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Guide and Walkthrough by Kains D.

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/16/2001

Walkthrough ver 0.1 by Kains D. (samael@merdenoms.net)


Version 1.0 (02/28/01)
Added format and corrected a few mistakes.

Version 0.1 (unpublished) 
Done while playing, pausing to write.

This is a step-by-step walkthrough for Batman: Return of the Joker for 
the NES (actually, the SNES version was never released).  I expect this 
document to be helpful for you to get through those difficult areas and 
strategies on how to beat the bosses.  I am not a native english 
speaker, so email me (samael@merdenoms.net) if something turns out to be 
wrong or confusing.
   Skip the following paragraphs if you are a practical FAQ reader.  For 
the rest of nostalgic gamers around:

   This was one of the first games I actually finished when I was a kid.  
I borrowed it from a friend and finished it before he did.  That 
presumibly gave me confidence to become a Walkthrough writer.  I'm kinda 
surprised that no one had written something for this great game.  
Perhaps it was the difficulty of the last bosses (yeah I got stuck there 
and stage 3-1 was a nightmare).  
   Altough hardly superior (and easier) than the Megaman series, this 
game is fun to play.  Just forget about replay value.  That makes me 
think that the last Sunsoft programming team cared more about the looks, 
sound, controls and fun factor about the game than its replay value (the 
same with the Gremlins 2 game, which was also one of my favorite games 
that I finished, and was made by the same team of this game).  Remember, 
have fun, that's what gaming is about.

-Scroll the screen before doing anything.
-Sliding is a good way to move faster.  However...
-Don't act hastily or you'll end deep into hell.
-Duck, then shoot; most enemy projectiles will miss you.
-The C Gun is your best weapon after sliding, once you have it never   
open any other item box.
-I refer to item boxes to those crates and boxes that conceal items 
inside of them.  If you shoot one, it will release another power-up of 
the same type you have.
-Never slide against two enemies or bosses.
-Blast ground enemies as soon as they appear or after they shoot, NEVER 
when they shoot.
-Try to be at the edge of any platform to jump to the other side with 
-Charging is an unnecessary thing almost any time, so concentrate on 
your jumping and aiming.
-Anything that moves (except for conveyor belts and running water) can 
hurt you and can be destroyed (except for shots).
*Whenever I end a paragraph, means the screen changes (fades out or the 
scenery changes drastically).


PASSWORD: LPRZ (What's the point of this password?)
Fire the box, it will release a power up.  Fire it multiple times until 
you get a C bonus.  Grab it, it's the best weapon of the game.  Now 
blast the enemy, grab the Batman Power-up and proceed with caution to 
avoid getting hit by the spiked balls.  Walk a little after the first 
one to have the second one attack.  The third one can be seen.  
Ignore all boxes and blast every enemy as soon as it lands on-screen.  
Use the elevators to go up.  You'll find three motionless elevators, 
jump on them until you can reach the next one.  
Approach the gargoyles and blast them as soon as their eyes shine.  

STAGE 1-2 
Beware of the screen scrolling, it can crush you against the walls.  Go 
to the right side of the screen to avoid the cannonballs.  Duck and 
blast the gunman.  When the cannons go ballistic, go to the left jumping 
to dodge the explosions.  A platform will appear for you to step in.  
Let the scrolling carry you, jumping whenever it is necessary.  Remember 
to dodge to kill enemies.

Get near him, duck and fire continuously.  If he jumps, slide or he will 
stomp on you.  Keep ducking and the flying devices he calls won't hurt 
you.  Repeat to win.

