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Reviewed: 03/09/03 | Updated: 03/09/03

Great game. Outstanding RPG! Beats Final Fantasy!

Crystalis for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Crystalis is one of the first RPG's for the NES, and is IMO, one of the better ones. A few key points set this game apart from the others in its class. However, I will get into all of that in the in-depth part of the review.

Gameplay: 9/10
This game is like no other that I've found on the NES. Instead of the traditional, Final Fantasy style turn-based battles, you get real time action. You don't have to wait for the battle screen to load up, because you just attack on the map you're already on. This makes for much faster, and easier battles. One cool thing is that you don't move from square to square. This game let's you move diagonally, on half two squares, etc. This allows for much easier walking, and less frustration. Also, the walking speed is surprisingly fast. You don't have to dread walking, because you get to where you want to go hastily. One complaint I would make about this game is that it's too easy. I never died, so that's just a warning.

The game also has a glitch that I'm aware of. If you talk to a certain guard, before a certain event occurs, then he'll never come back. That wouldn't be that bad, except you need this guard to open a gate you're trying to get past. However, there is a trick to warp past this, and all of the FAQs hosted on this site have the trick available. If you don't have the internet, this glitch would probably spoil your game, but if you're reading this, you shouldn't have a problem.

Story: 7/10
For storylines of the early 1990's, this would be a good storyline. In fact, it would get a 9/10 from me if I was rating this 10 years ago. However, now this is the plain old, you're a hero, save the world from the evil villain. The only reason this section wasn't even lower was because it did keep me on the edge of my seat while playing. However, it was just too un-original for my tastes, so a 7 it gets.

Graphics: 7/10
For its times, these are better graphics than Final Fantasy's. I mentioned earlier how you can move diagonally, and you weren't just moving from square to square. This helped the graphics section out a lot. However, most of the maps were generally the same maps, just different colors. Every time you entered a new map, you get the feeling that you've been there before, with different background colors.

Sound: 10/10
I love this game's music! I could listen to this music all day if I had to. Sometimes while eating I would let the music sit so I could listen to it. That's how good the music was. For an NES game, it dominates in music quality. Obviously it's lacking voice acting, but the NES can't handle this, therefore was not taken into consideration.

Replayability: 9/10
I could see myself playing this again. I know I would enjoy it if I did too. That's a rarity with me, and I hardly ever replay games. You can be assured that this must be a worthy game, if I'm replaying it. This game took me about 3 days to complete, with not constant playing, but enough. I'm not sure how many hours, but it's not too long of a game.

Final Recommendation:
Definitely pick this one up. Don't worry about renting it, since you probably can't rent NES games anymore. Spring for the little money that this old game would cost. It's well worth it. I paid $5 for the game, and I certainly got my money's worth out of it. I'm sure you will too!

Rating: 9

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