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  1. Okay this Item is from the NES game Crystalis okay? Its the FOG LAMP okay? now I have every single page at home of whole entire walkthrough and I followed the directions you know by when it tells me to go either EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH or go from 1 intersection to another and when I read the whole walkthrough on where the FOG LAMP is and I was playing this and I got to the Location on exactly where the FOG LAMP is and when I got there I said to myself "Okay I am at the point where the FOG LAMP is located so....." then I ask myself "Where is the FOG LAMP?" then again I said to myself "I am at the right spot and I followed every single path that the walkthrough told me to and the FOG LAMP is not there" and the next time I am logged on to gamefaqs.com I will give you my whole entire Status and what Weapons, Armor, Shields and other Items I have and how much money I have and what Level my Character is and how much health I have and how much magic or whatever I have and what SPELLS or whatever is I have too and you people can tell me what I am doing wrong okay?

    User Info: JLane725

    JLane725 - 12 years ago

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  1. If you're using my walkthrough, then I apologize upfront if it couldn't help you. However make sure you're in the East Waterfall Valley Cave and make your way to the end of it to find the Fog Lamp. Keep in mind I said east cave as there are two Waterfall Caves in the Waterfall Valley. Try using my map FAQ as well, and it should help you out. It sounds like you're doing everything else right however.

    Did you also make sure you talked to the two people encased in stone (after using the Fruit Of Lime on them) in the other Waterfall Cave? They will mention about the Fog Lamp. Sometimes you need to talk to some people in order to progress.

    User Info: JustSomeGuy76

    JustSomeGuy76 - 12 years ago 3   0

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