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The Ocean Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 10/18/03

Version 1.4 10/18/03


Barbie: The Ocean Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2003

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Story
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
  004a. First Part
  004b: The Next Part
  004c: The Boss Fight
005.  Game Genie Codes
006.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the Nintendo Entertainment System
(NES) game called Barbie.  This guide only covers the second
part of the game; I have guides to cover the first and
third parts.

If you have any questions about this guide or anything like
that, e-mail me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com  If you
want to use part of this guide (why would you, unless you're
using the story to get a good laugh), email me before you do
that, or else you'll be breaking some law.  Also, if you're
emailing me, make the subject Barbie or none at all, or else
I won't answer at all.  Sorry, but there have been several
people who didn't follow the format.

With that out of the way, get ready to laugh at Barbie's
ridiculous game!


(Barbie is reading a book in her bed)

Barbie: Wow!  What a great book!  I love reading about
mermaids!  But...Yawn!...I'm getting sleepy now.  I need my
rest--Tomorrow's a busy day!

(Barbie turns off her lamp)

Barbie: I'm having lunch at the soda shop...going swimming
at the beach...meeting Ken at the party tomorrow...But...
Yawn!...First I have to go to the mall to pick up that new
outfit...So much to do...

(Barbie falls asleep)


Barbie: Barbie is the only character in the game.  She has
long hair, and her boyfriend's name is Ken (her boyfriend
is a...uh...well, he probably doesn't like girls all that
much).  For some reason, she's extremely tall in this game.

Jellyfish: A jellyfish follows Mermaid Barbie during the
first part of this level.  Don't let it touch you, or it
will shock you with its tentacles.

Flipper: Flipper is a dophin.  He doesn't do anything unless
you set Barbie's bracelet (lower left hand corner) to the
heart (use tab) and get him going.  He then moves and does

Jet stream: A stream of bubbles moves up and down, and hurts
if it hits you.

Clam: Just like the Jet Stream.

Pearl: Refills Barbie's life.

Starfish: Worth one hundred points.

Sea turtles: The turtles swim left, and guess what?  They
hurt you!

Tsunami: A wave that throws Barbie around like a doll.  Hmm,
that sounded weird.

Big jellyfish: The boss of the sea level.

King and Queen Crab: The normal, peace-loving rulers of the
ocean have been captured by the big jellyfish.  The king is
getting crabby, so you'd better help him.


004a: The First Part

Barbie fell asleep, and you guide her through her dream in
the sea.  Oh, how exciting!

Barbie the mermaid!  This is very fun!  Honestly, this will
definitely go down as one of the worst games I've ever played,
and this level is the worst of all of them.  You won't need
a guide for this except in only one place.  Luckily for you,
I'm here so you can get past this one place.

First of all, you start off floating in the sea.  Swim up
and to the left to get the starfish.  Now go right quickly
(use A to pound that tail like...uh...never mind).  You'll
notice on the bottom of the screen, there's a lot of corral
that prevents you from going down.  Jeez, that's awfully mean
of the corral to stop you.  With friends like that, who needs
anemonies?  Hee, hee.

Back to the point, there's a jellyfish that is following you
around.  Don't touch it, or else it will hit you.  Also, very
soon at the corral on the bottom is a dophin (Flipper!).
Using tab, set Barbie's bracelet in the lower left hand
corner to the heart.  Now press B to throw something.  Throw
the thing at Flipper.  He'll come to life and float up.
When he moves, don't do anything.  He'll then take you through
a long patch of enemies, and you end up uninjured.

Swim right, and all throughout this, beware of clams and jet
streams, which move up and can hurt you.  Time how you move
to the right, or, more simply, use A to have Barbie beat her
tail powerfully.

If you move right, you'll see two blocks with the Barbie B
on them.  Swim through the blocks, and a bubble appears.
Grab the bubble when you can.  This gives you a long period
of immunity.  Use it to go down the first fork in the corral
to the left.  Grab the starfish, and swim back right.  Keep
going right, and at the second divide in the corral, take
the lower path.  (The upper path contains a pearl, which
refills Barbie's life).

