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Shopping Mall Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/18/03

Version 1.5 10/18/03


Barbie: Shopping Mall Walkthrough
An In-Depth Guide
by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2003

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Story
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
  004a. Sports
  004b. Toys
  004c. Boutique
  004d. Galleria
  004e. Food Court
  004f. Pizza
005.  Game Genie Codes
006.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the Nintendo Entertainment System
(NES) game called Barbie.  This guide only covers the first
part of the game.

If you have any questions about this guide or anything like
that, e-mail me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com  If you
want to use part of this guide (why would you, unless you're
using the story to get a good laugh), email me before you do
that, or else you'll be breaking some law.  Also, if you're
emailing me, make the subject Barbie or none at all, or else
I won't answer at all.  Sorry, but there have been several
people who didn't follow the format.

With that out of the way, get ready to laugh at Barbie's
ridiculous game!


(Barbie is reading a book in her bed)

Barbie: Wow!  What a great book!  I love reading about
mermaids!  But...Yawn!...I'm getting sleepy now.  I need my
rest--Tomorrow's a busy day!

(Barbie turns off her lamp)

Barbie: I'm having lunch at the soda shop...going swimming
at the beach...meeting Ken at the party tomorrow...But...
Yawn!...First I have to go to the mall to pick up that new
outfit...So much to do...

(Barbie falls asleep)


Barbie: Barbie is the only character in the game.  She has
long hair, and her boyfriend's name is Ken (her boyfriend
is a...uh...well, he probably doesn't like girls all that
much).  For some reason, she's extremely tall in this game.

Toucan Sam: A stuffed animal shaped like a toucan.  If you
hit it using B while using the diamond-shaped thing on
Barbie's bracelet, it comes to life and moves up and down.

Kitty: A stuffed cat; it is activated just like the Toucan.
It runs right and hits something.

Puppy: The puppy, like the kitty, goes right and attacks stuff
when you make it come alive.

Tennis racket and ball: Tennis rackets hit tennis balls.
Try not to get hit by them.

B-ball: The B-ball gives you more Z's, which means it restores

B: The B makes you temporarily invincible.

Bouncing ball: The bouncing ball bounces left, and you lose
Z's (life) if it hits you.  It comes from a bouncing ball
dispenser, the boss of the toy section.

Bouncing ball dispenser: The toy section boss.

Kite: A kite flies and tries to hit you.

Hat: A hat flies around just like the kite.

High heels: The high heels run left and right.

Stockings: The stockings move diagonally from right to left.

Nightgown: The nightgown floats up and down.

The invisible woman: Boss of the boutique, she wears the hat,
high heels, two stockings, a nightgown, and for some reason
a skirt.  You can't see her, just her clothes.

Splash fountain:  A stream of water comes out of the top
of the fountain, comes back down, stays a while, and
repeats the cycle.  Pass over while the stream of water
is down.

Drip fountain:  A drip of water goes up from the fountain,
comes back down, stays a while, and repeats the cycle.  Pass
over it while the drip is down.

Fish: Fish come out of the fountains, and jump into other

Giant fountain: A fountain that is so big that it touches the
ceiling.  It has a black opening.  Water comes out of the
opening, and falls down.  Pass through it when the water is
not there.

Pizza: Pizzas are just like the bouncing balls, they roll
left and you have to jump to dodge.  Also like the bouncing
balls, they have a boss that deals with them.

Palm trees: If you jump off a branch of a palm tree, you get
to jump much higher than normal.

Pizza Machine: The last boss of the mall.


Barbie fell asleep, and you guide her through her dream in
the mall.  Oh, how exciting!


Jump up and touch the B ball, it gives you more life, which
is shown in Z's.  Go right, and you'll run into a group of
four blocks with the Barbie B on them.  Stand on the upper
left hand one and press the down button.  A B pops to the
right, quickly grab it and walk right through the tennis
racket (the B makes you temporarily invincible).

Go right past the cute little puppy.  You'll see a group
of blocks.  Jump off them to the left onto the Barbie B
blocks.  Press down on the block that is second from the left
for a B-ball to come out (it gives you more Z's).

Continue right.  You'll see a platform in the air with a
B-ball on it.  Jump on the platform, and get the B ball.
Jump off the platform to the right, and land on the second
platform in midair.  Using timing, jump off it to the right
when a tennis ball is not there to hit you.  If you mess up,
you get hit by a tennis ball and lose some Z's.  If everything
went well, you still have all your Z's, and an extra one
hundred points for getting the perfume bottle (you get it
during the jump).

