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FAQ/Walkthrough by gondee

Version: 1.337 | Updated: 07/13/02

               |       Bad Street Brawler         |
               | The Definitive Duke Davis Guide  |
               |          By gondee               |
               |        Version 1.337             |

Table of Contents:

   Trouble just laid a big old Smackdown on Bad Street, USA.
   Time for a hero to come and show Trouble what Trouble really is.
   - Storyline

    Duke didn't get his reputation for nothing. Here are
    the mad skills he uses to clean the streets of crime.
   - Controls

     Duke's got some serious work to do. Meet the most vile,
     evil villains ever to be featured in a NES game.
   - Friends/Enemies

     The Bad Street Gang's bosses are the real trouble in Bad Street
     USA. Read the profile of some of the gang's most notorious leaders.
   - Special End Level Bosses

     Crime is rampant in Bad Street, USA. The innocent cower in fear
     for their lives. Justice is non-existent. Enter Duke.
    - Level Walkthroughs

    - Game Genie Codes

    Never before has one character inspired so many. How you too
    can be just like the world's greatest video game hero.

    People who helped me chronicle the best Nintendo game EVER.


Place: Bad Street, USA. Trouble with a capital T.
Crime and violence run rampant, and thugs do whatever they
want, whenever they want. And no one is going to stop them.

Enter Duke, Duke Davis. Former International Punk Music Rocker
and Street Fighter extraordinaire.

He surveys the scene through the lenses of his Wal-Mart bargain
rack designer sunglasses. It's not pretty. It will take all of 
his unrivaled fighting skills learned as a Punk Superstar
to clean up this mess. Street after street of vermin, freaks
and crazed animals wait to ambush him, to crush the one person
who dares to stand up to them.

But someone has to take action, and that someone is Duke Davis.
Just another day in the life of the greatest video game hero ever.

If that doesn't inspire you, just read the story straight from
the source:

The Story Straight from the Source:


Lawbreaking crooks, thugs, and circus renegades rule the mean streets.
It's a real zoo out there! The city is unsafe and the good citizens live
in constant fear. You are DUKE DAVIS-former punk rocker and the world's
coolest martial arts vigilante! You are a lean, mean, thug-trashing
machine, returning to your native city streets as the ultimate defender of
freedom! There's evil waiting behind every bush and danger lurking behind
every corner-LOOK OUT! It's up to you to send the bad guys reeling with
furious fist & foot bashing action. It's non-stop martial arts madness!
Nail the no-gooders today-and watch the street savages scatter!"
Source: The Bad Street Brawler Instruction Booklet, Copyright 1989.


UP - Makes Duke JUMP
LEFT/RIGHT - Makes Duke RUN like an Old Man in High Heels
DOWN: Makes Duke DUCK a.k.a. Cower Down in Fear.
SELECT: Select 1 or 2 player game at Title screen.
Start: Exit Practice Mode before each level. Also Pauses the Action In-Game.
B Button: Used for fighting moves
A Button: Used for fighting moves.

Each Level Duke has three moves he can use. They will always use
either the A-Button, B button or A+B (Push A and B at the same time).

What's necessary to navigate these Bad Streets.

1. SUNGLASSES - Nothing unnerves bad guys like these essential
pieces of equipment. Duke's stair is unreadable behind these
and they are key to his fearsome reputation. Besides, nothing
says cool more for a former Punk-Rocker-turned-Vigilante than

2. YELLOW DIAPER - Oh, let them laugh at Duke's Diaper. A grown man
wearing a yellow feces-catching device. Ha ha. But its use is two-fold:
both as a disarming technique (who can fight when they're laughing?)
and protection from sudden bowel movement (have YOU ever faced down
a motorcycle riding maniac and not dumped a load in your pants?)
Duke's power isn't all in his awesome fighting techniques, young

3. BRIGHT YELLOW BOOTS: Duke realizes that importance of looking good
while you are bashing heads in. Villains will taste these leather badboys
as Duke beats them into submission and makes a fashion statement at the
same time. Nothing says "tough bad-@$$" like bright yellow boots!

Duke will need more than just fighting techniques to win this monumental
battle. Read below and master these essential techniques.

1. COWER DOWN IN FEAR: Duke covers his head in the fetal position
by pressing DOWN on the control pad. But see, that's the first rule of
effective warfare: let them think you're harmless and then capitalize.
I think you're starting to see the genius at work here...

2. REACH FOR THE SKY: Duke was Olympic champion in high jump. Watch in
awe as he jumps almost twice the height of a man by pressing UP on the
control pad. Use his gravity defying ability to catch the life and weapon
icons that Duke gets in his travels.

(or as the instruction booklet says, "FORCE MOVES" *oooh*)
Duke has at his disposal some of the most powerful fighting moves
ever in a side-scrolling fighting game. Each Level Duke gets THREE, 
count 'em, THREE different beat-down moves to pummel the enemy with.
Oh, they'll pay for ever trying to challenge Duke Davis.

I will use the same breakdown as the instruction booklet does.

(or "Fast-Footwork Force Moves":)

The drop kick is your typical hit, much like the punch. This move
is a lot like the HIGH KICK except it does NOT avoid bullets and
other projectiles. It causes pushback and stuns enemies so use
it just like you would the punch.

