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FAQ/Walkthrough by BahamutSentinel

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/15/05

Author: A.E. Rosario
Gamefaqs ID: BahamutSentinel
Created August 3, 2004
E-mail: HyperViperGundam@hotmail.com, Famicom@combogods.com
AIM: Famicom SP
Date this FAQ was published: February 4, 2005
My Personal video Game Website:
System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Disclaimer: If you want to use this FAQ for your own personal use, you have to
get through me first.

Bucky O'Hare, 1992 Continuity Graphic Associates, Inc., licensed by
Abrams/Gentile Entertainment, Inc. and Hasbro. All rights reserved.

Title music from "SWM" written by Doug Katsaros, 1992 Star Wild Music, Inc
(BMI) All Rights Reserved.

1992, Konami, Licensed by Nintendo

Bucky O Hare was released by Konami for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment
System, the same people that brought us masterpieces such as Contra,
Castlevania, Gradius, Ganbare Goemon/Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles, Silent Hill, and Bemani (Beat Mania, i.e. Dance Dance
Revolution). This game is based on the 1984 comic book that was later made a
short lived animated cartoon series in the early 1990's. Get a pillow or a
Everlast Punching Bag, because this game it not easy. You'll be dying a WHOLE
DAMN LOT from tricky jumps, enviornmental hazards, or eating enemy gunfire that
you just didn't see. However, despite the mass frustration this game can bring,
Bucky O Hare has unlimited continues, and you can continue from the area you
died at, even bosses as many times as you want. So basically, you'll get
infinite chances to get your screw-ups right. If you actually finish this game,
you can rule it out as borderline as far as difficulty goes.

Just think of this as an interactive 8-bit episode of the cartoon series. One
day, while Bucky O'Hare and his comrades Blinky the Android, Deadeye Duck,
Jenny the Cat, and Willy DuWitt were returning back to the main vessel the
"Righteous" from a mission, a fleet from the Toad Armada makes a surprise
attack on the transport, and kidnaps the crew! To add insult to injury, each
individual is held captive on separate planets making it impossible to contact
each other! But somehow, Bucky survives the attack and looks on his cockpit
monitor to see that the Toad Air Marshal is taunting him. And so, this begins
Bucky O'Hare's quest to reconcile everyone. He has to jump from planet to
planet to rescue his friends.

B = Fires your weapon. Hold it down to charge up for a special ability.
A = Jumps
Up = Aims your weapon upwards
Down = Crouch
Left = Moves player to the left
Right =Moves player to the right
Select = Changes characters
Start =Pauses the game

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR ADVENTURE, THIS IS IT! (aka The Bucky O Hare Walkthrough)
Heh I thought it was neat to name this chapter after some certain lyrics from
the cartoon's theme song. First of all, Each stage is broken down in acts. Each
act has some kind of tight situation. I'm definitely not gonna elaborate on
exactly how to overcome these. That would be a total headache for me. I'm just
gonna list each act and give you an idea of what's going down. Since this game
has unlimited continues as mentioned before, you have infinite chances to
redeem yourself. I will not be responsible for damages done to your
surroundings as a result of possible game rage.
Anywho, let's get started. When you start the game, you'll see a cinema
explaining the plot that I previously mentioned. Afterwards, you'll see 4
planets that are green, red, blue, and yellow. Start the game on.....

I. THE GREEN PLANET (Enviornment: Jungle)
-Act 1: The basics to start out easy. Shoot the toads and grab the 1-up, the
shields that give points, and the "L" which makes your lifeline longer.

-Act 2: Jump on the branches up the tree. Watch out for the toads, worms,
spiders that explode and the blast goes in all eight directions, and destroy
bee hives before bees come out.

-Act 3: Make very careful jumps on these really small platforms over water. If
you don't, you'll fall to your death. Ride the log and pick up the "P" which
makes your power bar longer. Carefully jump the swinging platforms. Then there
is a balance platform with a 1-up underneath. Just stand on the platform until
you touch the 1-up, and quickly jump. stand on it too long, the balance will
collapse and you'll fall to your death too. Then carefully ride the log all the
way to the bottom level and jump off. Proceed to the dead end. You can get the
1-up if you want if you think you're 1337 enough.

-Act 4: Freefall! Stay to your mid left and you'll fall into another "L" to
increase your lifeline some more.

-Act 5: You're running straight through heavy traffic of Toad Armada ships.
Just avoid the bullets and lasers they fire. There's a "P" right above you, but
you can't jump to it, however there is an alternative. Hold down B to charge up
your power meter and Bucky will high jump to get it. And there's also a "L".
Move on to the Boss.

