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FAQ/Walkthrough by AWing Pilot

Version: Final | Updated: 06/17/08


 _____             _        _         _____ _                  _
/  __ \           | |      (_)       | ___ \ |                | |  
| /  \/ __ _ _ __ | |_ __ _ _ _ __   | |_/ / | __ _ _ __   ___| |_ 
| |    / _` | '_ \| __/ _` | | '_ \  |  __/| |/ _` | '_ \ / _ \ __|
| \__/\ (_| | |_) | || (_| | | | | | | |   | | (_| | | | |  __/ |_ 
 \____/\__,_| .__/ \__\__,_|_|_| |_| \_|   |_|\__,_|_| |_|\___|\__|
            | |                                                    
                        And The Planeteers.      

System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Developed by: TBS, 1991
FAQ/Walkthrough written by: Christopher Long (Awing Pilot), January 2005


June 25th 2005: Submitted as v1.0

January 22nd 2005: Fixed minor grammatical and factual errors. Re-submitted 
as v1.1

Table of Contents

1) Overview
2) Story
3) Controls and Gameplay aspects
3a) Characters
3b) Vehicles overview
3c) Captain Planet controls
4) Walkthrough
4a) Stage 1-1
4b) Stage 1-2
4c) Stage 2-1
4d) Stage 2-2
4e) Stage 3-1
4f) Stage 3-2
4g) Stage 4-1
4h) Stage 4-2
4i) Stage 5-1
4j) Stage 5-2
5) Cheats and Codes
6) Copyright and Contact Info


This game was made by Mindscape in 1992 to cover the popular ecosystem savvy 
cartoon of the time period known as Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Yep, 
that's why the game is named that. Cool huh? The show was about 5 kids with 
special rings each relating to a certain aspect or element of the Earth and 
her ecosystem; Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart. Yea, it was a different 
time back then for sure. This game isn't great in fact it's pretty horrid. 
Seems like they gave up on the details after level one as all the levels 
that follow are almost identical. Made my job a little easier I guess. It 
suffers from a lot of glitches and quirks that hurt the gameplay a lot 
like hitting nothing at all and exploding. Just goes to prove games based 
off of TV shows and movies were never good and never will be.

I'll cover controls, where everything is, what everything does and how to 
beat all the levels and bosses for the game as well as answer some common 

2. Story 

The game starts out with the villain Hoggish attempting to drill for oil 
in our nations parklands. Gaia calls for the Planeteers to come save the 
day. It's up to the Planeteers to stop him. As the game progress more 
problems arise that require the Planeteers attention although they mainly 
play a story role in the game. As the game progresses more villains from 
the show pop up to harass more of our nations parks, wildlife and yes, 
even our ozone layer. Bastards!

3. Controls and Gameplay aspects 

The game consists of two different modes. Stages where you are flying 
the Geo-Cruiser that plays a lot like your typical side scrolling shooter 
and then the missions you play as Captain Planet himself. You'll fly and 
use your five elemental powers through stages littered with traps and enemies. 
Only you can save the planet.

3a. Characters 

All the character from the show play a small role in the game, 
mainly to move the story along in the games sparse cut-scenes. 
The only playable character is Captain Planet.

Kwame - young black male from Africa and the defacto leader of 
the five. Holder of the ring of Earth.

Wheeler - young white male from Brooklyn, New York. The comic 
relief of the group; headstrong and always the flirt but has 
good intentions. Holder of the ring of Fire

Linka - young white female from Eastern Europe. The "geek" of 
the group who takes a more thought out approach to problems. 
Wheelers love interests of sorts. Holder of the rind of Wind.

Gi - young Asian female from Asia. Athletic and intelligent; she 
has a strong interest in marine biology and ecosystems. Avid Rock 
and Roll fan. Holder of the ring of Water.

Ma Ti - young male from South America. Younger out of the five; 
posses great skill both in healing and interacting with animals. 
Shows signs of empathy. Holder of the ring of Heart.

When their powers combine he is.....

Captain Planet - the physical representation of the five Planeteers 
emotions, thoughts and unique powers. When the five elements from the 
rings are combined Captain Planet comes forth. Very intelligent when 
it comes to the Earth and her ecosystem. Can change himself into any 
form made from the 5 elemental powers the Planeteers posses. Weak to 
pollution; the globe on his chest is a meter of sorts to his health. 
Grey and he is in danger.