No fighter would be complete without this staple move. Designed to
reach those opponents who are smaller and can slip underneath Duke's
Fists. Enemies will get blasted through the air from the force of
Duke's vicious leg sweep. Run up and Sweep them again while they are
stunned and you begin to see the power of this move.
Damage: 1 bar

Never has there been a trip (or any other move) as cool as this in ANY
fighting game, ever! Duke is the only martial arts master who uses
BOTH hands to trip an enemy - both incapacitating them and avoiding
high flying projectiles at the same time! Duke has gotten kind of
a bad reputation, because some people insist he is molesting the
enemies as he does this, but that *couldn't* possibly be it. I mean,
just look as he does it to a dog!
Damage: 2 bars

This is Duke's single strongest move in the game. It takes off a
whopping FOUR bars, so use it on enemies to really show them the
meaning of butt-kicking! The problem with this move is that it is
really SLOW, so you'll need to use sparingly, and only when you see
an opening.
Damage: 4 bars!

This is one of Duke's best moves. Not only does it cause pushback,
but it also avoids bullets at the same time! Use it to punish
enemies who throw objects at you.
Damage: 1 bar.

("Fist-To-Fist Force Moves!")

The classic maneuver, and Duke has perfected it like no other. Watch
as enemies fly away from Duke stunned as he uses his fists of fury.
Try to catch enemies in the corner of the screen and repeatedly use
this technique to beat them into submission. Beware that some
of the shorter enemies can evade this move.
AVAILABLE: On Levels 1,
Damage: 1 bar per punch.

Hey Duke, Randy Savage called, he wants his finishing move back.
Duke throws his body through the air like a daredevil and lands
on the enemy with his bony elbow for two bars worth of damage,
driving them into the pavement and setting up Duke for another one!
The great thing about this move is that is avoids projectiles and
other attacks while Duke is doing it. So line up the enemy and
pummel them!
Damage: 2 bars.

<3 stooges> Woo Woo Woo Woo! </3 stooges> As a boy Duke grew up
watching the 3 stooges. Now he mastered one of their signature
techniques as an homage to the masters. The problem with this move
is that it is slow and has no range. The good thing is that it
takes off 3 bars!
Damage: 3 bars

Ring Around the Rosie! Pocket Full of Woop-@$$! Watch as Duke turns
the universal kid's game into an engine of destruction! Pow! Bam--
oh man, I can't do this anymore. Whoever thought this move was cool
was higher than a kite. This move is your typical grab move.
Damage: Up to 3 bars.

All those days of head-banging for Duke have finally paid off. Armed
with the world's most damage-proof head, Duke inflicts pain that's
only been dreamed of! Pff, whatever. This move is stupid. Use this
move on the skateboarder if you have it, that's about all it's good for.
Damage: 2 bars.

("Fancy Force Moves!")

Watch as Duke uses his legendary strength to lift and enemy and
spin them over his head, sending them hurling to their doom!
This is the only move that works on Brocky Al-Boa, so don't forget
to use this when the time comes.
Damage: Up to 3 bars.

Duke lifts the enemy over his head and slams them into the pavement,
literally! Such an Pinnacle of Power is Duke that even the ground feels
his fury! This move is good because it's fast.
Damage: 3 bars.

This is by far Duke's best grab move. Fast and lethal (3 bars), it
drives the enemy back and stuns them, allowing Duke to get in close
enough to pound them again. Use this move whenever you have the chance,
and then use it some more!
Damage: 3 bars.

Piss Duke off and THIS is what you get. Pure Pain. Watch as Duke grabs
the enemy's ears and twists them so maliciously that their lifebar
literally drains away. Duke doesn't like to use this move, but if he
has to, he will.
Damage: Up to 3 bars.


Duke needs all the help he can get. Unfortunately, Bad Street
USA is the loneliest place ever for someone trying to clean the streets
of crime. However, Duke has one rather disconcerting friend...

Instruction Booklet: SPY
This sneaky little fellow is full of nasty tricks. He usually leaves bombs
to blow you up, But, occasionally he drops a flying heart that gives you
extra vitality if you catch it.

Description: A short little guy in a trenchcoat who runs out and drops 
usually after bosses.

Story: Don't ask me why Duke gets his  life back from watching some guy
flash him. I think you know the answer to that.

Technique: This guy either gives you LIFE (in the form of a flying heart) 
or trouble by dropping a bomb. If he gives you a life icon 
run out and catch it. If he drops a bomb, use a move like the Leg Sweep
or Bull Ram to knock it off the screen and give you points. I'll point
this guy out in the walkthroughs so you don't miss him.

Bad Street USA has the most dangerous and feared gang of criminals ever
to curse an urban ghetto. From raging animals to breakdancing freaks,
Duke must use his entire bag of deadly tricks to fight these villains and
clear Bad Street of crime once and for all. Memorize these hooligans and
use all steps necessary to exterminate them.

Instruction Booklet: BULLDOG
They say a dog's bark is worse than this bite. Not in this case.

Description: Little punk bulldog.

Story: Did you ever see those little bulldog-gangsters in the cartoons
that have gangster hats and smoke cigars? That's what these dogs are.
They want to be criminals so bad that they terrorize the people of Bad
Street USA. Time for Duke to introduce these mutts to the POUND.

Techniques: The smallest enemies. Normal hits only work on them if you
hit them when they jump to bite you. Grab moves don't work of course.
Use trip moves like the Leg Sweep or the Bull Ram to take care of them.

Difficulty: 1 out of 5.

Instruction Booklet: PUNK
Big surprises come in small packages. So, watch out for his ball and chain.

