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  • The soundtrack on the U.S. release of this game is actually of a noticeably lower quality than it should be. The Japanese release of this game has the better soundtrack because of Konami's VRC6 chip, which allowed the soundtrack to become more complex. However, the chip was not compatible with anything but the Japanese Famicom: the soundtrack remained in the U.S. NES release, but at a noticeably lower qaulity as a result.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • The international version of the game has many graphical differences when compared to the Japanese version. These include the cross in the intro losing its beams, the prologue clouds becoming static and the character name input screen's statues gaining robes.

    Contributed By: Eve.

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  • Grant's basic attack in the Japanese version was identical to Trevor's dagger sub-weapon. This was changed when released in the US to make the game more difficult.

    Contributed By: Velheim.

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  • "Epitaph" -- the theme that plays on the name entry screen -- was sampled on Big Twins' 2009 rap track "Bacon & Cheese".

    Contributed By: Shotgunnova.

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  • Sypha Belnades's gender was mistranslated in the United States and European releases of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. Sypha is listed as a male and referred to using male pronouns in the game manual as well as in the in-game text. However, the ending which the player receives if they complete the game with Sypha as their partner refers to Sypha as a female.

    Contributed By: Larcen Tyler.

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  • The Japanese Famicom version of the game uses the standard NES 8-bit font for in-game text, while the westernised versions have an updated, "gothic"-style typeface.

    Contributed By: Ryan Harrison.

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  • The stage BLK 8-01 is a slightly re-designed version of the same main hall area that makes up the first level of the original Castlevania game.

    Contributed By: Ryan Harrison.

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  • The first game in the series to have a "second form" for the Grim Reaper/Death boss.

    Contributed By: Ryan Harrison.

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Famous Quote

  • Grant DaNasty: My name is Grant. I dreamed I was turned into a Ghost. Please take me with you. My family was killed by Dracula.

    (Take him with you:) I can help you a lot because I am very fast.

    (Leave him behind:) Thanks for helping me. I hope we see each other again.

    Contributed By: Ryan Harrison.

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  • Sypha Belnades: Thanks for helping me. I'm Syfa, the Vampire Hunter. I will follow you if you need my help.

    (Take him with you:) I hope a Magic Spirit will give us the power.

    (Leave him behind:) Please be careful. I hope you will be victorious.

    Contributed By: Ryan Harrison.

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  • Alucard: I'm surprised you beat me. I've been waiting for you. I need you to help me destroy Dracula.

    (Take him with you:) I'm glad to hear that. Let's get him. I am Alucard.

    (Leave him behind:) Well, I'll have to find someone else. Please be careful!

    Contributed By: Ryan Harrison.

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Connection to Other Media

  • Dracula's third and final form is based on Pazuzu, the king of the demons of the wind in Assyrian and Babylonian mythology.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

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  • The character of Alucard originated from the 1943 Universal horror movie, Son of Dracula. Much like that movie, Alucard is depicted as the son of the villain, Dracula, in this game - and, to state the obvious, his name is "Dracula" spelled backwards!

    Contributed By: Ryan Harrison.

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