-Act 6: BOSS: First thing he'll do is jump, and when he lands, an earthquake
occurs and a giant boulder falls into his hand and throws it at you. If you get
hit by the boulder *slits throat with the index finger*. Then he'll dash back
and forth, ramming the wall causing a rain of stones. The best thing to do is
when the boulder falls into his hand, stand next to him and charge your super
jump. After he throws the boulder before it hits the ground and shatters, let
go of the B button and jump behind him. If he dashes, jump over him again and
quickly look for safe spots as it's raining stones. Shoot him when he's stunned
from ramming the wall after his dash attack. Congratulations. You beat the
Green Planet. Not only that, you also saved Blinky the Android. So from this
point on, it's got your back.
> His standard weapon destroys walls made of ice and stone that blocks paths.
> Special ability is flying. His flying height depends on how long your Power
Meter is.

Because I'm a nice guy, I'll even include the passwords after each stage is


II. THE BLUE PLANET (Enviornment: Ice)
-Act 1: Jump the platforms. But be extremely careful. Everything is slippery,
because this planet is made of ice. Press select to change to Blinky. Shoot the
blocks to proceed through, I highly recommend destroying ALL of the blocks to
reveal power ups. But don't let your guard down. Some blocks also uncovers
-Act 2: Giant robotic eels slither in the air making platforms. If you touch
their faces, you die. Watch where they go, then proceed.
-Act 3: More robo-eels. The pattern is a tad tricky this time. Get the "P".
-Act 4: The last set of robo-eels. This is the trickiest pattern they'll pull
-Act 5: At last no more eels. Carefully jump the platforms and shoot the toads
on jetpacks. Don't stand on the platforms that are over water too long. Because
of the toads that ride rafts. They have flamethrowers that can knock them out.
There's a 1-up in this part.
-Act 6: You're on an ice floe. Grab the "L" and just destroy the enemies as a
Toad Ship drops bombs to make the floe shorter. If you stood out long enough,
you'll be able to proceed.
-Act 7: You are now in an Ice Cavern. Toads are stacking blocks of ice to block
your progress. You'll need Blinky. Let the toads throw blocks on the ground
until it breaks and you can proceed. Just don't touch the spiked walls. When
you finally reach the bottom, go right.
-Act 8: Platforms are moving up and down. Be careful not to touch some of the
ceilings. Destroy the orbs to get a "L".
-Act 9: There are icicles falling from the ceiling and toads grab them and
throw them at you. At the end of this act, destroy your surroundings until you
run into a 1-up.
-Act 10: BOSS. The water is gradually rising, then the boss appears. Shoot him
and jump his shots. The worst case scenario is, there are spikes on the
ceiling, and the boss periodically fires a laser that creates a layer of ice,
making the surface rise higher so that you might touch the spikes. As soon as
you see his laser, jump immediately. If you don't you get stuck and you'll have
to mash your way out. So basically, kill this boss before the ground gets too
high. Congratulations, you beat the Blue Planet and rescued Jenny.

>Her weapon is a laser
>Her special attack is the Toad Energy Ball, which you charge up Mega Man style
and once you let it go, you can control where to move it.

Your Password: 4PT2J

THE YELLOW PLANET (Enviornment: The Moon)
-Act 1: You're now in an enviornment that resembles the moon. This act is easy.
Just walk over the craters, but some of them have worms coming out of them. If
Bucky's power bar is long enough, he can grab the 1-up. Also there's a "L"
-Act 2: Just walk through killing enemies. There's another 1-up and a "P"
that's so high it can only be accessed with Bucky's High Jump or Blinky's
Rocket Pack.
-Act 3: More toads to destroy and Toad Armada ships firing at you. You can jump
on top of these as platforms. This is how you can get the "L" at the top of the
-Act 4: All you can do in this act is jump on top of the passing Toad Ships.
-Act 5: Because this act is vertical, this is tricky. It's Toad Armada rush
hour. So many ships are passing by at various speeds. You have to jump on top
of as many ships as you can to make it to the top. However, there are some
standing still as checkpoints to take a break on.
-Act 6: Thought jumping on top of Toad Ships was something? You ain't seen
nothing yet buddy! You have to ride meteorites to stand on bigger meteors. The
meteorites move in different directions, the best time to jump on some is when
they're about to cross each other. I'm not gonna go into any frame sciences,
but since the game has unlimited continues, you'll have infinite chances to get
used to the timing. NOTE: If Blinky's Power Meter is full, with his flying
ability you can get around this area with no problem at all. However,
eventually a "P" will show up, so switch to either Bucky or Jenny to build up
his Power Meter.
-Act 7: Get ready for an insane semi-rollercoaster ride! There are platforms on
a rail that you'll ride on. They move really fast! Just keep shooting enemies
while the platform is moving. When the ride slows down and is about to fall,
quickly jump to the next one. Eventually you'll be jumping on these so fast
that you'll almost lose yourself. More platforms will be coming, this time
you're dealing with spiked walls. At the end, you'll come to a screeching halt
that will make you say "whoa! awesome ride!" For all the stress this area put
you through, you're rewarded with a Life/Power/1-UP, let Jenny get all of it.
-Act 8: BOSS. It's a Toad Armada tank that has 2 cannons. The top cannon fires
missiles, and the bottom cannon shoots rings of fire. It also has a charge
attack, and the bombshell: A death ray that'll evaporate you in one shot!
*gulp* Simply turn into Jenny, just stand there and shoot the bottom cannon
like normal. Once that's destroyed, jump into the closest trench you're at,
keep charging up the Toad Energy Ball and destroy the satellite, top cannon and
the eye. When you're in the trench when the bottom cannon is gone, you'll never
have to worry about the dash attack and the death ray. Congratualations, you
beat the Yellow Planet, and Willy DuWitt is back in action.