Gaia - Mother Earth. Plays the role of the story hub and information 
source for the Planeteers along their adventures. "Lives" and 
works from Hope Island using a string of crystal screens called 
Planetvision to watch over the Earth. The island is the only place 
she is physical appearing as visions else where. Her appearance 
is a product of all of Earth's people.

Well, what a ragtag bunch huh?

3b. Vehicles Overview

At the onset of each of the 5 levels you'll control one of 
three vehicles. The Geo-Cruiser: an airplane. Eco-copter: a 
helicopter. Eco-sub: a submarine. All vehicles have the same 
controls and are used in a similar side scrolling shooter fashion. 
Contact with any part of the landscape, enemy or missile/gunfire 
results in a loss of one life. Enemies drop a number of powerups 
that speed/slow your ship, upgrade your powers for that current 
life, fill your power meter, raise your score and one that allows 
you to shoot both forward and backwards for that current life. 
If you see an enemy drop something grab it quickly before it 
hits the ground. 


Up -moves the vehicle up.

Down -moves the vehicle down.

Left - moves the vehicle backwards if facing right and 
forward if facing left.

Right - moves the vehicle backwards if facing 
left and forward if facing right.

B - has the ship perform a quick 180 turn. 
Useful for avoiding enemies.

A - use currently selected power.

Select - pauses the game. Displays your 
current lives remaining and your current score.

Start - cycles through the five elements useable 
by the vehicle. Each a unique power or weapon.

Elements used by vehicles 

Fire, Earth, Wind, Water and Heart are each useable by 
your vehicles as a unique power or weapon. Each use 
takes away from your power meter. Collect the falling 
lighting bolts that enemies drop to refill the power meter.

Fire - fires a simple straight forward fireball that 
destroys weak enemies in one hit and tougher enemies 
in multiple consecutive hits. Great for airborne enemies.

Earth - shoots a rock towards the ground with each shot. 
Great for ground enemies, buildings or launchers. 
Rock can also be planted in front of vehicles to stop them.

Wind - creates a shield of wind around your vehicle 
that destroys any enemy that touches it. Very strong 
but uses a lot of your energy so it should be used 
sparsely or when needed.

Water - shoots a ball of water forward that bounces 
up and down the height of your ship. Not effective 
against airborne enemies. can be used against fire 
and pollution.

Heart - "cures" pollution and other ailments 
to the environments. Commands animals.

3c. Captain Planet overview

Captain Planet actually plays a lot like any of the 
vehicles so you'll feel at ease with the controls. 
You'll have to fight enemies, take care of pollution, 
fire and traps along the way. The elements have the 
same properties for Captain Planet only here he turns 
into a blob of the element instead of shooting or launching it. 
You'll also encounter powerups that fill his power 
meter or raise your score.


Up - makes Captain Planet fly up

Down - makes Captain Planet fly down

Left - makes Captain Planet fly to the left

Right - makes Captain Planet fly to the right

B - Causes Captain Planet to morph into a ball 
of the selected element.

A - Captain Planet's main attack: punch

Select - Same as vehicle

Start - same as vehicle

4. Walkthrough 

Here we go. Game consists of 5 levels broken up into two stages. 
First stage has you piloting a vehicle and the second you 
play as Captain Planet. Ready? Alright, let's go.

4a. Stage 1-1                                                     Password: n/a 

Character/vehicle: Geo-Cruiser
Location: National Park?(Doesn't say which)
Recommended power: Fire

Background: Horrish is planning on drilling for oil 
in our nations park and you must stop him!

You start this level over a small island already moving 
forward. Continue forward over two more islands while 
fighting two small waves of enemies, just stay to the 
top firing in front and you'll be safe. The next island 
you fly over is larger then the others and holds a base 
in the middle armed with four guns; one in the front, 
two in the middle and one at the end. You can either 
use a combonation of careful shots and the 180 turn to 
take them out or fly through the shots with out being hit. 
Choice(like the power) is yours. After you clear this 
island you'll run into your first mid-boss; a floating 
robot. These robots are easy you to take out with the 
right strategy. During mid-boss fights your 180 turn 
can't be used to be careful. Each robot has two guns, 
one on it's back and one under it's chin. To defeat this 
you must blast through the tentacles hanging from the 
bottom. Take out the gun under its chin ignoring the 
one on its back and then give the tentacles a steady 
stream of fire and you'll be through. Whew!

