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Reviewed: 04/29/08 | Updated: 02/19/09

Crystalis is the one to remember

Crystalis. Just saying that name brings back so many memories of that sword-switching RPG. If you are looking for something a little more than your usual 'Zelda' game, this game is the one to get. Everything with this game is really good.

Graphics - 10
These graphics are outstanding. Seriously. I can't say enough about these graphics. For a game like this, every detail mattered. The graphics are so detailed for this game. This game could be as a very early version of an SNES game.

Sound - 10
The sound from this game is great. Once you start listening to this music, it stays with you. Even though the sounds are 8-bit, they are still great and goes great with each area such as scary-themed music in a swamp or a dungeon.

Control - 10
The controls are easy and hard. I say that because the fighting and movement controls are easy, it is the equipping and saving controls that still gets me. Once you get all the controls down, it is great to always have it with you, so when you play this again, you know all the controls.

Gameplay - 10
The gameplay is in between but I go with the better side. It is in between because of the four different swords. The good side is the powerful power-ups. The bad side is the fact that I have to change my sword to defeat a certain enemy or get further into the game. I am going with the good side because once all the power-ups are obtained, there is no stopping the game from going on. Once you get the last power-up, you feel like completing the game. The swords are like other Role Playing Games but with other Role Playing Games, you don't have power-ups to go along with your swords/weapons.

Replay Value - 10
No matter how many times I play this game, there is no alternative for this kind of game. I could play this once then play 'Zelda' and want to continue Crystalis while I am playing 'Zelda.'

Bottom Line:
After playing this game, you will be wanting more. That is how I felt. Even though there are four different swords to equip from, the right ones equipped at the right time can get you that much further into the game. This is the best Role Playing Game to own on the NES. This is better than Zelda. The reason for that is because of two things: 1.) buying shields and armor and selling them when new, better shields and armor are bought and 2.) having magic other than the elements like Telepathy.

Buy or Rent:
Do not rent this game. This game needs to be bought.

Overall - 10

Rating: 10

Product Release: Crystalis (US, 07/31/90)

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