If you go right, you'll reach another fork in the corral.
You take the high road, and I'll take the low road and I'll
be in Scotland before ye.  Seriously, though, take the higher
path, which has a pearl on it, which means Barbie gets more

If you keep going right, you'll run into an area that looks
like this:

|||     |||     |||     |||
|||     |||     |||     |||
    |||     |||     |||
    |||     |||     |||

There are clams going up and down in the areas where you have
to go directly up and down.  Avoid them as well as you can.
The area comes to a close when you see a starfish.

Right past that, you'll meet more forks in the corral.  Take
the upper path on all of them.  They stop when you see many,
many starfish.  Here go down, and left to refill your life
with a pearl.  Now go right.

You'll run into the many starfish.  The starfish are arranged
to spell out the word Barbie.  Try to grab as many starfish
as possible while you avoid the sea turtles.  Once you get
past the sea turtles, swim right into the area with no
enemies, and go between the gates.

004b: The Next Part

There's no official title for this, you just get sent to a
different-looking place.  This place is extremely easy.  Go
to the top of the screen, and A paddle right.  Dodge down
when you see a jellyfish.  Eventually, you land in an area you
can't get past to the right.  This is the one area you
may need help in during this level.

Here's a pictue to make up for the shortness:

||                    ||
||       ------       ||
||      /      \      ||
||     /        \     ||
||    /          \    ||
||    \    F     /    ||
||     \        /     ||
||      \      /      ||
||       ------       ||
||                    ||

See the hexagon?  If not, get glasses.   The hexagon is the
path of the tsunami.  It throws you around so that it's hard
to swim.  Try not to get hit by it too much.  Do you see the
F also?  Of course you do.  That stands for Flipper, the
dolphin.  Do what you did last time to get him going, and he
takes you right through the wall.

If you didn't get Flipper last time, well, too bad.  Go to
the characters section for info. on him.

Once he takes you through, go right over the gate to get the
starfish.  Now go through the gate for the boss fight.  Get
ready to laugh.

004c: The Boss fight

A big jellyfish swims up and down, not trying to hit you.
He is floating over what looks like...King and Queen Crab!
Two crabs wearing crowns, that is.  The jellyfish is floating
over them, going up and down diagonally, but never to the
left of the king crab.  The jellyfish, on occasion, shoots
a little jellyfish to the left, which can hurt you.

Get down on your knees and thank whatever god(s) you believe
in for allowing such a funny thing to exist.  Or, if you're
in a bad mood, curse your god(s) for creating such a mockery
of a game.  If you curse your god(s), do your self a favor
and don't buy the upcoming PS2 game, Barbie and Ken's 3D

Here's how you defeat the jellyfish and save the crab.  Press
B to throw something (the bracelet should still be on the
heart thing).  Use it to hit the flimsy lock on their cage.
Three hits does it.  The jellyfish immediately disappears
for some reason, and the king and queen crab get restored
to their respective thrones.

Congratulations!  You just beat the level!  Yes, it was that
easy.  You get to see the bad ending for this level, which
you should really play the game to find out.  Trust me though,
it's funny.  Barbie throws three pearls inside a gigantic clam,
and it gives her a new bracelet.  You gotta see it to believe

Barbie, still asleep, thinks in thought bubbles, and we get
to see what she thinks as a lead-in to the next level.  Here's
what she thinks:

Barbie: Hmmm...that was fun...But now I'd better hurry to the
soda shop...can't be late...

You get sent to the soda shop, which is the last part of
the game.  Make sure to pick up that guide to guide you to

005-Game Genie Codes

SXKSKNVK        Infinite Z's on Dream Meter
PEEZEZIE        Start with nine Z's--1st credit only
PEEZEZIA        Start with one Z--1st credit only
SZVAAVVK        Can re-enter Barbie's dream infinite times
AEEEYAZA        Cannot re-enter Barbie's dream


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2003.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions under
general information)

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