Scroll the screen before you leap so you'll know where to land, 
specially when you get on the moving platforms.  As you may have 
noticed, they follow the track on the wall.
Jump from the first moving platform to land right next to the knife-
throwing enemy and blast him (hope you still have the C weapon, if not, 
get it at the item box).  Scroll the screen, jump the knife the enemy 
throws at you and high-jump (hold A) over the electric trap AFTER you've 
killed the second enemy.  Careful with the airborne guys, shoot them 
after they've shot.  
In the next level, blast the first gunman, slide against the second 
(just to be cool).  Get on the platform, continue to the left, get on 
the platform, wait for the enemy to shoot then blast him.  Proceed.  As 
soon as you get on the platform, hop to the right or you'll be hurt by 
the electric wire.
Walk forward to fall and avoid the bullets.  Kill the guy on the moving 
platform.  Scroll to find another enemy, blast him and high-jump to the 
next platform and then to the ground.  Funny enough, you may get to the 
other platform if you stand at the edge of the first one.  Wait for the 
fast moving platform to appear and jump on it ASAP.

If you want to kill enemies, charge (hold down B button) your shots.  
If not (there is no score, anyway) you can avoid the first swarms by 
moving to the upper-left corner of the screen, descending only when 
needed.  Charge and do not get close to the spikes or they'll hurt you 
even if they do not seem touch you.  When the white cannons appear, 
release and the three will be destroyed (yay!).  Move a little towards 
the middle.  When the enemy appears, release your shot.  Forget about 
the swarms and charge to fire against the flying motorbike; to avoid its 
shots keep yourself at the same level or above it.  The two flying 
gunmen can be taken care of with one stone, er, shot.  Voila!

STAGE 3-1 (Argh!  I still have seizures whenever I remember this stage)
Scroll (remember to scroll _always_) or you'll kiss two missiles (one on 
the item box and the other to the right).  Jump again after you've 
jumped the gap, fire and jump the whirlwind again.  *whew*. You'll see a 
"staircase", jump on the first step or you'll be hit by the whirlwind; 
wait for two of them then shoot the enemy.  Notice the missing logs of 
the bridge?  Then, skip the gap.  Scroll slowly and the missiles won't 
hit you.  Wait for the third to miss you before you attempt to jump the 
gap -land at the right edge of the log platform-.  Once you've jumped, 
you'll be hit by a %/#% whirlwind (I've still have to find a way to 
avoid it) and so, during your "invencibility flickering" kill the enemy 
(ah, the sweet taste of revenge).  Fall  to the left the second frozen 
waterfall to scroll the screen and make the enemy appear unable to hurt 
you with his first two attacks.  Blast him before he attacks once more.  
When you get to another frozen waterfall -a small one, at the right edge 
of the ground- jump as soon as you step on it.  Now, don't move until 
the missile lands, immediately jump the whirlwind when it's about to 
touch you, blast and jump the second whirlwind.  Scroll with caution to 
have the first missile miss you, walk a little and jump or you'll eat 
the second one.  Carefully walk and jump to safety.  Again, get hit with 
the whilrwind and blast the $%/&! enemy.  Walk from the top frozen 
waterfall to the lower one to scroll slowly and make the enemy appear.  
Pause and sigh with relief.

When you land on the conveyor belt, jump again and rush to get past the 
fire gyre.  Check the "ceiling" for boulders of different colors; they 
fall when you get close to them and hit you with their remains (two 
smaller rocks).  To avoid them, jump to your left when they are going to 
smack you or walk to make them fall and walk to your left.  Once you HOP 
(jump too high and you'll die) on the platform hop and hold right on the 
directional pad or you'll be hit -probably falling-.  Blast until you 
kill the enemy.  After the fire gyre you'll meet an enemy with certain 
gorilla tendencies.  Fire as you jump, jump again to dodge the barrel 
and kill him with another shot.  Now walk to make the boulder fall.  
Once the enemy throws the knife at the item box, blast it, grab the 
weapon, kneel and blast the guy.  Another item box will be laid for you, 
ignore it, jump the knife and shoot two times, then proceed.
Check the ceiling and position yourself near the magma pit, kneeling to 
avoid the spikes.  Walk when they are ascending and almost on the top 
and you'll get on the platform.  Blast the spider when it appears or 
wait for it to appear again.  Proceed noticing how near the ground the 
spikes are and blasting spiders before advancing.

