and animates smoothly enough to avoid most of the problems with slowdown and flash which tend to plague many NES games. Unfortunately, the

Music ain't exactly in the Zelda category. Peppy, but altogether uninspired. There is almost no ''theme mixing'' done in this game, only one synthesized instrument tends to play at a time, and when two play together, the music usually isn't worth listening to anyway. However, there are a few above average spots, like the theme on the floating tower and the last boss. Sounds are...almost nonexistent. The game gets its score mostly from the fun

GAMEplay: When the settings are bleak and the music is monotonous, you BETTER have some depth in this category! Fortunately, Crystalis delivers, with the ability to use different swords for different tasks, the ability to charge your sword for a power hit, the addition of status anomalies and the items to cure them, the addition of a whole bunch of (mostly) useful spells, and a whole miscellaneous list of ''event'' and ''other'' items, Crystalis manages not only to expand on the Zelda style gameplay, but to also add the RPG element. You even get to ride a dolphin! Plus, there's enough of a (somewhat) well-translated story to actually keep you interested. Definitely emulate, and buy if you're a fan of the Zelda-style gameplay.

Nintendo Logic: Even in a ''post-apocalyptic'' future, I'm expecting SOME sort of high technology to be left over. C'mon, give me a laser, a particle cannon, even a bionic arm, SOMETHING! Don't tell me people have already gone back to living in villages, consulting with wise men, and consorting with dwarves! Not to mention only having swords and spells to fight with! Seriously, you could totally rewrite the story to fit into a non-futuristic setting, and the game(with the possible exception of the Sky tower) would still make sense. I've fought witches, demons, and a Dragon Emperor of some sort in a whole bunch of RPGs that didn't claim to be set in the future. Historical revision strikes again.

Rating: 7

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