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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BuddyBlakester

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    BBBB     A   TTTTTTT  MM     MM    A    NN      N
    B   B   A A     T     M M   M M   A A   N N     N
    B   B  A   A    T     M  M M  M  A   A  N  N    N
    B BB   AAAAA    T     M   M   M  AAAAA  N   N   N
    B   B  A   A    T     M       M  A   A  N    N  N
    B   B  A   A    T     M       M  A   A  N     N N
    BBBB   A   A    T     M       M  A   A  N      NN
    For Nintendo created by Sunsoft 1989
    Walkthrough by Blake Offord (BuddyBlakester@aol.com)
    **The Table of Contents**
    I Introduction          I
    I Controls              I
    I Pickups and Weapons   I
    I Walkthrough           I
    I Last Note/FAQ         I
    I Credits               I 
    For trouble on a specific stage push Ctrl+F on your keyboard for the find 
    menu, type what stage you need, such as #-# and push enter.
    "Gotham City--It's a dark, deserted city governed by violence.  The whole 
    town is now in preparation for the 200th anniversary of The Gotham City 
    Joker--The City's evil leader.  He has spread poisonous nerve gas all over
    town and has terrorized the population.
    Vicki Vale-- A shrewd photo-journalist tracking the poison gas mystery is
    endangered many times but rescued each time by a mysterious black figure, 
    who, in fact, is......
    Batman--While fighting Joker, recalls him as the murderer of his parents many
    years ago.  Batman, with full force, will wage his last fight against Joker 
    to eliminate the worldly evil and avenge his parents death."
                                             and Batman poses in the background
    This game is fun for anyone who loves batman.  It's got good pictures and 
    graphics for 1989 in my opinion.  Its not real challenging but I will try
    to help the best I can on anything you might be having trouble with.
    Left & Right- move left and right
    Down- duck
    A-jump (note* the longer you hold jump, the higher you go)
    start-switches weapons (once you get ammo)
    select-pauses game
    The blue boxes and hearts left behind after defeating badguys are...
       Blue box with B-gives you 1000 points, seen when you pause the game
       Blue Box with Missile-gives you 10 ammo for all your weapons (when you pick
       up your first ammo batman's name changes to yellow which means you can 
       switch between his weapons with start)
       Hearts-Fill up one Hit point (Batman has 8 total)
    Batman's weapons
    The weapons can be used once you pick up some ammo (blue box with missiles).
    The weapons all run on the same ammo so using some of your boomerang will
    also make your ammo for your missiles and three-shooter go down.
    The weapons are...
        Punching-   I probably overuse this cause I usually over conserve my ammo
                    too much.  But, he can punch real fast and in the air and does
                    not get tired from punching a gazillion times.
        Boomerang-  Probably the best weapon, it hits the enemy several times
                    while going through him.  This however has limited range.
                    Using it costs 1 ammo, very efficient.
        Missile Gun-The missile gun shoots missiles (go figure) and costs 2 ammo
                    per shot.  This is an ok weapon but doesn't find too much 
                    use for it, at least when I play.
        Three-disc-Shooter thingy-
                    This is quick and mean, however I didn't find much use for 
                    this weapon as well.  It takes three ammo to use and breaks
                    into three discs and zooms across the screen.
        Wall Jump-  This is obviously not a weapon but is very helpful and 
                    required in the game.  Run up to a wall and jump into it.  
                    As you come in contact with the wall push the jump button 
                    again to do a wall jump.  This can be repeated as many times
                    as you want (talk about calf muscles).  Look for shortcuts
                    using the wall jump to skip minor areas.  You can also move 
                    slightly while in the air, well, just going foward faster or
                    slower, after a wall jump or a regular jump using left and 
    and finally, with *SPOILERS* of coarse...
    *Stage 1
    Starts with a "super cool" cut scene where the Batmobile is driving really
    fast and then slows, and batman gets out, and that's it.
