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Love its ambition, alas it stumbles 10/15/18 2001mark
Simon sure is brave for a 2-D sprite! 12/07/00 Brak
Change Isn't Always Bad. Sometimes, It's Even A Good Thing 10/17/02 CodieKitty
My mistake about the last one!!! 07/10/02 CTmaster
The best game to ever grace a Nintendo system. Seriously. 01/27/01 DarkRider X
A great game.. if you have a walkthrough. 02/11/10 DRAGON_LORD101
A nice turn for the Castlevania series 11/01/99 Emptyeye
Why the low score? Here's why... 02/25/00 EPoetker
Imagine what Symphony of the Night would have been like without this! 07/16/01 Larcen Tyler
This game is still great. 11/15/07 Megaman1981
I can't believe that someone threw this game into a dumpster. 02/02/06 Megaman1981
When Is It A Good Night To Have A Curse? 06/04/19 MFields1978
This game is good. 06/13/01 Mikester
Very dark and Gothic, except for the corny dialogue... 02/22/01 MMcPhun
A heart, eyeball,ring,toenail, and a rib. A perfect recipe for an awesome game 01/15/02 Mordecai the Mad
Yeah, it's got problems, but it's got heart 09/11/08 Saneasylum89
Not your average CastleVania game..... 04/22/01 shigman
One step forward, two steps back 12/01/06 Simply Dave
The oddball in the Castlevania series 05/15/08 smansell927
A bit of a leap of faith on Konami's part... 02/22/00 Spektre
The fun is back, but the challenge is long gone 06/19/03 Timmy Big Hands
Boring 11/13/01 Torch
Castlevania leaps into the muck of "adventure gaming" 02/07/01 Van Veen
The series produces another precious gem! 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford

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