Description: A freaky bald midget wearing ORANGE and wielding a ball and

Story: Part of the feared "Shore T's" gang, Oompa is a "little person"
who shows his "big devotion" to his gang by shaving his head bald and
terrorizing Bad Street citizens with the gang's signature weapon, the
ball and chain. The vertically-challenged Shore T's have even managed
to master the ability to FLY using this weapon, so don't take it lightly!!
Oompah has many gang brothers who all wear orange and subscribe to the
same agenda of crime.

Techniques: Grab moves and some high hits won't work against this guy
because he is so short. Use jump kicks or punches against this guy. You
can duck his ball and chain when he throws it. He is also vulnerable
when he lands, so take advantage.

Difficulty: 2 out of 5.

Instruction Booklet: PUNK
Big surprises come in small packages. So, watch out for his ball and chain.

Description: Another freaky bald midget wearing BLUE and wielding a ball
and chain.

Story: Every gang has its "bosses", and these guys are the real power
behind the Shore T's. They show their eliteness by wearing blue and
training harder than their lackeys. Watch out for these guys, they usually
mop up messes the regular Oompahs can't handle.

Techniques: This guy frequently shows up as bosses in the various levels.
He also can't be grabbed, and he throws many more ball and chains than
regular Oompahs. He typically has more life as well, anywhere from 5-7

Difficulty: 3 out of 5, but only because he throws so many ball and chains.

Instruction Booklet: BASEBALL PLAYER
He swings you a mean bat. Three strikes and you're knocked out!

Description: The Bat Wielding Maniac with black hair.

Story: Homer and his loser buddies are all Sammy Sosa wannabes who didn't
make it to the big leagues and now spend all their lives hopped up on
goofballs. They typically have a crazed look in their eyes that means
they can be dangerous if they go berserk on Duke.

Techniques: This dork is only dangerous if you let him go ballistic on
you. Hit him before he gets close and he won't be a problem. All moves
work on this guy, but it's best to use techniques with "pushback" qualities
so he won't get a hit on you. If he does, he'll go ballistic and typically
land 2-3 hits on you.

Difficulty: 2 out of 5.

Instruction Booklet: GORILLA
A big, bad circus escapee who throws bananas.

Description: Psycho gorilla. 'Nuff said.

Story: Give a gorilla some weed and a little free time and this is what
you get. The Shore T's addicted them by lacing bananas with crack and
chucking it to them at the Bad Street Zoo. Pretty soon, these
red-eyed gorillas were trading bananas for bongs and lost all motivation
to be regular law-abiding primates. When they came down off their gorilla
high, they went psycho and broke out of the zoo. Now they terrorize the
citizens of Bad Street by chucking bananas (and sometimes feces) at them
and punching them with their drug-enhanced gorilla strength.

Techniques: The gorillas can be pretty dangerous, so don't take them 
lightly. They have two attacks - they throw bananas which can be ducked,
and they also have a "Super Gorilla Punch" that can take off 4 lifebars!
All moves work against them so it's best to use a strong grab move or a
move with pushback qualities to keep them from attacking.

Difficulty: 4 out of 5. Watch out for that gorilla punch.

Instruction Booklet: BIKER
He'll leave you with nothing but a set of tire tracks across your back.
Keep out of his way.

Description: Stuntman riding a motorcycle. Does tricks while riding.

Story: "Evil" is the Neevil family disgrace. When it was discovered that
he faked his infamous 20-car jumps by sticking a dummy on the motorcycle
right before the jump, he was run out of the town and turned to a life
of crime. Now "Evil" tries to get his revenge by teaming with the Bad
Street Gang and running over targets for cash, all while trying to wow
the crowd with his pathetic trick techniques.

Technique: If you get hit by this guy it will cost you 4 lifebars, so
try not to. You always have the jump kick when you battle Evil. Time
your kick for when he is about to hit you and he'll crash. It only takes
one hit -- and watch out for the wheels that fly onscreen after he
crashes, they can hurt you.

Difficulty: 4 out of 5. He's quick and dangerous until you nail him.

Instruction Booklet: SKATEBOARDER
A bad dude to meet on the street. His sole motivation is to run you down.

Description: Skateboarder with a 'tude.

Story: Also know as "The Hawk", "X" and his little punk
friends are a blight on the good name of thrashers everywhere. Duke
looks at him and sees a 900-degree pounding coming his way.

Technique: This guy is tricky, and very annoying. He skates from one end
of the screen to the other, jumping and trying to hit Duke. If he ducks
down on his skateboard, jump OVER him, he is INVINCIBLE when he does this
and cannot be hit. He can only be hit when he is skateboarding normally,
or when he stops to turn around. Most of the time you can make him run
away by hitting him once or twice.

Difficulty: 4 out of 5. Watch out when he ducks on his skateboard.

Instruction Booklet: BASKETBALL PLAYER
He doesn't like anyone under 7ft. tall, including Duke. He uses his
basketball as a weapon.

Description: Lanky basketball player dressed all in red with a mysteriously
unending supply of basketballs.

Story: Out of high school, nobody could handle a basketball better than
Cole B. Bryan. With an average of 32 assists a game, he was touted as
Magic Johnson meets John Stockton meets Randy Johnson. When the Bad Street
Gang bribed him to throw several high profile games, it was discovered and
he was banned from the sport forever. Cole now takes his revenge on the
citizens of Bad Street USA by being a bouncer for the Bad Street Gang and
taking on the moniker The Bad Street Balla.

Technique: Stay close to this guy and his basketballs will miss you.
(Where does he keep all those friggin' b-balls?) You can use any move
against him. For a laugh, use the pile-driver against him and watch as his
lanky butt is driven into the concrete.