    Area 1-1
    New Enemies
    *just to note, I will name the enemies what I call them, they could be really
    called something else or you could have different names, but I will use what
    I have called them since I was like 7 years old
    This level is starts with about 4 different bad guys.  There are running guys
    (I wonder who there running from) who you can just punch when they get close 
    to you.  These guys show up several times in the game.  Flamethrowers are the 
    next enemy, just wait till they stop throwing flames and run up and punch them
    in the face.  These guys never really pose a threat but are also put in a lot
    the rest of the game.  After a few of those you'll come across the trains.
    These little robots can be annoying when you're battling other enemies but are
    not too much a problem, but are also put throughout the game.  The trains do
    increase speed as when your on the same level as them so be careful.  Lastly 
    some gun man will be waiting for you.  Simply duck under his bullets, run up, 
    and punch him.
    You'll start by falling from the sky.  Make your way through the running guys
    and flamethrower.  Jump on the platform, kill the train and continue right.  
    A gun guy will be waiting for you, but he poses no real threat.  A second gun
    guy will be behind him, but he will be accompanied by a train so duck and 
    punch.  A flamethrower, a few more trains and runners and you're done with 
    area 1-1.
    Area 1-2
    New enemies
    Tracking mines will be on the floor.  When you get close, they will blink then 
    come to you and explode. Jumping strait up or walking away can avoid this.  
    There are also air gunners, they will shoot a machine gun, then fly in the 
    air, then fly backwards and shoot again.  They might be tricky at first but
    one or two boomerangs should take care of him.  There are two and they only
    appear in this level.  There is also this red ninja man who is just chilling
    by the bosses room.  He can jump and slash real fast and throw Chinese stars
    but if you kill him with boomerangs without him noticing he's a piece of cake.
    He is the only one in the game, and I wonder why.
    Head right, there will be runners and mines.  Just walk back and forth while
    killing the runners to avoid the mines.  You will come to a vertical climb with
    many flamethrowers.  You can try and take them all out one at a time, or you
    can try your wall jumping abilities and jump on the opposite side of the left
    wall in the vertical shaft the flamethrowers are in.  Its right next to them. 
    Jump back and forth till you get to the top and go left.  Watch out for a mine
    and then trains.  You'll come to another vertical climb with trains on each 
    step.  You can wall jump off the platforms and skip 2 of them, but its no real
    trouble to kill them.  Just Time your landings, duck then punch.  After you 
    get to the top your almost immediately attacked by an air gunner.  Just use
    your boomerangs and take him.  There is a second one right after him, do the 
    same.  Go right jump down the hole and there will be a guy waiting for you 
    down there.  He's not the boss but if you let him notice you he can slash you
    good.  Before he turns around chuck some boomerangs at him and you won't have
    to deal with him.  If he turns around, just chuck some boomerangs at him and 
    you won't have to deal with him.  If for some crazy reason your out of ammo, 
    wait for him to come to you and punch him, he will freeze while he's hurt so
    just punch frantically at this time and he shouldn't pose to bad a threat.  
    Run right to the next area/the boss.
    Area 1-3 *Flying Armored Beatle Man Boss*
    This boss looks kinda hardcore but is the easiest boss in the game.  When the 
    fight starts he takes off and flies back and forth a few times.  You during
    this should run to the left of the screen (or the right but its farther) and
    go not quite to the edge but about a half step to a step out.  Get your 
    boomerangs out and wait.  He will perform 2 moves.  One is he will shoot four
    bullets down  on the floor, but if your positioned right, they'll miss you no
    matter what side his is on.  The second move is sweeping down the middle of 
    the room.  When he swoops towards/against where your facing throw a boomerang
    and then just sit there.  Do it a few more times and you've got him beat.  
    If you some how don't have boomerangs, just wait on the sides until he swoops
    and punch him, still simple.  That completes Stage 1.  Good Job!
