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Reviewed: 06/30/02 | Updated: 07/01/02

I do not like this game.

Bad Dudes is a Bad Game for the NES. It is perhaps one of the poorest examples of one of the most repetive genres a game could be produced under: The side-scrolling beat 'em up. Certain games work quite well in such a case; Double Dragon was a superb game, and Final Fight may have stayed past its welcome, but it will always be remembered by the loyal fans. Streets of Rage is an excellent example, as well. But Bad Dudes? This is pathetic.

Apparently, about a million and fourteen ninjas have kidnapped The President of the US, President Ronnie, and Spikey Blonde Man questions your courage: are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president? Only these two goons could handle the case, apparently. Forget the authorities, or even people with guns.

Take control of either Blade or Striker; both are exactly the same, except for colors of pants. All they can do is punch, jump, and at random times, kick. The thousands of ninjas that will approach them are too stupid to find any weaknesses in these strategies, though, so all is well. No worries.

The boss characters are almost as easily dispatched. From fire-breathing guys to tiny, angry ninja characters, these are perhaps the most uninteresting and poorly constructed villians in the history of the conceivable struggle of good vs. evil. No worries, though, as the ''good'' side is poorly represented as well, by guys who hang out at the gym all day, fantasizing about eating a hamburger with the president.

If it weren't for the horrid animation and graphics, this game would have been at least livable. It's not, though; the animation is so crude that even walking looks pathetic. There is no real sense of connecting with punches, either. Your characters walks as if he has something in his pants weighing him down. There are some interesting backtround cityscape images, but they aren't that great. Overall, this is a truly regrettable showing.

The background music effectively drowns out any potential sound effects that may exist. I wouldn't know, because you cannot hear them. This detracts from an already disgusting experience. I highly doubt that any sound effects would have been of any notable quality anyhow, it's just the principle of the thing.

The bottom line is that President Ronnie does not deserve saving. He can have his hamburgers with his kidnappers, if he wants. Just don't bother. Go back to the gym.

Rating: 2

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