Go right until you reach a big wall.  Left of it is a stuffed
toucan.  Press tab until there is a box around a diamond at
the bottom of the screen.  Now press B to throw something at
the Toucan.  It comes alive, and flies up and down.  Jump onto
it, and jump off to clear the big wall.

Go right here, and you'll see a B block in midair.  Jump up
and an invincibility B comes out.  Grab it and go right as
fast as you can (you can't get hurt because you're invincible)
and it should take you to the end of this level.  If it doesn't,
simply jump onto the platforms in the air, and walk across
when the tennis balls aren't there.

You'll know you're at the end when the scenery stops, and
doesn't show you anything to the right of a certain point.
Walk right through it.


Rolling to the left are a bunch of bouncy balls.  You'll want
to avoid them by jumping.  Now, if you go right, you'll run
into another really high wall.  So, go left and jump on the
lowest platform.  Jump off it to the right onto a higher
platform.  Jump off that to another higher platform.  Now
you are so high that you can easily clear the high wall.

Level with the high wall is a board, which connects it to
another high wall.  Here's a picture:

||                   ||
||                   ||
||                   ||

You're on top of the -------, so you can't get the B ball
(more Z's) below.  Here's what to do: press tab until there
is a box around the diamond on Barbie's bracelet (in the
bottom right hand corner).  Using B, throw something at the
Toucan, and if it hits, he comes alive.  Ride him down and
get the B-ball.  Go back up to the --------.

Go right, and you'll see a platform coming off of the ground.
Stand on it to not be hit by the balls.  Jump off it to the
left, and press B in midair.  By pressing B, you'll shoot
one of those things at a stuffed cat.  The cat will drop a
B-ball down to your level.

Go right, and by using jumping techniques, jump over the balls
and the kites.  You'll see a little bunch of boxes, stand on
the top one so the balls don't hit you, and wait for the kites
to disappear.

Go right.  You'll see another platform that looks like a
window, stand on it to avoid being hit by the balls.  To
the right of it will be three platforms in midair.  Jump
from platform to platform (you won't get hit by balls) and
avoid the kites.  When you reach the last platform, jump off
to the right near the stuffed Kitty.  Get ready for the
boss fight...

Here's the really big mean scary boss!  It's...uh...a wall?
But not any wall, there's an opening that is letting the
bouncing balls out.  You'll have to jump to not get hit by
the balls an awful lot.  Using the diamond part of Barbie's
bracelet, activate the kitty.  The cat runs right, jumps,
and closes the bouncing ball opening.  Follow after the cat
and use B to throw something at the somewhat-closed opening.
It should disappear, and you warp to the next part of the
mall.  If you didn't hit it, it will open soon, and the kitty
will go back to where he was in the beginning, so you can try


Stand still here, and wait for the hat to fly away (it won't
hit you).  Walk right and jump onto the boxes.  Wait for the
high heels to bounce right past you, and go right onto the
other pile of boxes.  Walk right for a long time.

Past the second coat rack in the background, something actually
happens.  There's a puppy sitting near the coat rack.  Using
the diamond on Barbie's bracelet/pressing B combo, make it
come to life just like the kitty and the toucan.  It will
run right and attack a stocking.

Another stocking will be moving right of it, so walk right
under it when it is not there.  You'll run into a bunch of
boxes, actually six, piled up like stairs.  To the right of
it is a nightgown that is floating up and down.  Jump off
the top box over the nightgown when it is not in the way.

You'll reach another six boxes that are just the same.  Jump
off it, while avoiding the nightgown.  You land on a third
grouping of six boxes.  Jump off this one, and still avoid
the nightgown.  Go right to meet the boss...the invisible

The invisible woman is in the dressing room.  She floats
up and down.  She is made up of a hat, a nightgown, two
stockings, a skirt and high heels.  You only see the clothes.
The high heels jump off right at you, so jump to avoid them,
and using B, hit the high heels and they disappear.

The rest of the clothes just bounce up and down.  Using B,
shoot the stuff at it.  The clothes disappear, and do this
until they all are gone.  This is tricky, because you'll have
to time your jumps so they hit the clothes.  Don't worry too
much, you'll get them in the end.