    *Stage 2
    This starts with a cutscene with the batmobile driving fast again!  It pulls 
    out two machine guns equiped on the car and blasts a whole through a garage 
    door.  It slides in and you begin Stage 2.
    Area 2-1
    New Enemies
    There are Claw men on this board.  These guys are incredibly easy, just walk 
    up to them and punch them.  They are very slow but do take a few punches.
    You start by heading right.  Kill some running guys, then jump on the platform 
    and take out the easy two claw men.  Jump onto the little orange platforms over 
    the green stuff and watch out for it dripping from the higher platforms.  Hop 
    from platform to platform to advance to the right, up a little and then to the 
    left.  There is a platform low enough to skip one of the claw men after you 
    jump on 3 platforms total (including the first 2).  Jump on the platforms with
    claw men by timing it right, simple enough.  Go up a little more, and head
    right again.  There will be flamethrowers, just time it right.  If you don't
    want to risk jumping to the second flamethrower just throw a boomerang.  Go 
    right, kill a train and then jump to platform almost right on top of another
    one.  If you just jump strait out you'll hit your head on the ceiling, so run
    off the edge of the platform and hold back.  Do a wall jump as far as you can
    and as soon as you fall off the platform, and you should land safely.  Wait 
    for the train to ride away when you see the flamethrower and beat him up.  
    Kill the train avoid the mine and head to the next area.
    Area 2-2
    New Enemies
    Claw Machines are little machines that don't move, except the have a claw on
    a chain that shoots out quickly once, then twice, then once, and so on.  
    There is a second between each set of throws so run up or jump to him and punch
    him, or use a weapon, whatever you like.  You can also punch the claw as soon 
    as its extended if you would like.
    Head right and up through some running guys.  You can skip a claw machine hear 
    using wall jump on the platform right above the second step to the left.  If
    not just time the claw machine and jump to him and punch him, or boomerang 
    him.  Jump over the green electricity to the right and you'll see a mine on
    a platform.  Wall jump off the platform to kill the mine and then off the wall
    back onto the platform.  A claw machine will be waiting for you, you can't
    duck under the claw so run up just out of reach and wait for its claw to come 
    out and punch its claw when it extends.  Jump on the next platform, avoid the
    train, go down, kill the next train without even jumping up to its level.  Do 
    an easy jump up (dont hold the button in) so you dont hit your head on the 
    electricity.  Go right and you'll see a platform in the middle of a vertical
    shaft.  Use it to wall jump but stay on the left side.  Wall jump up, back and
    forth, jump to the middle with the claw mand and kill him.  Wall jump on the 
    right wall and kill the second one.  Again wall jump up the left side kill the
    claw man, jump off right wall to platform above you, wall jump up left side 
    and your at the top.  You'll have to run off the edge, hold back, and do a wall
    jump trick again, but avoid the train waiting down there and on the second
    one your about to do watch out for the "ever so threatening" gun guy.
    Go right, wall jump off the first block and do an easy second wall jump if
    you can grip the wirey wall, but dont hit your head on the electricity.  
    Jump to the double stacked blocks and do that run of the edge trick.  Do the
    whole jump up the blocks and run off edge one more time but this last time
    watch out for running guys.  If that made sense, or you got through it after
    the first explanation, head right to the next area.
    Area 2-3
    New Enemies
    A Critter Maker shoots out little exploding Critters out of the ceiling that
    come at you very fast.  You can just punch the critters but the actual Critter
    maker you will have to shoot with something.  I usually dont worry about the 
    Critter makers and just power up on the critters, because they normally do
    drop alot of stuff.  Just sit almost underneath the critter maker and punch
    the critters as the fall out of the ceiling.  I will refer to powering up at 
    these spots because killing the critters causes them to drop items and hearts.