Continue to fly over two more islands while fighting 
the red ships. Then you'll approach another large 
island with a base in front and one at the end. The 
front base has three guns while the back base has 
two guns and an oil tower that spews oil straight 
upwards. Again, destroy or avoid these to run into 
your next mid-boss. Same deal as before only now 
there are three tentacles to blow through meaning 
you need to be quicker. Use the same tactic as 
before ignoring the top most gun 
and blast your way through.

Level takes a steep climb in difficulty here. 
Keep flying and blasting over four more small 
close islands. The next island is a larger one 
with a set of five oil towers each shooting 
sludge into the sky at different heights and 
times. You're only option is to maneuver through 
them. Yep, you guessed it, here comes another of 
those flying robots. This time there is four 
tentacles but your trigger finger is strong and 
your aim true so blast on through using 
the same technique as the last two.

Alright one more island is ahead with a base at the end 
shaped like a "G" pointed towards you. There are three 
guns covering the green landing pad in the "mouth" 
plus a gun on the top shooting down. This is tricky 
but you have to take out all four guns before landing 
on the green pad. Use a combonation of quick fire and 
you're turn to take them out. Be warned that if you 
go too far out of range of the base guns you already 
destroyed will re-spawn. Once all four are gone then 
fly over the green pad to end the mission.

4b. Stage 1-2                                                  Password: 763754

Character/vehicle: Captain Planet
Location: National Park?(Doesn't say which)
Recommended elements: all

Background: Stop Horrish inside his base!

Here we go, start of stage 1-2 playing as Captain 
Planet himself. First fly straight up avoiding 
enemies along the way. You can stop and fight but this 
waste time and energy. Take your time and make careful 
moves until you get to the top where a red machine is 
cranking out a river of slime that ends in a water fall. 
Fly Captain Planet in front of the sludgefall and turn 
yourself into water, fly through quickly and morph back 
to Captain Planet to save as much energy as possible. 
Continue on down the shaft again avoiding the enemies 
and slime until you reach the end but be careful there 
is a river of sludge there too so fly over it to the safety beyond.

Head to the end of the shaft then fly straight up 
being careful of the exploding sludge mines about 
half way up. Continue on up, past the two red cranks, 
out to the left, back down the next shaft again guarded 
by mines. Keep following the shafts the only way you 
can go until the next red crank. Head to the right 
and straight down the longest shaft, be ready to turn 
into water to get through the slime blocking the exit 
to the shaft. To your left is yet another shaft but 
this one is covered with slime on the top, has roadblocks 
in the way and is to small for you to boot. Turn into 
rock and quickly make your way left; knocking blocks 
and enemies out of the way as you go until you drop 
down in front of three red cranks to your right.

Be careful of dropping sludge and a gun on the roof 
at the end of them as you fly over them. Beyond that 
is a field of mines before another crank on a lifted 
platform. Fly over it, dodge the sludge that falls 
and you'll be at a dead-end with a shaft above you. 
Guess we go up? The opening is guarded by two guns 
that you can quickly take out with timing and your 
punch. Beyond them is a slime wall that you need 
to get through as water or rock. Continue on up, 
past the mines and guns to your left until you 
reach a grate. Go through it as either water or 
wind and then take a breather. Wooh!

Directly above you are two shafts leading up. 
One is guarded by mines and guns and the other 
is unguarded but covered with slime that you'll 
need to get through with water. The choice is yours 
so continue on up and over to the right of the crank. 
Next is a long fall ending again on top of another red 
crank with a shaft to your left. The floor is sludge 
and there is a lone gun on each side covering the path 
but they're no match for you so destroy them while being 
careful of the sludge from the roof. 

Continue through the grate as either water or wind and 
you'll end up in the middle of two shafts. The right way 
is a dead-end so head left where there is a gone and two 
roadblocks in the way. You can either destroy them or slide 
underneath as water or wind just be careful of the dripping 
slime behind it. You have the choice of going up or down. 
Going down takes you on a long trip to a power refill but 
is a dead end. If you need the power then go ahead and go 
down the backtrack on up.

This part is a race of sorts. Before heading up turn 
into stone then just run forward and up going along 
the only path. Be quick or you might get caught in a 
stream or gunfire. Keep going until you can safely land 
on another crank being careful of the drip to it's left. 
Continue on the only path up and to the right until the 
room opens up into a large empty space. Pause here before 
going on if need be because the boss is next.

