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From the 18 works included in "Kunio-kun The World Classics Collection" released in December 2018, "Ikeike! Hot-Blooded Hockey Club Sliding and Falling Great Brawl" is released as a single piece! !! !!

Equipped with two modes, the "quality-up version" with improved operation and specifications, and the "original version" with the original titles of the time recorded! You can enjoy that trick and game balance as it is!

Kunio-kun's work is familiar; there are hits, and there are other attacks, and as the title name suggests, the game develops like a big brawl. However, if you overdo it, you will be penalized for temporary exit.

The work is full of elements that go beyond ordinary ice hockey games, such as unique "snapshots" and "costumes" that you can get if you win the game.

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