    Drop down and avoid the critters.  Kill them for power if you need to.  If you 
    want you can kill the Critter maker but I just run from them.  Avoid the mine
    where the critters land and drop down to a train and a gun guy.  Kill them and
    drop down and hold right.  You will be on a moving sidewalk type thing.  Go 
    right, kill the flamethrower with timing.  Run past the critter maker and jump
    off the next flamethrowers platform, to the wall, then back onto the platform.
    Try to avoid the fire but if you get hit its not to bad a problem.  The reason
    you want to jump down this next pit from up here is you cant just fall from the
    lower part, and when you fall(not jumping), you can move back, forth, and down 
    in the air.  When you jump, you have to move foward slowly or quickly.  So 
    run off the edge after you kill the flamethrower jump down and avoid the 
    spinning spikes.  Your going to have to wall jump off the edge your standing 
    on to make it to the running sidewalk.  If you fall, no biggy, just take out 
    the gun guys on the bottom and avoid the spinning spikes.  If you make the 
    jump, just kill the train and run past both critter makers.  FALL (not jump, 
    unless you jump strait up, then its the same as fallilng) down the pit of 
    spinning spikes and go right.  Jump onto the spinning platform and do a baby
    jump to the next one.  Avoid falling on the trains, kill them and then make 
    your way through the running guys.  Use wall jump to get up the next platform
    and go right to the last area/boss.
    Area 2-4 *A Lovely Room of Death boss*
    This boss is pretty simple.  From where you start, get out your missiles and
    duck and shoot.  You will hit both the guns shooting at you at the same time
    if you duck.  Jump and duck to avoid the bullets coming at you.  Once you kill
    them (about nine missiles) run to the right and wall jump up to the platform on
    the right.  You can only stand on the ledge of it though.  Still with your 
    missiles, shoot the blue orb thing to the left of the screen by jumping and
    shooting.  After about eight shots it will explode and the gun behind you will
    immediately open fire.  You can get pretty close to this thing and duck under
    its triple shot, but too close and you'll run into it and get hurt.  If you 
    duck under its shot, just jump and punch.  Then return to ducking. Repeat and
    you have killed him. Great Job!
    *Stage 3
    This has who I am assuming is Joker but could be Penguin's picture saying
    "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? HA HA HA......" 
    and gun lights fires.
    Area 3-1
    New Enemies
    I guess these could be the devils that Joker was talking about.  These guys 
    can be bothersome jerks if you dont get the pattern down.  These guys jump 
    very far and quick, but the secret is run underneath them back and forth and 
    punch every time they land.  So if he jumps at you run under him turn and 
    punch, then he jumps again, run under turn and punch.  You can also see these
    guys on the screen before they start coming after you, so you can load them up
    with missiles or three-shooting-disc thingies before they start coming after
    you and kill them.
    Well right away you have to fight two devils, so just do the turn and punch
    trick if and get this move down.  Jump in between the two mines and then jump
    strait up for them to explode.  Time to jump up to the next to flamethrowers 
    then kill the two trains.  Wall jump off the block then off the pipe to land 
    on the block.  When you land on this next spot you will see a devil on the 
    far right.  This one I like to load with missiles.  Fighting the devils on 
    flat surfaces is ok, but can be annoying when there are obstacles around.  Kill
    him however you want.  Then there are two trains and one of the devils.  If
    you kill the trains the turn punch trick takes care of the devil.  Wall jump
    up the block and proceed right.  There is a critter maker here, which you can
    kill but again, I just run past these things.  Kill the train and jump to the
    next area.
    Area 3-2
    New Enemies
    Go right and fall down the hole.  When you fall down the hole, hold left so
    you dont land in the spinning blades.  Kill the flamethrower and fall again.
    If you jump to the right there is a flamethrower and a train but i just fall
    and hold left, avoid the mine and fall down the pit.  This pit you have to hold
    right when you fall down, and two devils will be waiting for you, one at a time
    though.  I usually punch the first one and missile the second one to death, 
    but do it to your own style.  Jump up and to the right.  Continue up by wall 
    jumping and kill the train to the left.  A critter maker will be on the far 
    left but you can just climb straight up and avoid him, unless you want to get
    health.  Wall jump up the skinny shaft to the next area.