Difficulty: 2 out of 5.

Instruction Booklet: FAT MAN
He's as bad as his belly is big. He'll put the squeeze on your vitality
if he gets his hands on you.

Description: Grotesquely fat balding man wearing all blue. He even has a
blue gun and shoots blue bullets!

Story: Bleü Phatazz was head of the Turkish mafia, and he was the unrivaled
boss of the Bad Street Underworld. His gang's colors were a queasy light
blue, and soon that color was feared throughout Bad Street USA. Being so fat
that he never changed out of his signature blue pajamas, Baby's organization
was overrun when the new and deadly Bad Street Gang moved into town. Quicker
than his size would indicate, Baby struggles to keep up by using his 
head-bashing skills to ensure a place in the new organization.

Technique: Annoying guy who has two moves. Watch out for his raging
belly-charge. That takes off 4 blocks of life! His second attack is shooting
you with his blue gun and blue bullets (what a fashion sense he has!).
This attack can be ducked. For a fat man he is surprisingly quick, so
he may be hard to get a hold of. Use pushback moves primarily.

Difficulty: 3 out of 5.

Description: Soldier with a Green Helmet with a Cross or something on it.

Story: Ziggy grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Hamburg, Germany.
A bad seed from the start, Ziggy idolized WWII and fell into the wrong
crowd. Now he heads up the militaristic arm of the Bad Street Gang. This
guy is no good and could stand to get his axis kicked a little bit.

Technique: The biggest worry you have with this guy is his gunfire.
The bullets are low and they CANNOT be ducked. You MUST jump over them to
avoid them. He also has a punch and kick move that each take off 4 blocks
of life. The good news is that you are almost always given a move that will
avoid bullets (like the Body Fling or High Kick) and you should rely on
that move to get rid of Ziggy.

Difficulty: 4 out of 5.

Instruction Booklet: AYILLA THE HONEY
She's a sharp witted assassin with knives to match. Look out behind you!
She can be a real back-stabber.

Description: Husky looking woman with an obsession with knives.

Story: Ginny, or Ayilla, (also goes by Gin) was born to a pair of circus
freaks. The daughter of the Bearded Lady and the "World's Strongest Man",
she grew up surrounded by oddballs so it's no surprise that she fell in
love with the circus's knife thrower growing up. When she was a young
"woman", she asked the knife thrower on a date, only to be rejected and
laughed at in front of all the circus. Crushed and belittled, Ginny
murdered the knife thrower and now takes revenge on all men using those
same knives she once idolized.

Technique: Not that hard unless she goes ballistic. Once she starts throwing
knives and Duke gets hit, Duke will be stunned long enough to typically be
hit by another knife, and another. Ginny can run down an entire life bar,
but luckily she walks around for quite a while before she goes ballistic.
Use a strong grab move and attack her relentlessly.

Difficulty: 4 out of 5. Don't let her get started!

Instruction Booklet: MALE PUNKER
Punches out old ladies just for kicks. He deserves everything you can give

Description: Notorious Gang of Breakdancers dressed in all white. Most
feared for their dreaded "Tornado Backspin."

Story: In the storm of breakdancing-mania in the 1980's a small group
of albino breakers, rejected and ridiculed out of the breaker-subculture
as freaks, rose out of the sewers and basements like Morlocks to wreak
havoc on cardboard factories and Adidas stores everywhere. Eventually
recruited into the Bad Street Gang, these mulleted supaflies bust-a-move
their way through the streets and cause fear in even the stoutest of

Technique: This guy is the toughest regular enemy in the game. The problem
with them is that while they are on the ground doing their dreaded
Tornado Backspin, they are INVINCIBLE. Worse yet, if Duke even touches
them he gets spun around and hurt for THREE life bars! You must wait
until they come out of their backspin to punch you and do a strong
grab move and punish them. Jump over them as they backspin toward you.
Alone they aren't so bad, but when teamed up with an enemy who throws
projectiles they are a huge problem.

Difficulty: 5 out of 5. Eliminate them as quickly as possible.

The Bad Street Gang's bosses are the real trouble in Bad Street
USA. These special END level bosses will have you cowering in fear
(or ducking, whatever they want to call it.)


Description: A tiger.

Story: This tiger broke out of the zoo after eating one of the gorillas
who were hooked on crack. Now he's a crazed drug-addicted man-eating
beast who runs loose in the streets. Time for Duke to eat his wheaties
and bring this cat down.

Techniques: Not much to say. Watch out when it bites - 3 damage. 
The ONLY move that works on it is the HIGH KICK. W


Instruction Booklet: BOXER
Keep your guard up. This guy has a counter-punch for every move you make.

Description: A huge, ripped boxer guy. Puts Duke to Shame. Only has one

Story: Brocky was a guy down on his luck in the South Bronx. Then one day
the Boxing World Champion - Capollo Reed, came to the South Bronx looking
for an Italian Guy. He fought Brocky in one of the dumbest boxing gimmicks
ever, and narrowly won over Brocky. Brocky was so devastated that he turned
to a life of crime and was captured and imprisoned. In prison he turned to
Islam and is now the #1 bouncer for the Bad Street Gang.

Techniques: This can be a tricky fight. Brocky has a mean defense that
makes punches and grabs are hard to land on him. He also has the single 
attack in the game with his ADRIAN PUNCH. This takes off 7 life bars!
He has one weakness, however: The AIRPLANE SPIN. Brocky's defense is useless
against this all-powerful move! Grab him over and over until he is
knocked down for the count! Don't let him get even one opening or you
will be eating street.