>His weapon is a "One-Shot-Does-It-All-Laser-Blaster", or he prefers for it to
be called "Thumber". Incredible power.
>His special ability is only charging a stronger shot from his blaster. That's

Your password:

THE RED PLANET (Enviornment: Volcanic Fire Zone)
-Act 1: Fairly simple. Jump the lava pits that shoot fireballs up and down, and
kill the toads. Starting halfway in this act, keep your eye on the background!
The volcanoes will erupt and rain fireballs!
-Act 2: Proceed until you see a lake of lava and a boulder fall in it. Jump on
the boulder, switch to Willy and get the "P" to increase his power meter. Next
you'll be pushing boulders into the lava. Always push the top one first, then
the bottom. Then you'll push the boulders to the edge of platforms to jump to
the next platform. At the end of this area, there's a 1-up and shield that
gives points, of course it's up to you to get it.
-Act 3: Vertical scrolling area. Remember racing the one-hit-kill beams in
Quick Man stage in Mega Man 2? This act is basically like that, but this is
pretty worse since this is a maze with alot of tight spaces.  There's a one up
at the end. Get it if you think you feel lucky enough.
-Act 4: Carefully jump the platforms and turn into which either character has
the lowest Power Bar. Avoid the small fireballs jumping in and out and
especially giant fire pillars that shoot out of the lava in a arc pattern. Hey
wait a minute! Run that back!! *cue sound of tape rewinding* The way that lava
is shooting looks pretty damn familiar. Well guess what? To Gradius and Life
Force/Salamander veterans, it should. They can either kill you 3 hits, or
sometimes instantly! No problem though. Change into Blinky and just stand
underneath the arc. He's small enough to fit.
-Act 5: This is simple. Just keep walking right until you see a flashing arrow.
-Act 6: A vertical scrolling area.  There are two walls of spikes with moving
platforms coming out of it. They come in different sizes and speeds at odd
times making it moderately difficult to proceed. However, there are standard
platforms you can use for checkpoints. Watch out for rolling toads an be sure
to get a "L" to increase someone's life bar up. Eventually there will be a
flashing arrow.
-Act 7: In this room, every floor is made out of spikes. There are small
boulders that you have to ride on. But the walls to jump to are a little too
high. Just change into Bucky and take advantage of his high jump ability.
Change into Blinky and fly to get the 1-up.
-Act 8: Change into whoever still has a lower Power Bar at this point. This is
very very tricky. While you're riding a boulder, there are giant green balls
that roll to push you into the spikes. Try your best to stay on the smaller
boulder so you can get some extra "P"'s. The last green ball after getting the
P, ride it and DUCK. There's a 1-up and another P ahead. But get them at your
own risk.
-Act 9: BOSS. A green ball (just like the one you rode out of the previous
area) suddenly opens its eyes and splits. A toad is controlling it like a mech.
Change to Willy. While it's open, shoot the toad while avoiding the lasers and
the bouncing ball. If you're fast enough, it'll only take just a few shots.
Otherwise, the ball will roll toward you trying to push you into the left hand
corner causing instant death. If it happens, just use Bucky's high jump ability
to jump over it. After this battle, Deadeye Duck joins the entourage.

>His weapon is a 3-way gun that he stole from a random toad.
>His special ability is he can climb walls. He long he can do it depends on how
long your Power Meter is.

Password: M!K2M

OK, that's it for now everybody. There goes your walkthrough for the four
stages in the Bucky O Hare video game. There will be an update for a
walkthrough of the last half of the game coming up in the not too distant
future. But here's a small blurb on what happens after.

Everybody's reunited and back on the Righteous. However, a giant toad ship
pulls up behind the Righteous and makes another ambush and kidnaps...almost
everyone except for Blinky. This time, they brainwash Willy, Deadeye, and Jenny
to turn them evil!  So, Bucky O Hare and Blinky must this time get everyone
back together by infiltrating the Toad Mothership.

Until we meet again, GGPO! (Stands for "Good game, peace out!)

Copyright, 2005

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