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Soda Shop Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/18/03

Version 1.5 10/18/03


Barbie: The Soda Shop Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2003

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Story
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
  004a. Drinks
  004b. Food
  004c. Jukebox
005.  Game Genie Codes
006.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the Nintendo Entertainment System
(NES) game called Barbie.  This only covers the last part
of the game; I wrote guides to cover the first and second

If you have any questions about this guide or anything like
that, e-mail me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com  If you
want to use part of this guide (why would you, unless you're
using the story to get a good laugh), email me before you do
that, or else you'll be breaking some law.  Also, if you're
emailing me, make the subject Barbie or none at all, or else
I won't answer at all.  Sorry, but there have been several
people who didn't follow the format.

With that out of the way, get ready to laugh at Barbie's
ridiculous game!


(Barbie is reading a book in her bed)

Barbie: Wow!  What a great book!  I love reading about
mermaids!  But...Yawn!...I'm getting sleepy now.  I need my
rest--Tomorrow's a busy day!

(Barbie turns off her lamp)

Barbie: I'm having lunch at the soda shop...going swimming
at the beach...meeting Ken at the party tomorrow...But...
Yawn!...First I have to go to the mall to pick up that new
outfit...So much to do...

(Barbie falls asleep)


Barbie: Barbie is the only character in the game.  She has
long hair, and her boyfriend's name is Ken (her boyfriend
is a...uh...well, he probably doesn't like girls all that
much).  For some reason, she's extremely tall in this game.

Yellow records: Get it for more lives.

Barbie B blocks: Cool things that help you come out of these.

Coffee cup: This is a lot like a block, but sometimes hot
steam comes out, which harms you.

Soda tap: A big tap that has soda pouring out of it.  To
defeat it, you must know...the SECRET!!!  See the soda tap
boss fight.

Soda tap boss: Boss of the drinks section.

Ice cream: Hops left and right, and shoots its ice cream up
at you.

Ice cream sundae: The boss of the food level.  Don't ask me.

Car: Even thought flying cars seem like something you'd see
in the future, they were around in the 50's.

Milkshake: A bad milkshake goes left and right, and also
shoots a straw upward.  Rather formidible, if you overlook
the fact that it's a milkshake.

Ice: An ice-cube shaped block.

Milkshake container: An empty milkshake container that is
tall, and you must usually deal with it when jumping is

Soda: An empty soda container, also used with jumping.

Sugar: A big sugar jar, like for coffee, that deals with

Cream: A small cream jar, which is just like the ice.

Ladybug: Falls from the ceiling.  Didn't that idea for an
enemy come out of nowhere?

Friendly hamburger: A nice hamburger, and by nice, I mean
the one that doesn't try to kill you.

Roller skate: Rolls left and right.

Popcorn: Helps you like the hamburger.

Friendly soda: Helps you like the hamburger and the popcorn.

Burger: A big hamburger.  The top bun moves up and down, which
of course means that Barbie gets squashed!  Oh, that's great.

Spoon: Ever tried to fling peas with your spoon like a catapult?
Oh, come on now, admit it.  Well, now you get to fling Barbie
in a spoon-catapult.

Fries: Fries fling out of their boxes, randomly going straight
up and down or to another fry box.

Jukebox: Boss of the jukebox level.


Barbie fell asleep, and you guide her through her dream in
the soda shop.  Oh, how exciting!

004a: Drinks

Oh boy, Barbie's wearing a poodle skirt now!  As for the
drinks, you'll notice they are threefold, coffee, soda, and
milk.  All less than ten cents.

Acutally, the drinks section is pretty tough.  There's a lot
of tricks and traps and mind-boggling, tough puzzles.  That's
a bit of an exaggeration, but get ready for some puzzles.
Oh yeah, and a hard boss, that is, hard if you don't know...
the SECRET!!!  Muahahahahaha!!!...I'll tell you the secret
when I get to the boss fight.

When you go right, you'll eventually run into a soda tap,
which you need to know the secret to defeat.  Turn it off by
hitting the black switch with B.  Wait...how do I get it that
high?  That's...the SECRET!!!

Past the soda machine, (I live in a state where people never
say soda pop unless they want to get beaten up), you'll run
into a pyramid of coffee cups.  Jump up to the top, but on
the highest cup, steam rises up.  Wait for it to get small,
and jump right over it.

Right past the coffee cups, you'll see cars floating in midair.
Jump on the lower one, then jump on the higher one, and jump
left off it to get a mask (I don't know what it's for).  Go
right to see a milk poster.  Past it is your first challenge.
It looks like this:

   M M M M M S
   M M M M M S

I is an ice cube.  M is an empty milkshake container.  S is
a big soda.  Jump off the ice cube onto the first M.  Jump
off it to the right onto the second M.  Do this for all the
M's (this is much more difficult than it sounds), and jump
off it onto the S.  Go right.

Right past it is another coffee cup pyramid.  Here's a coffee
themed place.  Jump off the coffee cups onto the big sugar
jar.  Jump off it and go right.  Don't stop going right
because some lady bugs fall from the ceiling, and if you stop,
you're in the line of fire.

Right past here is another soda machine.  Ooooh, don't you
wish you knew the SECRET???  Well, you don't need to know it
here.  Set Barbie's bracelet to the diamond, and shoot the
hamburger using B.  It shuts off the soda tap for you.  Go

Climb the stairs made of ice.  Walk right, and jump on the
flying car.  Jump right off it to another platform.  Jump off
that to get the record(what they used before CD's), which
refills Barbie's life.

