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Reviewed: 08/24/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Just what the video game fishing genre needed.... a literal sleeper game

Out of all the spectator sports currently available to watch, there are only two that I truly hate to watch. Those two are none other than golf and fishing. I have never really gotten into actually watching fishing, despite the fact that I do enjoy fishing on ocassion. I just find fishing to be rather boring to watch, but relaxing to do.

Therefore, I have an avid stance on video games dealing with fishing. I do not think there is a chance in hell of me liking a fishing game, ever. That is not bias, it is just the truth. The fact is, I do not think I will ever enjoy a fishing game, but that does not mean I won't give them a shot, because I have played a few fishing video games over the years.

Abd out of all the fishing video games that I have played, I hated one called Black Bass more than any other one. Black Bass was a fishing game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1990 or so. I was not expecting to enjoy it, but I did decide to try it out anyways, just to see if it would surprise me by being a game I actually enjoy playing. Needless to say, this game did not surprise me. It is one of the most boring and fun-less games I have ever played.

The graphics in the game are pretty crappy. You get a black background, then little boxes on the right side, and on the left hand side there is the actual fishing spot itself. If there is an example of a game's graphics interfering with gameplay, this would be it. In fact, this would be the perfect example. The actual lakes, etc. are so poorly desined that you will often not figure out what spot to choose next. There is also a lot of graphical breakup, etc. in the lake, which is a very bad thing.

As you may expect in a fishing video game, there is no music during gameplay, but I did expect to hear some sound effects. There are actually a few sound effects to be heard during gameplay, but guess what? They get rather redudant and annoying after a while. I was extremely disappointed with the sound effects in the game. As I already mentioned, the theme of the game is peacefulness so there is no music during gameplay, although you are greeted at the title screen to some rather annoying music.

The control in the game is terrible, as the control detracts from the already terrible gameplay. I did not like the control in the game much at all, as it was difficult to handle and move your fishing rod around from one point to another. And it is not like the gameplay could afford any more problems, because the game is devoid of any fun. I do like actually fishing, but it is rather difficult to port it into a fishing game, and this game is proof of that. You have to aim your rod at a certain part of the lake, but that is not fun at all.

You will not want to replay this game much at all, mark my words. I really did not enjoy playing this game much at all, and I think this is one of the worst video games ever made. You may want to play the game once or twice, but let's be realistic here. There are so many fun and great video games out there, why would you play one devoid of any real fun? I have not played this game in a while, and I don't plan on playing it any time soon, either.

This is one of the most challenging video games I have ever played, and I am not just saying that, either. It is a really challenging game for two simple reasons. The first reason is the fact you will not actually want to play it, so it will be a challenge for you to actually sit down and want to play it. The second reason is he fact that the gameplay makes the game challenging. I am not really a big fans of games that are challenging for ''the wrong reasons'', and this game is definitely challenging for ''the wrong reasons''.

Overall, I did not enjoy this game much, at all. I am not that big of a fan of fishing video games to begin with, but I was willing to give the game a chance. I did give the game a chance, and I played it for about half an hour. You may think I should not be reviewing a game after playing it for half an hour, but I know how horrible this game is, and I doubt I would have suddenly enjoyed it had I played more of it. I advise just staying away from this game, as it is a truly apalling game.

Good Points
-This review is not as long and tedious as a King Broccoli review.
-The cover art of the game is average.
-I liked the design of the title screen.
-Whew, it was really hard to find three good points.

Not So Good Points
-The graphics in the game are very disappointing.
-Crappy sound effects and non existant music.
-The gameplay and control from hell.
-It's a freaking fishing game.

I Run Down The Ratings... SMcFadden Style!
Storyline - Not Available
Graphics - 1.8/10
Music and Sound Effects - 2.1/10
Gameplay and Control - 0.2/10
Replay Value - Way Below Average
Challenge - Heroes of the Lance
Overall - 0.1/10
The Last Line: If you think about playing this game, get a brain transplant.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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