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Reviewed: 07/25/03 | Updated: 07/25/03

Friends, behold the pinnacle of 8-bit gaming.

The Legend of Zelda. Final Fantasy. Super Mario Brothers.

Games like this are heralded as the beginnings, and the master games of the world. People flock to them. But once in a while, a game slips through the pipes that outdoes them in every way possible, even if it comes once a blue moon on most systems. And with the NES, this game was Crystalis. Behold the pinnacle of 8-bit adventures.

My review will be broken down into sections, and even some subsections, for maximum accuracy. Duh. Stupid. Everything gets rated from 1-10.


The world: 9/10
For an NES game, they're excellent, of course. Not that I need to say it. The world is lushly detailed, especially some of the earlier and later areas. My only knock on this game world, and the thing that keeps it from obtaining a 10, is the way you see the same things over and over again after a while. Jeez.

Characters: 10/10
Your character sprite is well detailed, as are the people in towns and such. All is to be appreciated! :D The little purple dude knows his stuff, and all of his moves are well animated.

Monsters: 9.5/10
Also excellent! The monsters in this game are very well done. Some of them sport some very interesting attack animation, and seeing how lush the game looks, fighting them never gets old. Whether it's dragons, or mutated tigers, this games got it ALL.

Overall: 10/10
Definitely one of the best-looking games the NES was ever blessed with. It's a gem to watch, and even more fun to play ;D

The world's been destroyed. In 1997 o.o; So, the remaining citizens of the world decide to erect a tower in the sky to fend off evil! But hell, the evil is sick of being fended, so it just takes over the tower. The evil dragon guy Draygon!!! And it's up to you, the little purple dude who popped out of a cave, to save the world, by uniting the 4 elemental swords into the great sword crystalis. Then, whooping his ass. Excellently done, never really that many dull moments.

Overall: 9/10
Never a dull moment here folks.


Music: 20/10. I wish. 10/10
This game has the most awesome music you'll ever experience. It's amazing, the way SNK seamlessly blended the music with a breathing game world to create a perfect atmosphere. Strangely enough, the overworld theme sounds like 80's music. I absolutely love the way that nothing (Not even the 80's overworld) is out of place! Simply excellent!

Sound Effects: 8.5/10
These are nicely done, but the only problems are...
A. There's not enough of them
B. Some of them are a little too loud, and interrupt my nifty moosic :D (rabbit boots, anyone?)

Atmosphere: 10/10
Like I said, the music creates the perfect atmosphere. Fun moments are fun, spooky moments are spooky, boss battles are climactic!

Overall: 10/10
I wish I could rate higher. This game has probably the best music heard on the NES. Hands down, sucka.


Fighting: 9/10
Fighting is always fun! Bashing the unique monsters with a variety of weapons, armor, and magic is always a blast. It also has an EXP system, meaning that the more you fight, the stronger you get, and the easier bashing things to death becomes. Great fun.

Searching/Talking/The rest of it: 8.5/10
This part is fun, but nothing is as fun as a good training session (I like to bash mutated tigers for hours on end. Fun! :D)

Overall: 9.5/10
The gameplay is innovative, and outclasses Zelda in SO many ways. I wish more games could be like it.


Finding Crap: 7/10
Well balanced. Never too hard, but sometimes a little too easy...

Fighting: 10/10
A perfect balance of fighting wit! You never, EVER button mash. Dexterous moves are the order of the day in crystalis! Getting the hell out of the way before attacking again, and again, and again. Great fun.

Replayability: 10/10
Even if it's just to listen to the music, or fight, or just to play through the game you love so much one more time, you'll come back to Crystalis over and over again.

Crystalis: Overall Score: 10/10
This is the pinnacle of all 8-bit gaming, and truly set a standard for the Action RPG genre. This is, in my opinion, the game that set the standards of the NES. Period. And that's all I got to say about that.

Rating: 10

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