Easy fight here if you are quick. There are two hands 
here, one on top and one on bottom with a man in a glass 
booth at the end shooting slime at you. Fly past the hands 
making sure not to be caught or else you'll be pelted by 
the gun. Fly up to the glass punch through it quickly and 
that's it. Level over!

4c.Stage 2-1                                                   Password: 955783

Character/vehicle: Eco-copter
Location: Yellowstone National Park
Recommended element: Rock and fire

Background: Dr. Blight and her crazy computers 
are attempting to dump toxic waste in the park. Stop them!

Alright, in this mission you fly the Eco-copter 
as you chase a van that is spewing waste and 
poisoning the water. Right as you start you'll 
notice a van in front of you. It won't move until 
you do. To take it out you need to use rock to drop 
a rock in front of it and make it crash. AS you start 
moving right pull up quickly to avoid the tress and 
try to get in front of the van as it enters the tunnel. 
If you are quick you can get in front of it while in the 
tunnel then quickly plant a rock in front as it comes 
out but beware of the tree right out of the tunnel If 
you miss it will dirty the water out front while a 
helicopter drops bombs on you. If you allow a truck 
to pollute the water you will blow up.

Next you must take out the helicopter above the 
bridge with fire and then continue on to the next truck. 
Continue this process taking out trucks in the process. 
Remember to dodge the trees, fly through tunnels and use 
fire to destroy the helicopters on the way. You'll need to 
destroy 3 trucks this way before they pollute to complete the stage.

4d. Stage 2-2                                                  Password: 637511

Character/vehicle: Captain Planet
Location: Yellowstone National Park
Recommended element: Water and rock

Background: Stop Dr. Blight inside her lab!

This stage is set in a cave. All the same tricks 
from the first Captain Planet level apply here so 
simply make your way through the cave avoiding guns. 
Use water or wind on the grates and water for the 
poison mist. Follow the cave the only way it goes 
until you reach the bosses making sure to avoid the 
traps and save energy. There are plenty of powerups 
along the way so this level is a breeze.

The boss starts off with four robotic fighters. 
Simply turn into heart and run into each of them 
then go down the whole into the main room where 
you'll see a computer monitor with the Docs face 
on it surrounded by four orbs. Switch into water and 
run into the orbs counterclockwise and you'll beat the level.

4e. -->Stage 3-1<-- Password: 148574

Character/vehicle: Eco-sub
Location: Atlantic Ocean
Recommended element: Rock.

Background: Hoggish escaped from the cops and is now 
laying waste to the ocean. Stop him!

First off fire doesn't work here. Duh! The ocean floor 
is littered with missile launchers that are semi-lock 
on and mines that when destroyed split off into two 
more mines so be careful. The best way to defeat the 
mines is to fire three rocks while moving away from 
the mine. If missile is fired near you just stop out 
of it's way and it should miss you. You can also 
destroy the launchers with four rocks but I find it 
much easier to simply out run them. Also in the level 
are currents which suck you down. Approach these from 
the top and simply run through them before they get you 
sucked into the fan. 

The goal in this stage is to destroy ships trapping the 
wildlife and dropping depth charges. This is fairly easy. 
You must use your heart power to tell the animal near by 
to attack the ship then the ship is disabled and you can 
continue on to the next one. Just activate the heart power 
and run the beam over an animal to command it. It will do 
the rest. Whales need three strikes on ships while a squid 
needs only one. A rock or two may be needed on the nets to 
finish them off due to this games horrible clipping errors. 
You need to disable 3 small ships to reach the main ship; 2 
whales and 1 squid to be exact. Just drive into 
the bay and dock to complete the mission.

4f. Stage 3-2                                                   Password:786565

Character/vehicle: Captain Planet
Location: Atlantic Ocean onboard Hoggish sub
Recommended element: Wind

Background: Stop Hoggish inside his submarine once and for all.

Yet another maze. Again a walkthrough of the maze 
isn't really needed. Just head down to the submerged 
parts of the boat and follow the shafts the only way 
they lead. Hey, this is a kids game after all. The ship is 
covered with chum that is a danger to Captain Planet if you 
touch it so be careful. As you go along you'll run into the 
standard mines but a new enemy is found in the form of chum 
mashers. Use wind to get through the chum and make sure not 
to get sucked into them from the top. When you need to travel 
on the tops of the chum mashers stay as high as possible and 
use fire. Other then that this level is another simple maze 
so head on down and make your way to the boss.