    Area 3-3
    New Enemies
    There is a FireSpitting robot that does not pose a terrible threat.  You can
    run inside him taking the hit and punch him to death, or you can shoot him with
    stuff, but avoid his fire balls.  
    Now that you've gone from sewer factory type place to a cave your nearing the 
    end of the level.  Go right kill the train.  I hold back and wall jump off the
    next ledge to avoid the mines.  Kill the train but avoid the Fire Spitters fire
    balls.  A couple boomerangs and the Fire spitter will die.  Kill the 
    flamethrower and wall jump off the right wall to continue forward.  Go left, 
    kill the train and there will be a second Fire Spitter.  A lot of times you can
    leave the screen and come back and he will have disapeard.  If this doesn't 
    work duck under the bullets the best you can and boomerang him good.  Kill the
    Flamethrower and train with a boomerang if you need it and then another
    flamethrower above him.  Go right, dodge the mine, kill the train and power up
    at the critter maker if you need to.  Wall jump up the area avoiding the 
    spinning blades and the flamethrowers.  This area will test your skill in wall
    jumping.  At the top go right and kill the Fire spitter or leave the screen and
    come back and he might be gone.  Continue left to the Boss.
    Area 3-4 *Drill/Lightsaber weilder with high ups boss*
    This guy is a really awkward fighter.  He jumps back and forth which you must
    avoid and he can shoot large beams that you can only dodge if your on the upper
    platforms or wall jumping.  When he jumps towards you jump on the wall and back
    to the platform and try to get a boomerang in.  Some times you can get him 
    stuck on the wall for a short period but it only happens sometimes.  If your 
    at full power or maybe a few hit points down, you can go all gun ho on him and 
    boomerang him till he dies.  This is a risky method, so for you patient folk 
    out there, a SLOW strategy is to switch to your boomerang and wall jump up to 
    the platform right above you.  While your up there he will most likely only 
    jump back and forth shooting beams in between.  When he makes his first jump 
    while your on the left platform, jump to the wall and back to the platform to 
    avoid his drill.  He will shoot a beam and jump strait up, throw a boomerang or
    two.  He will land facing the right side, shoot, and then he'll jump to the 
    right. If your on the right side of the left platform you can throw a boomerang
    and hit him as he jumps to the right.  He'll do his thing on that side, then 
    jump back to the left side.  You must remember when he jumps to the left side 
    (the side your on) wall jump off the wall and back onto the platform to avoid 
    him.  If you fall during this I recomend just lighting him up the best you can 
    with your boomerangs because it can be difficult to get back up sometimes.  
    Anyway, patient or not you beat him to move onto Stage 4. Terrific Job!
    *Stage 4
    Joker will come up and say "Welcome, Batman, why don't you look at my latest
    work of art?" and the level starts.
    Area 4-1
    New Enemies
    Avoid the mines at the begining, slowly walk up to where you can see the devil
    jumping and no critters are coming out.  Blast the devil with your missiles and
    then jump over the mine avoiding the critters as well.  If you get jacked up at
    this part there are a couple critter makers around.  Kill the train while 
    avoiding the mine and also kill the flamethrower on the platform.  More critter
    makers and flamethrowers, and then running guys and trains.  Dont let the Joker
    faces in the background creap you out, your almost their. You can power up with 
    running guys and trains if you need to.  There is a flamethrower, a train, and
    a devil up ahead.  You can kill the first two and missile the devil to death if 
    you'd like.  Another devil, punch and turn trick is not bad on this one.  Run 
    right to the next area.  
    Area 4-2
    New Enemies
    Some running guys at the begining.  Further right there is a spot you have to 
    wall jump back and forth up, and then kill a flamethrower, so time it right.  