Description: Punk guy with a red mohawk and an evil, toothless smile.

Story: This guy is the "HEAD" of the Albino Breakers, and boy
does he have the noggin to go with it.

Technique: He's pretty much your typical end boss. Just use hits and
grabs when he gets close. He jumps kinda strangely and uses kicks,
but other than that he's not too hard.


Description: You heard right. Duke's Master and Sensei has betrayed the
punk-martial arts and turned evil. He now heads the Bad Street
Gang and is out to destroy Duke! Teach that traitor who the real punk is.

Story: Years ago, the Master of Punk-Fu, Duke's Sensei came across a burnt
out Punk Rocker with a Heart of Gold. Teaching him to sense his inner
pun-katra and use it for the good of millions, the Sensei transformed
Duke from washed up has-been to idol of Millions. Then, as mysteriously
as he appeared, for some unknown reason he turned to the dark side. Now
Duke must fight for everything he believes in against the person who taught
him everything he believes in -- oh hell, who cares. He's the end boss.
He wants to be just like Duke. He dresses in yellow and also wears a diaper.
Beat him down if for no other reason than that.

Techniques: This guy is difficult. He must be scared of Duke's massive
power because he carries a bazooka! He will fire 5 shells in a row
and when he does this, he becomes vulnerable. Jump past him and use your
strongest grab technique. He's difficult, but not unbeatable. Once you
beat him, Duke can again sleep nights knowing all manner of injustice has
been righted in Bad Street, USA.


1. MAD SKIZILLS: Every level the set of moves that Duke can use
changes. Pay attention and use the practice session before each level
to figure out which move to rely on each level. Or you could just read the
walkthrough section.

2. TICK TOCK: Time is of the utmost importance in Bad Street USA. Most of
the time Duke is only given about 100 seconds to get through a level, which
is not enough time if you stop and fight every enemy along the way.
In short, treat Duke like the stud (coughtotalpansycough) that he is and
high-tail it past all the enemies to next boss.  In later levels this can
be really tricky since certain enemies (most notoriously the skateboarder
"X" Gaimes) will stick around and harass you until you hit them once or
twice. Then you will be able to fight the boss.

3. THREE'S COMPANY (where are Jack and Chrissy?): Each level has 3 bosses.
There are two "mid level" bosses, and then a final ultimate pimp daddy
boss. Most of the time the mid-level bosses are two regular enemies,
although a few times they are original members of the Bad Street Gang.

4. GETTING YOUR THRILLS IS ESSENTIAL: Watch for the Flasher after each
boss, and be especially careful about what he drops. Sometimes he drops
bombs that you have to get rid of, but his life power-ups are essential.

5. I'LL TAKE "NEW LIFE" FOR 20,000, ALEX: Duke gets a extra life for
every 20,000 points he receives. He can also continue after he runs out
of lives, so don't give up just because cleaning up Bad Street is hard.
Actually, Duke probably would give up, but don't take after him. He
wears a diaper, for crying out loud.

6. CLEAN UP THOSE STREETS: See, Duke just doesn't want to get rid of
the villains in Bad Street, USA. He also wants to keep the kids away
from the evil gang influence. That's why he throws away all the weapons
he acquires along the way into a dumpster at the end of every level.
You get points for these items that go towards your score and a new
life. Pay attention kids, Duke cares about the community!!


                     LEVEL 1: FIRST STREET

The first part of the level will consist of 3 dogs and a few bald midgets
in orange suits. At this point you can battle the enemies because you have
enough time - later that's not the case. 

The first mid-level boss is Pimp Daddy Oompah. He's dressed in blue. He's
got 5 life bars!
In the middle of the level is the baseball swinging maniac, don't let him 
go crazy on you. Instead, bust out the EAR TWIST to give him a taste of
pure pain!

The second half of the level is more dogs and midgets, bust out the PUNCH
to deal with them. You can also punch the dogs as they jump. 

The end Boss of this level is KING BONG. Don't give him any room to breathe!
Go Psycho with punches on him and back him up into a corner! Then if things
get desperate, bust out the EAR TWIST! Beware though, the gorilla's got the
GORILLA PUNCH that can take off 4 life bars!

                     LEVEL 2: SECOND AVENUE.

                 STRONGEST... BUT THAT'S THE WAY TO BET.


Tons more enemies, so try to hightail it to the end of the level before
there get to be too many. USE TRIP EXCLUSIVELY.

First boss: King Bong halfway through, 5 life bars. Then Flasher appears and 
drops life icon. 

Second Boss: Another gorilla and Homer Un at same time. Apparently they've 
decided that they can't take Duke one-on-one. Use Trip. 

Flasher then appears and  drops explosive! There are two things to do here: 
Either run past it (at least 1 1/2 screens) or use a move like the trip and
knock it off the screen (gives you points.) If it explodes, it costs 4 life 

A Flasher (life) shows up right before End boss.

END BOSSES: 7 life bar King Bong + Pimp Daddy Oompah. Trip is all you need.

                     LEVEL 3: THIRD STREET ALLEY


VERY TOUGH ENEMIES, so act like the stud you are and run past them to each
boss. Rely on drop kick if you have to fight. 

1st Mid level boss: Gorilla + Blue dwarf. Life guy drops bomb. Use high 
kick to get rid of it.

Next boss: Homer Un + Blue Dwarf. Life guy comes from left this time.

End Boss: "X" Gaimes a.k.a SKATEBOARD GUY!!!