Hop to the left and jump over the enemy to attack him from behind (how 
treacherous!).  Now go the right platform and wait for him to land near 
you and jump over him again.  Repeat, that is the safest way.  You may 
also slide under him while he hovers.  and it's better to touch him than 
to get hit by the lasers.

Try to be in the middle of the screen to shoot faster (and old trick in 
almost any side-scrolling game).  On the second wagon jump and fire 
'till you kill the flying enemy.  Almost immediately another one will 
appear, then a third.  You know what to do.  Kneel and blast the green 
enemies that rise from the trash.  When you get to two item boxes, keep 
yourself on the first one to blast the flying enemy.  Wait to jump and 
dodge both the green guy and another flying one.  

Kill the barrel brute while standing on the second box before he throws 
a barrel.  If he does, jump.  Do not stand too longer on the white 
Dodge the shots from the rail machine by sliding or jumping.  Fire on 
the walls to hit the helicopter.  You may go ballistic on the right wall 
(stand near it, not right next to it) to hit anything in that angle very 
fast.  Do that after you've blasted the first gunman  and you'll blast 
the helicopter and the second gunman.  Laugh with me kids, 
The next elevator is mainly the same, the only threat are the rail 
cannons.  Just jump and slide and blast any gunmen that lands on screen.

Go to the right, fire to the left wall if the cannon moves to the left.  
Whenever it doesn't, turbo blast (that means spaz on button B) the right 
wall to hit the cannon.  NEVER let the bar on the top of the screen to 
be full or you'll regret it.  Destroy the small enemies that appear from 
side to side.  Keep firing and it'll be over sooner than you think.

We start with trouble: Land where the "waterfall" is (so you won't be 
dragged by the flow), duck and shoot.  Take a step then jump so you 
reach the edge and avoid the mines (or whatever they are.  Cross when 
the mine on the ground is falling, duck and shoot the diver, walk to the 
edge and jump.  On the item box blast while ducking, both the enemy and 
the item box will be destroyed.  Careful with the mines falling on the 
next platform -jump to reach the edge faster-.  Hop to the platform and 
duck to dodge the enemy shot.  After the second platform more mines will 
fall, jump past them, duck and shoot.  You'll get to a dry platform 
where two divers will attack, kill both with one blast (ha, ha, ha, 
ha... yeah!).  Later, an item box lies on a long platform after which 
you'll face a knife throwing enemy.  Blast the item box, jump the knife, 
duck and blast.  Jump ASAP or kiss your life goodbye.  On the first step 
of the "stairway" another diver will attack; after the waterfall wait 
ducking for the enemy.  BLAM!  Again, duck on the platform and kill the 
last enemy to exit.

Dodge the swarm by going up.  Destroy the above white cannon then keep 
yourself in the middle of the screen while blasting to safely eliminate 
both airbikes.  Go to the left, in the middle, to avoid the swarms 
(don't move while passing between them or they'll attack).  Blow the 
white cannon.  Go down to avoid the first swarm, then up to avoid the 
second and destroy the cannon.  Remain near the top because two flying 
enemies will appear; the first one can be dodged, the other has to die.
A third one will appear in the middle, blast him to smithereens if you 

Well, you know the deal, if it moves it can hurt you.  Walk on the 
conveyor to face a berserker gunman.  Kill him as he appears and you'll 
have no headaches.  Scroll and blast on the second conveyor belt to kill 
a knife-thrower.  Duck if he managed to attack (don't worry, enemies 
don't reappear once you kill them).  after you've disposed of the second 
knife-thrower, charge your weapon to blast the following berserker 
gunman ASAP.
Slide in the middle to dodge the first beam, immediately walk against 
the flow up to the beginning of the conveyor where you should slide only 
to be hit by the third beam.  Get through, quickly.  Just don't take too 
much time or the cannons will shoot faster making it impossible to pass 
unharmed.  Enter the platforms-that-cannot-support-your-weight-and-will-
fall-a-second-after-you've-stepped-on-them.  Hop your way without 
hesitation and you'll make it.

