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  1. Can anybody please let me know if there's a way to stab faster with Grant in midair?? and also, how do you cross through wall blocks with him, like in the ship and where the floor keeps falling behind you as you walk??

    User Info: Giant614

    Giant614 - 4 years ago

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  1. I don't have my game set up right now, but I thought you could stab just as fast with him in midair as you can on the ground.

    Also you can't cross through blocks per se, but you can climb up walls and ceilings to skip certain sections and/or just avoid things. The ship is a great example of skipping certain sections. Use him at the Medusa boss by staying on the ceiling (press up constantly to keep from falling off) and press B to drop your Daggars or Axes on the boss and win the battle quick and easy. Towards the end, you can jump and climb over the blocks to reach the final boss without going down the stairs.

    Oh! You can walk on the ceiling to skip the mummy area in Level 6 (the level at the bottom of the Dracula Castle map)... You can climb up the wall to skip an entire section in the sunken city level too (with the dragon snake thingies and dragon boss).

    Remember to press the control pad towards a block wall to stay attached to it and also press up or down to climb up and down.. (you can use your weapons while clinging to walls too by pressing B) And of course, for the ceilings, just press up and then left or right to climb left or right.

    You mention the breaking blocks. When grant is clinging underneath or to the side of a crumbling block, it won't crumble. Might be useful on the ship actually.

    Hope I answered this good for ya. If you are not good with climbing, it takes some practice so feel free to experiment in one of the earlier levels. :)

    User Info: TriforceSD

    TriforceSD - 4 years ago 2   0


  1. I get what youre saying, I mean like in this run, if you go to 12:07 you can see it, and also in 23:33, if you know this Ill appreciate you letting me know how to do it, thank you for taking your time to answer.

    User Info: Giant614

    Giant614 - 4 years ago 0   0

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