Use jump kick. Remember that when skateboard guy ducks down, he is 
invincible. Jump over him. Otherwise just use jumpkick and keep stunning
him. He has 7 life.

Duke is being interviewed by a Jersey-haired reporter in a pink dress,
pink lips and pink eye shadow. He poses for the camera and says 
"I just want to say, Hi Mom." 

What a stud, saying hi to his Mom on National TV! 

                         STAGE 4: FOURTH STREET
             The mouse that has but one hole is quickly taken. 

Gut Knee: A button. 
Bull Ram: B button. 
Ear Twist. A+B

Gut knee is a good move, remember that. Bull Ram sucks except for using
against X Gaimes. 

First boss: King Bong and Pimp Daddy Oompah. Life Flasher then shows up.

WARNING: There will be a special Flasher who shows up. He is a fat guy
in a dark hat. When he opens his coat, out jumps little Flasher, only this
Flasher uses that old boxing-glove-comes-out-of-coat gimmick. Then he runs

2nd Boss: Skateboard guy. Use bull charge. Runs away with 1 life left.

BOSS: GINNY SUE. She's easy if you attack her at once and use the gut knee.
Just don't let her get started throwing knives! She has 7 life.

                             STAGE 5. FIFTH AVENUE
            The first step on the road to wisdom is to understand that 
                        you might be on the wrong track.
A button: Roundhouse kick
B button: Trip
A+B: Aeroplane spin. 

First boss: Two blue dwarves. Use trip. Seven life each.

Second boss: Ziggy Heil (Green suited dude with big black helmet. Helmet's 
got a green iron cross thing on top.) HES GOT A GUN. 1 damage per bullet.
Also has punch, four damage. and kick 1 damage. Use the trip and you'll be
fine. Life dude comes from left.

FINAL BOSS: Skateboard dude, plus bat dude. Use trip on bat dude first.
Then get skateboard dude in trip and don't let him go.

                          STAGE 6: SIXTH AVENUE PARK
                If every man would sweep before his own door, 
                         the city would be clean.  
(Wow, I suddenly have a newfound respect for this game! What wisdom!)

A button: High Kick
B button: Bull Ram
A+B: Pile Driver

Ziggy Heil is now a regular enemy. Use high kick - it goes over his bullets.

First boss: The Bad Street Balla. He has 7 life. Use pile driver for humor.

Flasher drops bomb. Run to avoid it. You have no moves to remove it.

Next boss: A tiger. It's slow and lopes stupidly, but it can only be hit
by certain moves, and this round the move is the high kick. Watch out for 
its bites - they take off 3 each.
Luckily a Flasher drop life from the left.

END BOSS: MOTORCYCLE MAN!! DRIVES by quickly, so watch out for him. You 
only have to use ONE jump kick and he crashes. Easy once you get the hang 
of it. The wheels can cause you damage, so don't let them touch you. 


Cinema scene. It appears Duke has starting receiving love from the people
of Bad Street USA! Duke stands on pedestal with an ugly man with glasses
and a huge gut who is wearing an orange shirt outside city hall (The mayor
of Bad Street?) Duke is holding his arms up. Duke says  "I'd like a hamburger 
instead." Wow, instead of the key to the city, Duke just wants a hamburger. 
What a humble fellow. 

                           STAGE 7: HIGHWAY 7

              They said to him, "It can't be done," but he went right
              to it. He took that thing that couldn't be done... 
                               and he tried. 

(What the? This game just hit new levels of stupid.) 

A: Sweep kick
B: Body Fling 
A+B: Head Butt.

First boss: Two Ziggy Heils. Use the body fling to avoid their bullets.
They have 4 life each.

Watch out for another Flasher with the boxing glove. 

Watch out for skateboarder. He likes to stick around after you've made it
to the next boss. Hit him a few times with the trip and he'll leave.

Next boss: Baby "Blue" Phatazz
Belly bunk 5 damage. He's quick and hard to grab. Use the trip or body fling.
Only has four life but he's hard to beat regardless.

End boss: An Albino Breaker. Avoid him when he's backspinning! 
He comes out of the backspin to punch, lol. Use trip or headbutt
when he punches. Alone, he is very easy, as he only has 4 life.

                   STAGE 8: RAILROAD NUMBER 8
           He that is over cautious will accomplish but very little.

A Button: High Kick
B Button: Punch
A+B: Arm Spin

The albino breaker is a regular enemy now, and he will stick around after 
you make it to the where the boss is. You must punch him once to make him leave.

1st boss: Ziggy Heil and X Gaimes. Together they make a very tough team. 
Get rid of Ziggy with punches or arm spin.

Next Boss: Baby Phatazz and Homer Un. (What's he doing here? Lightweight.) 
Use jump kick.

The life guy comes from the left this time.

End Boss: TWO skateboard guys. Use jump kick and be very careful. 
Try to get them in corner. This is a tough battle, you have to pay 
attention to when you have an opening.

                      STAGE NINE: NINTH STREET
            Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone.

A Button: Gut Knee 
B Button: Trip
A+B: Aeroplane Spin

First boss: For some reason the Bad Street Gang decided to send a pair
of Bad Street Ballas. Easy breezy. Use the trip.

Next Boss: Pimp Daddy Oompah and an Albino Breaker. Use the trip on the midget
first, and watch out for backspin guy, because while you are ducking ball
and chains, he can hurt you. Take him out with gut knee once he starts 
trying to punch you.

