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Reviewed: 07/11/02 | Updated: 10/23/02

Crystalis : SNK's Masterpiece RPG.

Gameplay - 9/10 -

This game uses functions that you would expect an RPG to. You can go to other screens to mess with your various armor and et cetera, and you can also use a wide variety of weapons artillery and various magical spells. Being on an early console such as the NES, the controller had very few buttons. To more modern consoles and RPG's, the controls seem very annoying at times, but if you're that classic gamer, you'll have no trouble at all. Once you set your various variables, You can then use them with the ''A'' and ''B'' buttons. You can only do one at a time, but that doesn't matter too much in that it's all you need.

Story - 10/10 -

The story of Crystalis, which happens to be a sword, as you find out by the end of a game, takes place in a very familiar future. The main character is an android created by other people, to protect the world. The world's technology is very soon corrupted, and people want to destroy all that's left of existence. This game is a very good plot if you're interested in Science Fiction and Fantasy. The plot is very complex for an early game on an early console, but that's what makes the game fun.

Graphics and Music - 10/10 -

The graphics on this system are incredible for an eight bit console! As you travel through such real worlds, you can see how complex they are, and the detail that went into them. Not only are the graphics good, but the music fits the game like a tight sock. The music is like tech with a modern jungle twist and was not just made sloppily. It was obvious that if the songs weren't made for the game, then some serious time and effort was taken into selecting the most suitable titles. This section is definitely a 10/10.

Replayability - 9/10 -

This game is only replayable if you don't save once you're in the final tower. If you do save, you can't get out. Normally, you can use your teleport spell to transport you to any world, any area in the game! But once you're in the ''tower in the sky'' the spell is rendered useless. So, if you haven't gotten to that level yet, I'd advise that if you ever want to have freedom like you did right before you entered the tower, don't save.
However, the final battle stage is so interesting, I saved, because I figured that was more fun than going around in the rest of the game. But it's all in your opinion.

To Buy Or To Rent? - Buy -

This game is very long. Unless you were to get a Walkthrough, and spend all five or six days, depending on your local renter, this game is a needed buy. There were no memory cards back in the NES console days, so you had to save right on the cartridge. This game is a buy! I recommend it for all RPG lovers, and if you want to take the game nice and slow, and take in all it has, then buy it. If not, whiz through it with a walkthrough, and beat it all in your five days, if you can.

Final Thoughts -

In my early console days, I enjoyed this game more than any other for my NES. I can't think of another game that was as stimulating as the modern RPG's, and would have as many complex twists and turns as something on a 64 or 128 bit console. I give this game a 10/10, and I hope you do, too.

Rating: 10

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