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Reviewed: 05/22/12

Best NES Fishing Game

The Black Bass for the NES is a game worth playing. It's so addictive and fun, yet simplistic and enjoyable as well. As you start out fishing in Lake Amada, the first lake in the game, you will notice you can catch several kinds of fish. Although, the kind you are looking for are bass. In this first lake, the bass range anywhere from 1 to 4 lbs. Your job is to catch the largest bass possible to obtain an average high enough to advance to the next lake. The fish in the game are color coded. A green fish is a bass. Those are the ones you want. If it's a dark brown fish, then it's a brown trout. If it's a rainbow trout, you're in trouble. I've only caught maybe one since they are large and very strong. They will easily break your lure, so stay away from them. The orange looking fish are pike. Again, since it's a non-bass, just stay away. In other words, only capture bass to increase your rank. You don't capture bass, you lose. That simple.

There are also different lures you can use to capture bass. The lure I recommend is the red pencil bait. This will capture the most bass and is the most susceptible lure in the game. To use your fishing lure when fishing, press a to increase the power of your cast, then press a again to release your line into the water. reel in using a and move the line back and forth using left and right on your nes controller. when a fish hits, reel in as quickly as possible. During the fish fight, on the bottom left of the screen is an indicator. When that indicator starts to change, so does the strength of the fish. The more you reel em in, the weaker the bass becomes. But be careful, because after some time, you will hear a ringing sound. This sound means the fish will break your line. In other words, don't hold on to the a button for too long, or you lose your lure. press a until you hear that sound, then release, then reel then release again. Repeat until the fish is caught.

When you catch a bass, you are then taken to a screen that shows what kind of fish you caught and how much the fish weighs. Then you are taken to the main menu, where you can select your lures, continue fishing by selecting the casting option, check your average bass weight and rank, and to quit at any time. The most important menu feature is the data for the point you are fishing at. If it says this point has good bass, stay there. If it says this point has little bass, then move to a new spot. Weather also plays a role in this game. If it's cloudy, the bass will be basically anywhere. If it's heavy rain, the bass will be hiding in weeds and brush to avoid being caught. You also have time limit. A noise will indicate when the time limit has been reached, and the screen will say, Now It's Over.

Overall, one of the best fishing games ever made, and the best, in my opinion for the NES. If you still have an NES, or an NES emulator, then please download, or pick up this game today! You'll really be glad you did! Thanks for Reading!!

My Score: 10/10 , Originally Posted 5/21/12
Game Release: The Black Bass (US, September 1989, Hot-B)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: The Black Bass (US, 09/30/89)

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