    Leap from gray block to gray block wall jumping wherever you need too.  You'll
    probably want to run of the edge of the third one and hold back to wall jump a 
    few times here.  To kill the train undamaged, you can wall jump between the 
    platforms while punching at it.  Don't land on platform but jump next to it so
    you can wall jump away.  Skip over the mines on the floor and go kill two 
    flamethrowers.  Afterwords, head down and to the left, kill the flamethrower 
    and train while making baby jumps in between the spinning metal.  Head down and
    right.  This Critter maker is positioned right above a spot you have to jump 
    over.  If you wait a couple seconds two trains will come up if you would like 
    to get rid of them now.  If you kill three critters that come out, the critter
    maker will stop for a second while the three items left behind disapear, so 
    don't collect the items.  Once you have a second to jump over, wall jump off 
    the wall behind you and do a medium jump.  Its kinda hard to time but it can be
    done.  Afterwords, head right, get over the other spinning metal, and run to 
    the next area.
    Area 4-3
    New Enemies
    There is a big metal peice that moves back and forth.  If you duck and punch at
    it it will not hurt you.  If you have your back turned, even if your ducking it
    will hurt.  Just ducking and punching at it will kill it.
    This area starts with a drop down.  There are six levels to drop down, the 
    first one has nothing on it.  In between each drop after this one, electricity
    will randomly shoot throgh the gaps to jump in.  There will be a few critter
    makers and the metal peices that move back and forth.  I usually just drop 
    through it all and power up at the critter maker at the end, but you can take
    your time going through this if you want.  There is nothing on the first drop,
    a metal peice on the second, nothing on the third, a critter maker and a metal
    peice on the fourth, nothing on the fifth, and nothing on the sixth.  After 
    this, there will be one more drop but it goes to a critter maker, then alot of
    fire.  On the first platform over fire there is a mine, just jump up when you
    get there.  Continue right and kill the flamethrower at the end.  Go up and 
    left.  Kill the train with boomerangs if you need to.  Wall jump on the left
    wall and land on the little spinning platform.  Here you'll need to jump to the
    upper platforms and watch out for the electricity in between.  Go back and 
    forth between the upper platforms and small moving ones.  Kill the trains or
    completely jump over them.  On the moving platforms, if you jump right when 
    you land, it won't move you, so if your quick you could get through pretty
    easy.  You can kill or skip the flamethrower on the right by wall jumping off
    the high platform furthest too the right.  Kill the train and watch out for
    the Fire Spitter.  You can duck and be safe from the flames on the first two 
    steps.  Go to the second step and jump and throw boomerangs.  Climb the steps 
    and get to a second flame spitter, who you can use the exact same strategy too.
    After him a series of trains and flamethrowers stands in your way.  Make your
    way through them and run past the critter maker on the ceiling in the next 
    room. There will be a claw man right next to him who takes a few more punches 
    then normal but is no problem.  Power up at the critter maker if you need to 
    because after one more claw man there is a boss to the left.
    Area 4-4 *Blocks that shoot stuff of Doom*
    These blocks are pretty easy.  Right away to start the battle wall jump up and
    stand on the middle platform.  Just duck and punch the blocks as they go by, 
    and watch out for bullets if you can.  It's not a big deal if they hit you a 
    few times cause there not really too hard to finish off.  After one is blown up
    the other one goes nuts for the loss of his brother block.  If you run to the
    left side of the room and stand on the edge of wall sticking out you will be 
    invincible to his hits.  Look at his pattern here.  If you go down and start 
    attacking him he wont hurt you, as long as you have him hurt (blinking red) So
    just attack him constantly to keep him blinking and you won't get hurt.  Keep 
    attacking at the bottom of the screen and take this block-head out. 
    Ha ha... ok.. well you've beaten the level, Fantastic Job!