END BOSS: BROCKY AL-BOA, a big muscular boxer with black trunks and gloves.
His ADRIAN PUNCH takes off 7 Life bars! The secret to beating him is 
the AEROPLANE SPIN! It's the only thing that hits him! He's easy if 
you just use it, heheh. 


Cinema Scene: Duke is chillin with that same jersey-haired pink reporter.
Duke says: "Aw Gee, it was nothing." Yeah baby, what a stud. 

                       STAGE 10: TENTH STREET
     In victory, malice. In defeat, revenge. Don't get mad, get bad. 
(Oh man, my brain hurts that saying is so dumb.)

A: Sweep Kick
B: Body Fling
A+B: Arm Spin

First Boss: Two Ziggy Heils. Use Body Fling to avoid bullets. 

Second Boss: Pimp Daddy Oompah and Bad Street Balla. Easy. 

A Flasher drops a life icon from the left after this. 

End boss: An albino breaker and Pimp Daddy Oompah. Anytime you have 
an albino break with a guy who throws projectiles, it gets very, very 
difficult. The key is to keep moving. Instead of ducking the ball and
chains, jump over them. Pound the dwarf first and then go for the break
dancer. This battle is very difficult. 

                         STAGE 11: ELEVENTH STREET
           Whomever laughs last gets the last laugh...usually.

A Button: High Kick
B Button: Bull Ram
A+B: Pile Driver.

First Boss: blue dwarf and King Bong. Use High kick.
2nd Boss - Evil K. Neevil - motorcycle comes from behind this time. Be 
ready for it and use the high kick.  

End Boss - Ginny Sue throws knives while Ziggy Heil uses bullets. Use the 
high kick to avoid the bullets and pound them both. 

                       STAGE 12: TWELFTH BOULEVARD
         If you're feeling good, don't worry, you'll get over it.
(I don't think I was ever feeling good playing this game...)

A Button: Drop Kick
B Button: Stooge Hit
A+B: Head Butt

1st boss: Two Ginny Sue's (knife ladies). Use the head butt. The Flasher
drops life after this battle. 

2nd boss: Baby Phatazz and The Bad Street Balla. Use drop kick to beat them. 
Again, the Flasher drops life after this. 

End boss: SUPER TRAMP. He's a big jumping spiky haired dude with big head
and evil smile. He jumps around, has a knife, and mashes his teeth. 
Use head butt when he lands. Jump kick to finish his sorry self off.

Same City Hall Scene with the Mayor of Bad Street. 
Duke says: "Maybe they'll make a movie about me."

Yeah, buddy, they'll make a movie about you. What exactly would that be 
called? Send me e-mails to suggest good names for a Duke Davis Movie: 

                         STAGE 13: ROUTE THIRTEEN: 
        An optimist is a guy who hasn't had much experience.

A Button: Gut Knee
B Button: Trip
A+B: Aeroplane Spin

1st boss: Bad Street Balla and Ziggy Heil. You must jump to avoid Ziggy's
bullets as you have no move this time that avoids them. Use gut knee. 
Flasher drops bomb after this battle. 

2nd boss: Skateboarder and Knife lady. Use trip. Flasher drops a bomb.

3rd boss: This is the only time you will fight three enemies as a boss. 
But only two can appear on the screen at a time (Memory limitations, heheh.)
Ginny Sue, Ziggy Heil and a Pimp Daddy Oompah. Use trip and go after Ziggy 
and knife lady first.

                            STAGE 14: FOURTEENTH WAY
     "Come fight beside me," I said to myself, and although it doesn't 
     make sense, I held my own hand as a small sign of trust, and 
     together I made my defense.
*Goes to drawer. Pulls out Gun. Puts self out of misery.*

A Button: High Kick
B: Bull Ram
A+B: Ear Twist

1st boss: TWO motorcycle guys, 1 at a time. 1st from left, 2nd from right.  
Use the jump kick and be ready for them!

2nd boss: Ziggy Heil and an Albino Breaker. Use High Kick. The Breaker only
has two life, but this battle is tough regardless. 

3rd boss: TWO ALBINO BREAKERS. Very hard! Use the high kick and try to 
back them into a corner. Good luck on this one, it's very hard. 

                        STAGE 15: THE END OF THE ROAD
          In the final analysis, you just can't beat a heart of gold.
(Or boots of gold, or a diaper of gold...finally, this nightmare is almost

A: Sweep Kick
B: Punch
A+B: pile driver.

Well, here it is, the final level. The Albino breakers are regular enemies 
now, so you may have to hit them to get rid of them at boss parts. Jump 
over them and make for the hills. 

1st boss: Albino Breaker and Ginny Sue. This is probably the toughest 
mid-level boss battle in the game. Focus on Ginny Sue first and use
the pile driver while the Albino Breaker is across the screen. Don't 
let her get started. When she's gone, bust out the pile driver on the 
Albino Breaker. Tough, tough battle. 

2nd boss: Albino Breaker and X Gaimes. Use pile driver to get rid of 
the Breaker first, then hit skateboard guy til he runs away.

Like you need it, but a bomb guy appears. THEN a life guy from the other 
side of the screen. Get life and withstand bomb the bomb if you can. 

           **************END BOSS BATTLE COMING UP***************

Duke's sensei is an old geezer dressed in yellow with black head band. 
Apparently he is scared crapless of Duke's mad skills because he brought
a BAZOOKA to even the odds!! The Rockets from this bad boy take off seven.
He fires five in a row! His jump kick takes off three and like a true 
Punk Ninja, he throws nunchuks as well.

