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Reviewed: 11/26/07

Fishing can be the most relaxing thing you'll ever do. Video game fishing can be the same way.

The Black Bass is an old NES game that very few people probably remember. To me, this is a perfect example of a fishing game that's extremely fun *because* of its simplicity. If you wanna know what it's *really* like to fish in a big lake all by yourself, this game perfectly captures that experience, not to mention being perfectly enjoyable as a fishing game. Of course, it's a "fishing game" which means it's really hard to play the game for hours at a time. However, for 30 minutes worth of entertainment a day, you really can't go wrong with the simple and fun features the game has to offer. I recommend buying it because you'll want to keep coming back and catching bigger fish.

The graphics are pretty good considering it's an old NES game. Sure, there's nothing flashy such as waves in the water, or movement from the trees next to the lake, but there's plenty of well-animated movements from the fish in the water. While watching them swim, you can clearly and easily see the curious fish trying to make up their mind whether or not they want to come after your bait. It's fun teasing them with your line, and honestly, for one of the first video fishing games ever made, the game company sure did a GREAT job making the experience as realistic as possible. People tend to underrate simplicity. Fishing isn't supposed to be complicated. That's why many people call it the most relaxing sport there is.

The music is about what you'd expect. By that I mean, there's plenty of catchy music from the NES console from a variety of different games such as Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and the Mario series. The music here probably doesn't compare to those classics, but there's one theme in particular I happen to find extremely memorable. It's the part you see in the beginning of the game showing a bass swimming across the screen. I really love the theme that plays here and it would be impossible in my opinion to say it isn't catchy. It sure is!

I think the main thing that makes the Black Bass such a great experience is just the fact it's *so* simple to hook and reel in fish, ranging from all different sizes and keeping your interest in the process. As a result, you'll want to keep coming back and catching even bigger ones, to see if you can actually catch the ultimate gigantic bass. The replay value is higher than you think. The game is relaxing just like REAL lake fishing is supposed to be. There's not supposed to be any kind of major tournaments and frequent competition- just one guy coming home from work, walking to a lake, taking out his boat and having a relaxing time fishing. Nothing fancy about it.

I like the little creative graphical touches such as different colors in the water. This means the water is quite muddy in some areas, and you're probably not likely to catch fish in these parts of the lake (just like in real life). The game perfectly captures the quiet atmosphere of real-like fishing. I honestly think if you enjoy real pond, lake or river fishing, you'll find plenty about the game to appreciate and relate to. It's so simple to throw your line in the water, wait a few seconds or minutes to get a bite, and hope for the best you're able to reel it in and have supper tonight!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: The Black Bass (US, 09/30/89)

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