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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 08/07/01

A post apocalyptic Zelda clone. Yay!

I'm sure that everybody's played of/heard of Secret of Mana. Now imagine a game that's like secret of mana, only for the nes? You may think that I'm kidding, but this game does exist, and it's Crystalis! It plays like Zelda, but it's much more involving. It's quite similar to the Seiken Densetsu series.

Everybody knows and loves the Nintendo's first zelda, but it seemed kind of limited. No magic spells, can only buy one piece of armor, only three weapons, and so on. But what if there were a game that was like zelda but had all this added stuff? You'd be playing Crystalis. The hero wakes up from a time capsule to fight evil, and this is all after judgement day! He can buy new armor and weapons, and use powerful items, much like Secret of Mana. This is an intriguing action rpg, that will have you hooked!

The graphics aren't spectacular, but they are excellant. As soon as you start bashing slimes with your sword, you'll be drawn in this game. The addition of magic spells also helps this game, and adds new life to it.

Sometimes the clues that the townspeople give you are somewhat misleading, and can cause some frustration, but a little trial and error will solve that. Also many of the caves and dungeons can seem kind of repetitive but never boring.

If you want a great action/rpg for the Nes, you should pick up Crystalis. If you want a great game for the Nes, you should also pick up Crystalis. You'll wanna keep playing until you've beat it, and you'll enjoy every step of the way.

Rating: 8

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