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Reviewed: 08/08/03 | Updated: 08/09/03

This is a must have RPG

A massive Quest to save the world from the forces of evil, you must rely on your swords and on your magic.

Game play:

Crystalis broke away from away from Final Fantasy battle system. Crystalis went with a very impressive real time battle system that works so perfectly. Once you start playing, it might take a minute to get used to the controls. Nevertheless, with this game once you gotten used to it you still have to adapt with each monster you fight. The fighting is a little similar to Zelda with the fact that you can charge your sword for power blasts.
One cool aspect of the game was that once got new piece armor and put it on the character changes his look to fit the armor he has on.


Like with Zelda the story focus is on one character that you play until the end. The story is fresh and original. Without ruining it for you play as a hero frozen form the past. You awaken to find that you have no memory about what going on in world you must learn everything as you go. As you venture out in to the world you must collect the four swords that are need to help humanity from the powers of darkness. You must relearn all your magic that you had from the past with the help the wise men that are in different areas each with the knowledge to aid you on your quest.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics where impressive for the NES the colors fit well for the towns and the dungeons and the faces and clothes for the people and the monsters where nicely done. The monsters looked nice I would say overall it look cleaner than Zelda. The sound was nice the music fit the game well. It cool how each place it own tone like if something bad had happened you would hear it the music.

Playtime and Replay value

Depending on how you play, you are looking at many hours of gaming. Replay value is very high because this game is so much fun you will be control throwing for days dying while fighting some boss.

Final Recommendation

This is necessary game if you love old school NES games or are big RPG fan you will love it. I have to say that this game is a legend and mostly likely to stand the test of time I hope they remake for Playstation 2. Overall, Score 9/10

Thank for reading my review I hope this help with your choice on if you will buy Crystalis or not.

Rating: 9

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