When it dies, you'll find out that you've completed the first
level, and you get rewarded for all the stuff you collected.
After you get your reward, you go onto level two.  It's still
part of the mall, though, so I'm including it.


Well, you'll notice something different about this level
right away: Barbie is wearing a different dress.  She looks
Swedish.  No offense to any Swedes, by the way.

If you go right, you'll run into many, many fountains.  There
are two types: ones that spray water, and ones that just
spray drops.  Here's the cycle: a fountain will sprout water
upwards, the water will come back down, stay down for a
while, and repeat the cycle.  Cross the fountains when the
water is down.  Go right and do this for all of the fountains
you come across.

Along the way, you'll notice a B block.  Get it for a B which
makes you invincible, and makes traveling easier.  Eventually,
the small fountains will turn into big long fountains, which
have many places where water comes out.  Pass through these,
and you eventually run into ones where fish jump up and down
of the big fountains.  Pass these, and you'll meet another
group of small fountains.  Fish will jump from fountain to
fountain here, so be careful while going right.

Past the flying fish fountains is another long fountain, with
flying fish and water spraying.  This is, thank goodness, the
last long fountain you deal with in the game.  Go right past it
and into the utterly empty background to make it to the next
part of this level, which deals with more fountains.

The next fountain part

There's no official name, so I'm not making a new section
for it.  In here are giant fountains that hit the ceiling.
Notice at the top of each fountain is a black opening.  Water
will pour down from this opening for a while, then stops for
a while, and repeats.  Pass by the fountains when the water
is absent.  Some of the fountains have boxes at the bases,
stand on these and then pass through the fountain.  Keep
going right through all the fountains.

Twelve giant fountains later, you'll reach two more small
fountains that spray water.  Pass them and walk right; you'll
be transported to another part of the mall.

004d-Food Court

Rolling across the food court floor are pizzas, which are
just like the balls in the toy section, simply jump to avoid.

You'll run into some palm trees.  You can jump off the leaves
of a palm tree to jump extra high.  Keep going right, and you'll
see a B block in midair.  Jump onto the palm tree right of
it, and using the giant jump, get the B block.  It gives
you a bubble.

The bubble is put on Barbie's bracelet.  The bubble will
circle you for a long time.  During this time, no pizzas
appear.  Go right.

If you go right, you'll be able to get a B-ball.  Keep going
right.  Eventually, you'll reach more of the high walls.  Jump
off palm trees to clear the walls.  Once you clear them,
you'll be near another high wall, but with no palm trees in
sight.  Activate the toucan nearby with B, and use it to jump
over the wall.

By now, the bubble thing has disappeared, and the pizzas are
still gone.  Just walk right here (if the pizzas were here,
this area would require a lot of jumping) and you'll run into
the warp place to get to another part of the mall, which
contains the source of the pizzas.


Well, this is extremely easy.  Sorry for the short description,
but there isn't anything to describe.  This place is no challenge
because you already got rid of the pizzas.  Walk right until
you meet up with the level boss, which is a pizza machine.

Since I described how to beat most of the level in one
paragraph, I'm going to be nice and give you a picture of
the boss.

                        \  |
                         \ |
                        \  |
          =====          \ |
                        \  |
       =====             \ |

Notice the four things on the right hand wall?  Those are the
doors to the pizza machine, the one on the bottom being
closed.  It takes two hits with the B button to close a door.

Do you also see the ======'s?  Those are pizza boxes, floating
right and left.  Jump from box to box to be high enough to
hit the top door.  That's how you'll be able to hit all the

It sounds simple, but I didn't tell you something.  Pizzas
constantly fly out of the pizza doors to the left, and they
hit you a lot.  You have to close the doors while avoiding the
pizza.  It's tricky, but you can do it.  Beat it to see the
really corny ending!

After you see the ending, you get to start another adventure
in this game; you star as a mermaid!  If I beat the mermaid
part, I'll do a guide for it.  Hope you had a good laugh
while playing this game!

005-Game Genie Codes

SXKSKNVK        Infinite Z's on Dream Meter
PEEZEZIE        Start with nine Z's--1st credit only
PEEZEZIA        Start with one Z--1st credit only
SZVAAVVK        Can re-enter Barbie's dream infinite times
AEEEYAZA        Cannot re-enter Barbie's dream


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2003.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions under
general information)

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