• Maxed Passwords

    These passwords are so named because they give you the maximum number of lives, olives, skins, and all items. All bosses are also classified as having been defeated, and the Attica Child is rescued.

    ArcadiaX0Cd7k FkbCgRm d0rAyD 4XMq9NM
    Argolisf0KV!6 tsDqYJe l8zIKr S9kSnls
    Atticaj0GR3g BgX8kVq Zyn609 8TQm5Zc
    CreteP0aFlM 7cTaI3u VOD245 CPUi1VM
    Hadesr0upRY JIfG6tC BaPkOn W5oOjxc
    LaconiaH0SNt? VUryQB0 NG5wiT qn64P7s
    PeloponnesusL0OJx2 po9mcNi h4vEuH 0bIuDRc
    Phrygia50e3hI 3YPWM7y RK9?eX mr28TB6
    PhthiaT0WBpw RQnuUF4 JC1smP ujA0LJ6
    Tartarus 110i7dE lE5iAxG 7WLgSj a1sKftM
    Tartarus 2D0mxZA hA1eE!K 3SHcWf ezwGb3c
    Tartarus 390q!Vc NMjK2p8 FeToqL yfEyHFs

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • New Game Passwords

    ...Enter these passwords at the title/continue screeen...

    Start new game at Zeus w/ everything (excluding golden apple)FZh4gt mnCL9yJ 4VE4qL ycRfxPi
    Start new game at Zeus w/ everything (including golden apple)Peq!be-3?FM6tC BaPkMp U87DVzx
    Start new game in Tartarus w/ everything (including golden apple)P8q!be-3?FM6tC BaPkMp U87DVzR

    Contributed By: Aether Knight.

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  • Passwords

    Please enter the following, and remember these are case sensitive:

    01 Sandals and 1st AmbrosiazALtRX QiMPnLA 2enrbl H1z7P!Q
    02 Above + Harp and 2nd Ambrosia3u2Lz7 0IqxFFa SAFNlr tZlvBnv
    03 Above + Staff of FennelU6EU2e ZrFmOyp h18Sqw SimIaIg
    04 Above + Red SwordsmxX9p CUeNpJ8 0cZ3Re gMwCUii
    05 Above + Flask, Ocarina, and 3rd AmbrosiazEfS4k fxDoMsj b36Ukz VhNr7bf
    06 Above + Key and 1st Nymph7!9Gu2 zFv622P HNooIv XXDxBPw
    07 Above + Blue Sword and 2nd Nymph63VW8o DVfMoI9 1dY2Yd ZVZfygz
    08 Above + BraceletqLVHVb UmITjnc UCDOmP u9tLes!
    09 Above + Fire Shield and 3rd NymphFYgzx1 wCsvHrg Y8HKiT qrwGb3K
    10 Everything (+ Moonbeam)6!8SQW RjNOmKB 3fmrzC 5WFz0Ukk
    11 Final LevelzJzFDZ THaJtdO MKHKSj a1kSX!o
    Start with all itemssck9ry X4x2ujY rkVqoN whCMe6V

    Contributed By: schism trace, J.Lau, and MrPopsicle43.

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  • Acceleration Glitch

    Note that this glitch requires the use of a NES controller that allows Left and Right on the D-Pad to be pressed at the same time. If you hold Right on the D-Pad, then press Left, you will move to the right with much higher speed than is normally possible. About one second after moving extremely fast, release Left on the D-Pad and you'll continue to move at that speed until blocked. (Note: This glitch will not allow you to go super-fast to the left, just to the right.)

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Face the Minotaur Without Collecting the Key and the Second Fragment of Love

    Enter the Minotaur room in Crete without collecting the second Fragment of Love and stand with your back to the barrier. Let the flying enemy hit you and you will go through the barrier. Now you can fight the minotaur and gain the third Fragment of Love to enter Tartarus.

    Contributed By: Sephirothisafag.

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