You'll come to more soda bottles and ice cubes.  Jump off the
ice cubes onto the soda bottles, and jump from soda bottle
to soda bottle to get past this area.

You'll run into a roller skate to the right, and a platform
in the air.  If you throw something at the hamburger with
the bracelet on the diamond, it gives you a record.  Besides
refilling life, these get you major points at the end.

Jump over the roller skate and go right.  Here's more ice
and coffee cups.  Jump off the ice to land on the coffee cups.
Cross the cups when the steam is gone and it is safe to
walk across.

Jump on the platform here.  Set the bracelet to the ribbon.
Hit the popcorn with the thing Barbie throws.  When it
stops, hit it with the diamond thing.  Hit it with the ribbon
when it is to the right of the record.  Now, hit it with the
heart, and it shoots out popcorn, which gives you the record.

At the end of this platform, watch out for the steam on the
coffee cups.  Get ready for more jumping.  Jump off the ice
cube onto the soda.  Jump off the soda onto the empty milk-
shake container.  Jump off it to another milkshake container,
and do that again.  Jump off it to the big cream container.
Jump off that to the right, looking out for the steam coming
from the coffee.

Using the heart part of the bracelet, shoot the friendly
hamburger that is near the soda taps.  It shuts them off.
Walk past by, and fear nothing.  Jump off the ice cubes onto
the platform, and jump off it to the right.  Get ready for
more stuff.  Using the the ribbon, stop the friendly soda.
Using the diamond and then the ribbon again, position it to
the left of the soda.  Now hit it with a heart, and it lets
out a spray of bubbles, which gives you just enough altitude
to go over the soda.

To the right of this is another puzzle (I told you there were
a lot, but no, you didn't believe me, did you?).  Jump off
the ice cube left onto the milkshake container.  Jump right
off it onto the coffee cups.  From here, go right to meet
the boss, a soda tap.

There is a big soda tap, with five, yes five individual heads.
Drops of soda come down from it, and the drops move left or
right to hit you.  Avoid them like you would the plague (and
cliches...they're an old hat).  However, there is no need to
make a mountain over a mole hill.  Get everything together,
suck it up, and make the soda tap cry for mommy.  How?  Why,
using...the SECRET!!!

Using the secret and the ribbon part of the bracelet, shoot
stuff at the black handles.  You'll make them go up, which
shuts them off.  Shut all five off to beat it.  But, hey...,
that's impossible.  The black handles are too high, unless
you use...the SECRET!!!

Okay, fine.  Here's the secret.  Press B to throw the thing,
but hold onto B.  Magically, the thing Barbie throws starts
flying around in midair.  Use this to switch off the taps.

Way to beat the level.  Groovy!  Wait a sec, that's not from
the 50's.  Oh well.

004b: Food

Well, this is a much easier level than the last one.  This
makes it easier on you, and on me.  Go right, and you'll see
a big hamburger.  Notice the top bun moves up, and then slams
down.  Cross over it, and don't get hit when it slams down.

Walk right.  Jump on the spoon.  Walk right across it to fling
Barbie to the right, over the big obstacle.  Keep going right,
and you'll run into some fries.  Fries fling out of their boxes,
sometimes straight up, and sometimes into other boxes.  This
is totally random, so I can't help you out here.  Good luck.

Once you go right past ten fry boxes, you reach another big
hamburger.  Go right past it.  Go right past here for six more
fry boxes.  Walk to the dessert menu.  You get sent to the
boss, a giant sundae.

Above the sundae, which has three ice cream scoops, are
platforms.  Jump from platform to platform to throw stuff
at the ice cream scoops.  However, the ice cream scoops shoot
out cherries like volcanoes, which make you fall from the
platforms.  So what to do?

Using the ribbon part of the bracelet and the SECRET, get rid
of the first ice cream scoop from the ground.  It takes a
few hits to get rid of it.  Now get rid of the other scoops.
That was a simple level, huh?  Get ready for a tough one.

004c: Jukebox

The jukebox level depends totally on your jumping skills.
You'll see a misical score going through the middle of the
room, with notes on it.  The floor, sends you to the left.
Go to the left, and jump on the low note.  Jump off it onto
another note.  Do this again and again and again.  To make
up for the fact that this is monotonous, boring, and a short
description, here's a diagram:

     --             --         -------     -- -------
 --                    -------


To the right of that is:

                  ----      ----      -----  ----   ----
 --    --

Note the things that are above the five lines are records,
which try to drop you off by rolling to the left, and are
all level.  There are also weird yellow things.



 ----   ----
                -----                      -----




Here's more:

   -----                          -----           -----
          -----            -----          -----




And that's the end of your hard jumping level.  Please note
that if you fell off at any time, you had to start at the
beginning again.  Jump off the last thing you jump off of
up and to the right for a record, with more life.

Go right into the coin deposit box to reach...the boss...a

Below the jukebox is a record.  Jump on it to get it spinning.
To the left is another record, jump on it to get it spinning.
The the right is the final record, jump on it to get it
spinning.  If you jump on one, it spins for a short while.
Continually jump on it a lot to get it to spin and look like
a quarter.  Get all three records to be quarters at the same
time.  That stops the jukebox.

Now you get to see the incredibly, incredibly, corny ending.
Hope you enjoy it, and have a great laugh!

005-Game Genie Codes

SXKSKNVK        Infinite Z's on Dream Meter
PEEZEZIE        Start with nine Z's--1st credit only
PEEZEZIA        Start with one Z--1st credit only
SZVAAVVK        Can re-enter Barbie's dream infinite times
AEEEYAZA        Cannot re-enter Barbie's dream


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2003.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions under
general information)

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