This boss is the hardest part of the game only because 
it's so hard to get past his outer line of chum mashers. 
There are 14 mashers in a row to get through. Half on top 
and half on bottom. To get through you need to fight your 
way through the currents and into the safe zone between 
each set. It's hard but you can do it. A save feature 
would have been nice huh? Anyway after you get through the 
sets of mashers simply rush forward and the baddie will 
admit defeat. Great job!

4g. Stage 4-1                                                  Password: 920272

Character/vehicle: Eco-copter
Location: Africa
Recommended element: Fire and heart

Background: Looten Plunder(HEHEH!) is killing 
helpless African elephants. Yep, you have got to stop him!

This level is really the best one. Very innovative for a 
kids game. It's separated into strips of desert with a 
oasis at the end of each one. On each strip of desert 
is one caged elephant that you need to free. However 
to stop you there are hunter helicopters and surface 
to air missile bases that fire heat seeking missiles 
and can't be destroyed by your powers. Here is what 
you need to do. Quickly clear the air above the 
elephant of enemies, switch to heart, pick it up, 
switch back to a weapon, fight your way to where the 
bases is, drop the elephant there by placing it on 
the ground near it and watch as the elephant smash 
the missile launchers and walks right into his oasis. 
It's fun and simple. You need to free three elephants 
like this then land on the airstrip to complete the level.

4h. Stage 4-2                                                  Password: 799274

Character/vehicle: Captain Planet
Location: Africa tomb
Recommended element: Fire and rock

Background: Lay waste to Looten Plunder inside his African tomb.

Yet another simple, one way maze with enemies only 
different in name. Oh well. This time you are in an 
African tomb. Replacing sludge and chum is lave that 
can only be traversed with water. New enemies include 
robotic hands as seen in a previous boss fight(use 
water to escape)and spiders that shoot nasty web 
that slows you down. Rock or punch works well to defeat 
them. You'll also run into simple spiked mashers that 
can be avoided by flying on top of them and these flying 
robots that look exactly like probe droids from The 
Empire Strikes Back; five punches or so beats them. Weird. 
Lastly you'll encounter lave shooters that are the same 
as the oil ones previously seen in the game. As you make 
your way along the tomb you'll meet elephants in cages 
that you have to free by first turning yourself into rock 
and then smashing into the bars. Other then that it's a pretty
 straight forward affair. Just use water to work your way towards 
the boss by traveling the only way the tomb goes. Simple.

Here we go, the boss! AS you enter the boss room you'll see a blue
 hovercraft with two men in it. This is a race down a very narrow 
hallway with tons of up and down movements with a single lave 
spout in the very middle. As you start to move towards it the 
hovercraft takes off. All you have to do is catch it before it 
hits the end. If it gets tot he end the tunnel resets and it 
starts over. You have 5 attempt or until you run out of lives. 
Remember to water through the lava spout in the middle but stay 
in Captain Planet form for the rest of the time as it's faster.  
Catch it to beat the stage and move on to the last level.

41. Stage 5-1                                                  Password: 344551

Character/vehicle: Geo-Cruiser
Location: South Pole
Recommended element: Fire

Background: At the South Pole the evil Duke Nukem has built a factory 
solely to make cfcs to make the ozone hole bigger. Go stop him or see 
if you can get in on the profits. Nah, got to stop him.

Set in South Pole this stage has you driving the Geo-Cruiser through 
tight tunnels while ice falls around you and robots fire at you from 
literally all directions. Unlike the other vehicle levels this one 
doesn't have a goal beyond reaching the end alive which is no easy task. 
All the tunnels are narrow as hell and the robots seem to have a Rainman 
like ability to know where you are going to be when they shoot. Add in 
the falling ice that you never seem to run away from and you get one 
ass of a level. There are a few tips though. The red mobile artillery 
that shoots at you always carry powerups so 5 shoots and some good 
timing on your turns and you can get some good powerups to continue.
Also whenever you see a penguin use your heart power on it and it will
 go trip the falling ice for you so you won't get crushed.