When it starts, jump and blast the enemy (another headache saver).  Keep 
yourself near the left to have the spiked-balls fall before they can get 
you into trouble.  After the first one wait for another enemy to appear 
and kill him, then jump the second spike-ball.  You'll repeat this for a 
looong time.  Check the ceiling for spikes.

Your first encounter with the Joker.  Those good reflexes you have 
developed throughout the game will help you to win this battle easier 
than it may seem.  The Joker will throw bubbles (!) at you which take 
5000 of your Hit Points (ouch!).  Remain at whatever edge of the screen 
you like -or end-.  The bubbles are easy to dodge by sliding; while 
damage to the Joker can be done at every time by jumping and firing.  

The last stage (and a very annoying one, too)!  A berserker gunman will 
appear, blast him then duck in front of the candle until the swarm has 
passed.  Another maniac will land on the ground right next to the item 
box.  Kneel before the lamp (remember to scroll).  Walk to fall on the 
next platform and avoid another swarm.  Duck when a third berserker 
gunman appears sitting on a pillar, just after the two pillars or you'll 
be damaged by the mechanic insects.  Once they pass, the gunman will 
Get on the platform past the bubbles walking and holding right on the 
directional pad or hopping if it is too far -careful with that laser, 
though.  It seems you can't pass unharmed.  The second laser is easier 
to dodge.  
Argh, this part is pretty anoying!  Get on the platform and duck to 
avoid the spikes.  Then release down and jump or you'll kiss the 
piercing metal... which will mash your brains if you don't walk to fall 
on the conveyor belt.  quick reflexes is everything.  The third platform 
will fall when you step on it so jump at the appropriate distance.  

When the electric buzz-saws fall attack the green crystals fiercely.  
Blasting the four will make things easier because you have to attack the 
cabin up there -which will be hit when you attack the low green 
crystals-.  You only need to blast the cabin, but go ahead and try it 
without disposing of the cannons.  Slide to the walls, NEVER to the 
middle, to dodge the red shots.  The buzz-saws will fall about every 3 
seconds, so press up and fire up to two times when they are gone.  After 
a few blasts, the shield will be destroyed and the Joker will receive 
the full impact of your gun (his hit points should be less than 180 
000).  I know I'm asking too much, but try to win the first part of this 
battle with your full HP.  (Practice.  Memorize stage 7-1 to get to the 
Joker more easily. until you can win flawlessly -at least for the first 
   Hope you've trained your quick reflexes 'cause you are going to need 
them as never before.  The Joker now has two attacks, both which he does 
shortly after he maniacally laughs.  First, position yourself a little 
to the right or left under the Joker NOT directly in the middle.  Dodge 
the fire by sliding to the opposite direction (if you were a little to 
his left, slide to the right and viceversa).  The second attack is 
trickier to avoid.  Now do position yourself in the middle and duck.  
Two buzz-saws will bounce around the screen at random.  They are not 
easy to avoid.  Once they near the Joker you may continue your attack.  
Keep it up!

If you need any help, comment or advise, email me.

"Temporarily pacify this hungering."
      -A Perfect Circle, "The Hollow"

A Perfect Circle (http://www.aperfectcircle.com)
One of the best bands of the whole world.

My brother
Gracias por todo, bro.

For reading this useless lines.

This document is not meant to be used for profitable purposes.  It is 
meant to be for personal and private use only. It can only be posted by 
electronic means without any kind of alteration.
(c) this document, Kains D. (samael@merdenoms.net)
All characters contained herein are or may be copyright or trademarks of 
their respective owners.
"The Hollow" lyrics are copyright A Perfect Circle 


Well.  It seems you can't beat the Joker, right?  Sigh...  Just approach 
the right wall, duck and shoot your C weapon as rapid as possible.  It 
doesn't matter if the Joker hurts you, you'll win.  Is that easy, making 
the Joker the easiest boss of the game.

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