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Reviewed: 02/08/00 | Updated: 02/08/00

Gwamm BAAAA! What?

Ugh and double ugh! Data East is a company who had a great string of arcade games that translated into terrible NES games. Bad Dudes may be the worst yet! In it, you are commisioned by the FBI or some federal agency to rescue the president. Yup, you and your doppleganger bad dude brother are out to save the president, who incidently rewards freeing the leader of the most powerful country of the free world with a hamburger.
At first Bad Dudes just seems like a terrible game with awful play control and shoddy graphics. Then you get to the end of the first level. I pity the poor fool who has the volume on his TV over one, because after you beat the boss you hear perhaps the worst digitized speech ever in any game at about 900 decibels:
At least that is all you hear-- I think they are trying to say ''I'm Bad'' as they did in the arcade but the end result is ear splittingly pathetic. The rest of the game doesn't fair too well either.

Graphics=5.0 The best part of the game, unfortunately, and they aren't too good. Bland backgrounds and dumb looking enemies are a recipe for disaster. Even the still shots look bad.

Playcontrol=3.4 Ick! Terrible animation and jerky scrolling will make you think your controller is broken. Do not adjust your set! This game has some of the worst play control ever!

Sounds=0.7 Well, there IS sound, so I can't give it a zero. The awful, awful, awful attempt at making anything worth listening can make you sick. Ugh.

Challenge=8.0 I'll give it a high challenge score because if you can stand playing through this piece of junk, you deserve a medal. The wise will stay away.

Storyline=0.4 You aren't even rescuing a hot girl, you are rescuing the dorky president. Who cares if he dies, that's why we have a Vice-President!

Overall=1.8 Yes, Bad Dudes is indeed BAD_- and BAD is the right word. Terrible Dudes gives away too much of the stinkiness of this game. It belongs in the crapper!
Stay away!!

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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