    *Stage 5 (the last one)
    There's a short scene where the Batjet flies to the castle entrance.  Pretty
    Area 5-1 (the good ol' first board music is back)
    New Enemies
    This is the only area in stage 5 besides the two bosses that you'll face.
    This level starts with a flamethrower on a platform and then a few spinning 
    gears you must jump over.  After the last gear there will be two trains on 
    the ground level running around.  Kill them.  Three flamethrowers will be above
    you, and you can take out the first one by not landing on his platform, but 
    when he is not shooting, wall jump up there and punch him.  If you get the 
    first one you can easily take out the next two by punching and ducking.  There
    will be two trains after them you can take out after a jump over more spinning
    gears.  Wall jump back and forth around the spinning wheels and kill the 
    flamethrowers.  Kill the second one with a boomerang.  Go right and you'll have
    to perform that old trick of walking off the edge, holding back, then wall 
    jumping to the other platform.  But watch out when you land here, there is a
    critter maker.  You can run past him and jump over the step with the train on
    it.  A flamethrower whose easy to take out is on the steps to the right.  Climb
    up them and go up the right side.  There will be a claw machine, remember that
    they go in patterns of one claw attack, then two claw attacks.  After him is 
    a flamethrower, easy to take care of by now.  After him, your going to have to
    perform a miniture wall jump, where you hold back and jump off the platform you
    walked off of.  The same thing you've done before, just miniturized.  It's 
    pretty hard to pull off sometimes and can prove quite annoying.  Once you get 
    past it, there will be a claw machine and flamethrower up some more.  You can 
    stay in mostly one place by doing easy wasll jumps back and forth, so you could
    wait underneath his platform wall jumping back and forth, waiting for a good 
    time to jump and attack.  Boomerang the flamethrower and do another miniture 
    wall jump trick.  This one shouldn't be as hard.  Another claw machine awaits
    one platform up, and then another.  After them theres yet again a miniture wall
    jump trick.  And then a flamethrower, and then a miniture wall jump trick.  If 
    you havn't got good at these wall jumps you might need to practice that for 
    this part.  There is a change in pattern with a train on the next platform.  
    After him, you'll need to do a wall jump trick (holding back) to get up to the
    next level, but avoid the critter maker.  After you've made it up there you can
    power up with the critter maker if you need to, otherwise kill the last 
    flamethrower and head up to the boss.
    Area 5-2 *Fists of Fury with Fire balls boss*
    This boss if very quick.  His two main moves are to run up right to you and 
    punch as fast as he can, his second move is casting a giant fire ball.  Now 
    I like to be patient in this battle.  First he usually tries to run up and use
    his super fast fists to punch you.  If you get out of the way for that and go 
    to the left corner and wait for him to throw a fire ball, he most likely will.
    If he starts throwing a fire ball you pretty much have him in your trap.  After
    he throws it jump over the fire ball and throw a boomerang.  He will jump close
    to you and get hit by it.  He will throw another one or two fireballs and then
    jump close to you again.  Whenever he jumps close to you throw a boomerang and 
    he will back off to throw a fire ball.  If you can dodge his fire balls and 
    successfully throw your boomerangs when he jumps towards your corner, this 
    can be alot easier then it seems.  Note when you jump and throw your boomerang
    you have a choice:  1. If you throw one boomerang he will get hurt and jump 
    back, its very rare but he might try to come up and punch you, which can easily
    be remedied with a boomerang.  2.  If you throw two boomerangs or more he will
    usually throw two fireballs.  This however usually stops his run up to punch
    you but also wastes alot more boomerangs.  I usually can get through this guy
    with about 75 boomerangs left for Joker.
    After you defeat him Joker will come on the screen and say:
    "Greetings BatBrain - are you ready to meet your destiny?"
    And you Battle with Joker begins...
    Joker is a mean guy who has a powerful gun that hurts for 3 of your 8 hit
    points.  He also picked up the ability to summon lighting during sometime.