The second part of the stage adds in satellite and radio beams 
shooting from the ground as the aurora glows behind you. Each 
radio beam stays on for four seconds so time your movements carefully. 
The satellite dishes fire one shot at you that is easy to dodge as long
 as you don't float too close to the dish that you hit the next beam. 
Luck is the only thing that can get you through this stage. Once you see 
the base with three dishes on top land on the bay and finish this horrid stage.

4j. Stage 5-2                                                  Password: 829443

Character/vehicle: Captain Planet
Location: South Pole base
Recommended element: Stone and water

Background: It's time to end this ozone problem!

This is yet another simple maze but there is a slight hitch. 
There are leapgates all over that jump you to a random gate on the 
map. Enemies included the usually bouncing energy balls, guns, wall
 climbers and these red hot orbs that act as blockers in areas. 
To defeat them you must cool them down with water then punch away at 
them or use rock for a quick attack. A good rule of thumb for this 
stage: if it's red it can and will kill you. Just don't touch anything 
that is red unless you cool it down with water which turns it green. 
The hardest enemy is the red guard robots that guard the leapgates as 
they are hard to kill, you must hit them as their top pops up. Three 
punches should do it. Make your way through the level until you reach 
the hallway made of nothing but red and blue circles. Here you want to 
carefully float down and go to the left as far as possible. Then take 
the top teleport. In the next area move your way forward until you 
find the upper most leapgate that is guarded by a red robot. Take that 
teleport and after you come out turn around and go back in. Continue on 
this area until you find the lower leapgate again guarded by a robot. 
Kill it and head on it and to the right to start the final boss fight.

The final boss Duke Nukem throws energy balls at you that you have 
to deflect back into the core above his head by moving the 
mirrors on the wall so it bounces the right way. Sound hard? 
Well, it was so I'll draw you a map. It's crude but you get the idea. 
Hey, no laughing! Once Duke Nukem becomes all black after a few energy 
strikes to the core go over to punch him once and you'll beat the game. Woot!

	----    ----
       /    \  /    \
       |  \ |  | __ |
       \____/  \____/

                      /    \
                      | /  |

  ____            ____
 /    \          /    \
 |  / |          |  \ |
 \____/          \____/
  ____   ____
 /    \ /    \
 | \  | | __ |
 \____/ \____/
                ____   ____
               /    \ /    \
               |  \ | |  / |
               \____/ \____/

5. Cheats and Codes 

Only codes available are the password codes supplied with the 
game and codes for the Galoob Game Genie add-on. I'll list both.

Stage 1-2
Stage 2-1
Stage 2-2
Stage 3-1
Stage 3-2
Stage 4-1
Stage 4-2
799 74
Stage 5-1
Stage 5-2
Stage End

Game Genie Codes 

Start with 2 lives instead of 5, outside levels: PENVIGGA        

Start with 10 lives, outside levels: PENVIGGE        

Infinite lives, outside levels: SXNLYVVK        

Infinite lives, inside levels: SZSUGVVK        

Start with 10 lives, inside levels: PAETITGE        

Start with 2 lives, inside levels: PAETITGA        

Start inside level 1 instead of outside: AANVAEGZ        

Infinite power, outside levels: SZNXGXVK + SZVXPKVK 

Infinite power, inside levels: SXXXEUVK + SZEUGKVK  

6. Copyright and Contact Info 

Thanks to captainplanet.com for info on the characters.

Thanks for reading my first stab at a full game guide for GameFAQ's. 
I plan on writing a few more in coming months and I'm sure they will 
be better but that's due to the source. =) I'm pretty sure nobody will 
ever come to GameFAQ's to look for a guide to a 14 year old NES game 
about a hippie cartoon so it makes it the perfect trial and error guide 
to figure out a good system for writing them. Learned a few things like 
this is hard, tedious work but I still want to give something back to 
the community. Either way this guide is solid and true to the game so 
just in case anyone really needs help on it well, it's here for them.

This guide is Copyright 2005 Christopher Long. This guide may be not be 
reproduced in whole or in part under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use.

It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a
part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Should you have any questions about issues not raised in this FAQ, or should
you wish to contact me regarding seeking my permission to place this guide on
your site, please e-mail me:


Please mention this FAQ in the subject line of your e-mail. If you are seeking
my permission to put this on your site, please include the URL of your site in
the e-mail. If you don't include the URL, the answer will be no.

At present, this guide may only be shown on www.gamefaqs.com . If you see this
guide on any other site, please notify me through e-mail immediately.



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