Review by Walker Boh Ohmsford

Reviewed: 12/21/01 | Updated: 03/01/03

First off, let's get one thing straight...this is not a Zelda clone!

I've heard many people compare this game to Zelda, but I happen to agree with Bobo The Clown, who also reviewed this game. Sure, it's got a few Zelda elements, actually it's only compared to Zelda because the gameplay happens to have a few similarities here and there, which people make larger than life.
Control 10-10. I like this game's controls. It's back to having the B button as your attack button, for which I'm greatful. I always hated that aspect of the first Zelda's controls. The controls in this game were pretty reliable as far as I'm concerned.
Gameplay 10-10. Ok, so you wander around and kill creatures in realtime, just like Zelda. Other than that there's no relation. Sure, this game allows you to store energy in your swords for stronger attacks as later Zelda games did, but the fact that you get not one but four swords in this game is neat, with but one small flaw. It's kinda annoying to have to switch between swords, and you will find yourself doing that a lot. Some enemies aren't weak to wind, so you break out your sword of fire. Then when neither works, you break out your sword of water,and finally your thunder and Crystalis swords (Crystalis is the combined power of Air, Fire, Water and Thunder). Another cool aspect of gameplay is that this game sets it up so that you have to be at a certain level of strength before you can harm certain enemies, so you could have the proper sword in your hand but still not be able to affect the monster. You really want to watch that where bosses are concerned. The thing I didn't like about this game's gameplay was sort of corrected in the GBC port of this game. This game lacks the separate divisions of the menu screen. You know, the Swords, Armor and Shields, Items and Magic sections. Only thing is, the GBC version still lacked the element that would have given the gameplay ultimate perfectness, an Accessories section for those event items like the Rabbit Boots or Gas Mask, wich took up space in your items slots.
Audio 10-10. The music in this game is some of the best I've heard on the NES. It's so good in fact that I'd find myself humming..let's say the theme for Sabera's castle while I was in school, which goes to show how much I disliked school at the time when I first played this game. After all, if I liked it would I give it that particular tune? The SFX, though hardly the NES' best, are still very cool. The sound it makes when you damage an enemy with your sword is somewhat similar to the sound Dragon Warrior made when you stepped on one of those barriers that drained your HP. The other SFX were pretty cool too.
Story 10-10. After the great war, the world was reduced to a wasteland. A group of sorcerers (magic had returned to the world after the war), bent their energies toward rebuilding civilization. Science and technology were shunned as the cause of the prior civilization's downfall. For a century, peace reigned. But not all the new magicians were so caring. One, Draygon by name, was intrigued by the forbidden ways of science and technology, and it occurred to him that if he were to merge science with sorcery he would possess great power. He put this plan into action, hoping to dominate the world. The four greatest wizards, Zebu, Tornel, Kensu and Asina, plotted in secret, and with their combined power they wrought four mighty swords, each possessed of one of the four elements of Fire, Water, Air and Thunder. When combined, they would become a still mightier weapon, the Crystalis sword. However, Draygon heard news of this development. Knowing what the swords were intended for, Draygon summoned them to him and tried to destroy them. Finding them too well made however, he scattered them across the land, believing himself to be safe. Either he didn't know of the prophecy or didn't care. It had long been foretold that in time of need, a powerful magician would rise against the evil force, and would wield the Crystalis blade. The four wisemen, who had been stripped of most of their powers by the self-proclaimed Emperor Draygon, searched the world to find this magician. They found him in suspended animation. When they revived him, they found that he was a mere lad. Still, they sensed his power, and Tamalic, the elder of the nearby town of Leaf, gave him the sword of wind to help him on his quest. Your task is to find the other three swords and reunite them to form Crystalis. Then, and only then, can you restore peace to the world.
Overall 10-10. This is an excellent game, well worth the money if you can find it.

Rating: 10

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