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CV3 is epic NES gaming at its finest 10/15/18 2001mark
A Game that Hasn't Been Forgotten 12/01/06 934400
Hard, but fun-just don't expect to finish it. 01/19/10 buruburu1
Everything problem in life can be solved by whipping it, or something 04/20/10 Chainsodomy
Great things come in threes 08/15/07 ClessAlvein05
The crowning jewel of the NES Castlevanias 11/01/99 Emptyeye
Absolutely the BEST Castlevania ever. And not just on the NES. 01/26/00 EPoetker
Innovative, but the series is beginning to show its age. 02/19/00 fduboo
The most complex and challenging Castlevania for the NES. 11/01/99 JHarring
Long live the Belmont family. 04/04/05 Megaman1981
The best Castlevania game...period! 01/14/09 Megaman1981
An enduring classic... 06/12/01 Mikester
Probably the best NES game ever made. Also low in fat and sodium. 02/22/01 MMcPhun
This time, you've got help 01/16/02 Mordecai the Mad
A fun and worthy challenge. 12/17/07 Neo_Masamune_
How could any Nintendo owner pass this game up? 02/16/02 Ratking
The trilogy of a classic...What could go wrong? 11/23/01 RobIron321
Say it with me now: aaaaaahhhhhh... 02/22/00 Spektre
The Curse of Dracula 12/14/15 tharimrattler
Spooky stuff is about to happen to you! 03/10/08 theFFVIguy
Castlevania is perfected 02/07/01 Van Veen
Third time is the charm 06/18/09 videogamer1030
Excellent! Simply excellent! 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
The downward spiral into the darkness continues 04/20/18 Wonderboy
Another trip to the castle we never get tired to visit. 03/13/07 Zylo the wolf
Castlevania III Dracula's Curse Review 01/07/13 zz20006

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Castlevania 3 (III): Dracula's Curse Review (NES) - Awesome Video Game Memories
Castlevania 3 (III): Dracula's Curse Review (NES) - Awesome Video Game Memories (Battle Geek Plus) from Battle Geek Plus - Press Start To AWESOME!

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