    But here we go.
    Right when you start jump towards him, he might shoot his gun and if you time 
    it right, it will go right under you.  Getting just within the end of his gun 
    will make the bullets shoot past you.  I load him up with boomerangs the best I
    can at this point.  When he shoots lightning place yourself about his gun 
    lenght away and jump.  You should jump because the lightning spreads a little 
    bit when it hits the floor.  You can dodge the lightning without jumping, I 
    just usually do beacause its safer.  When he runs past you he can hurt you, but
    if he is injured while running (still blinking) he wont hurt you as he runs 
    through you (just like the blocks you had to face earlier on stage 4-4).
    So if you constantly hurt him he can't hurt you when he is running.  The main
    thing to look out for is his gun because that will damage you alot.  When he 
    runs to the other side, try and chase him so you can stay behind the tip of 
    his gun.  Other than that, load him up with boomerangs or whatever you want.  
    If you die you do not have to fight the "Fists of Fury with Fire Balls boss" 
    again which means you can die and load up on ammo for Joker.  The last tip I 
    give for this boss is dont be so frantic with your boomerangs that you don't 
    pay attention to your defense.  You have to watch for his moves in this one 
    instead of pummeling with boomerangs.  After the last hit he will dramitically 
    fall over in defeat.  Then you can walk around and party however you want, but
    when your finished, walk over to his body.
    After you beat Joker a cut scene shows Batman holding Joker by the collar.  He
    says:  "I know you murdered my parents, now you will dance with the devil in 
    the pale moonlight!" and with that he tosses Joker like a bag of trash off the 
    Awesome Job you beat the last level!
    **Last note
    If you have beaten this game, good for you.  I hope my guide helped somewhat, 
    If you havn't beaten the game, it is ok, its hard and I couldn't beat it when
    I was like 9 so i gave it up for almost 10 years.  I would constantly get stuck
    on 3-3, but look at me now.  The game gets pretty easy after a while. 
    But thats the guide.  Here's a few common questions.
    Q:  Can Batman Extend his health at all?
    A:  No, you start with what you get, although I'm sure there is probably game
    genie codes for infinit health if you want.
    Q:  Can Batman get new weapons or powerups?
    A:  No, again you start with what you get, you can get ammo hearts and points
        and thats it.
    Q:  What is the purpose of points?
    A:  Points serve no purpose besides making you think you can get extra men, 
        but you can't.  They simply are there for you to go to your friends and say
        "I beat it with [insert point value] points, what did you get?" in which
        your friends will most likely respond with "I've never played this game
        Batman for which you speak of.  I am not familiar with it and do not wish
        to pursue an interest in it."  Though the dialogue they use might change 
        a bit.
    Q:  I can't climb up Stage-5 without getting hurt from the spinning 
        gears/metal, can you get through without being hurt?
    A:  This part as explained earlier in the guide requires you to do an almost
        impossible wall jump.  Most people I've talked to say they just take the 
        hit, walk through, and power up at the end.  To get through un-injured may
        take some patience and willpower to do.  Goodluck with that one.
    Q:  I cant beat [insert boss here], do you have more information?
    A:  I pretty much explained all my boss strategies here.  If you cannot beat a
        boss (Joker is not that big of a meanie) you have gotten all your going to 
        get out of this guide and out of me.  All my ways are possible and 
        easy for me, but if they don't work for you I'm sorry I failed you :(
    Well that about wraps it up, and with that, we que the legal stuff.
    **CopyRights, Credits, all that legal stuff at the bottom of guides
         Written By Blake Offord
         Email: BuddyBlakester@aol.com
         URL:  http://www.geocities.com/ilykeetinpp/index.html
                          Document is copyright 2005 Blake Offord
           Please do not reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
          private use for it is illegal. It may not be placed on any web site or 
        otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of 
         this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
                   strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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