There are two times to punish him. First of all, Use the Pile Driver after
he jumps. Then, when he fires bazookas, jump behind him and pile drive him.

Good luck. This guy is NOT easy and it took me several tries to beat him. 
But at last Duke has stopped the crime once and for all in Bad Street USA!!

*****************SPOILER: FINAL SCENE, ENDING***************************
After pulling off a pitched battle against injustice, tyranny and big bullies, 
Duke Davis is now the hero of millions of citizens of Bad Street USA. 

Watch as Duke is reclining in a car, with confetti flying down. 

Millions of people in the background are cheering as Duke receives his 
well-deserved accolades for cleaning up Bad Street, USA.

Women want to sleep with him. Men want to be him. Children are wearing 
diapers to be like him. Behold, a legend is born. 

(Five second ending. Totally NOT WORTH IT.)


Game Genie Codes:
Infinite Lives          OZOIYPVK

Don't Die At Time Out   SZOITNVK

Start With 1 Life       PAXITALA

Start With 6 Lives      TAXITALA

Start With 9 Lives      PAXITALE

Start on Level 5        GEUZZYAA

Start on Level 10       PEUZZYAE

Start on Level 15       TEUZZYAE


Duke is by far the best Video Game hero ever! Forget Mario! Forget Link!
Forget Solid Snake! Duke is the man!! Look at these accolades he
has gotten from web sites across the internet:

"Bad Street Brawler was designed to be used with the Nintendo Power Glove,
and they go well together since neither of them work."

"It's up to you to fight your way through streets killing whatever puppies
and tiny circus strongmen you run into. And right down to the 
gorillas, it's a perfect recreation of real life bad streets."

"It's actually pretty hard to brawl your way through the streets. Your
days as a punk rocker didn't do much to prepare you for a life of high
action karate battles. There are girl scouts born with flippers that can
punch better than DUKE DAVIS. Another muscle spasm he incorporated into
his martial arts technique was falling over in a move that looked like
it was trying to be a kick. The local animal control probably could
rest easy knowing all they had to do was wander around in a diaper and
have clumsy seizures."

"Using a girly punch, a break dancing thing that almost seems like it's
trying to be a kick, and a move I call "cower in fear..."

"The manual was written by a group of 10 year olds after being injected
with high amounts of Moutain Dew."

"Either way, this game is bad enough that it should be offensive to most
people regardless of their speech impediments."

"Even badder than Bad Dudes, it's Bad Street Brawler! Boy, what a fitting 

"Friends come and go. But enemies accumulate. This quote is sort of like a
fortune cookie. It tries to be deep and meaningful, but comes off sounding
f------ retarded."

"Dammit, Bad Street Brawler, stop molesting that dog!"

"Well, tough s---, if you were a Bad Dude you would get a burger with
Reagan, but because you're only a Bad Street Brawler you get d---."

"You might be thinking that Duke Davis is some kind of blatant Duke
Nukem rip-off, but he's not: he's a hardcore punk vigilante! Besides
Bad Street Brawler was released before Duke Nukem anyway."

"Apparently, the city is unsafe because it's filled with horny dogs,
flying midgets that throw cannonballs at you, trench coated Muppet
pedophiles (oh, so THAT's the evil that's waiting behind every bush!),
and evil clones of Christopher Lloyd."

"Apparently that crippling crack addiction paid off, because this
guy is about as beefy as Ally McBeal."

"Duke Davis is a force to be reckoned with! Did I mention he walks
like a 100-year old guy in high-heeled shoes? No wonder the 'street
savages scatter.'"

VIII. Credits and Websites to visit:

EGM Crapstravaganza!

The #7 worst Nintendo Game Ever:


Classic Video Game Characters:

Game Genie Codes:

Zany Video Game Quotes:


Bad Street Brawler Sprites!

Original Text of Bad Street Brawler Instruction Booklet:

Original Bad Street Brawler Ending:

Video Games Lamest Lead Characters:



Thanks to my mom for having no clue as to decent NES games to get for my
first Nintendo Entertainment System. If I hadn't been blessed to unwrap
Bad Street Brawler I never would have met the awesome stud Duke Davis and
wouldn't have ever written this guide for all the other Duke-philes
across the internet.

Thanks to Drug Lords in Colombia who produced the cocaine that was mixed
with heroin to create the Crack that the game creators at Hasbro smoked
in large quantities when they were making this game. Seriously...a diaper?
A gorilla? An albino breakdancer? Lay off the hits, fellas.

Thanks to fightingcomet86 for giving me someone to brag to about how awesome
Duke Davis is. No, he doesn't understand the 1337 stud that Duke is, but
at least I'm not the only one on the Bad Street Brawler board at Gamefaqs. 

Thanks to world-of-video-games.com for transcribing a whole crapload of old 
NES manuals so I could get the text from the ORIGINAL Bad Street Guide. This
thing was a treasure-trove of cheezy writing.

Also thanks to the site that has classic NES Sprites. Seriously, I never
would have thought that someone would be so bored as to create sprites
from the best NES game ever, but you did. Now my desktop will be decked
out in my "Duke Davis Theme" forever!

Thanks to Hasbro for making this game and allowing me to quote their
instruction booklet.

This guide can be reprinted, quoted, and posted on whatever web site you
want, as long as it remains intact and with proper credit give to me and
the web sites that helped make it. But...I doubt anyone else will
post it, heheh.

Final Note:

                                THE END

                    (OF THE GUIDE TO THE BEST GAME EVER!)

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