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Reviewed: 02/10/00 | Updated: 02/10/00

Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy PUNCH!


Sound Effects:6/10
Play Control:7/10
Group Enjoyment:7/10
Individual Enjoyment:7/10

Good Points:
A game based off of the immensely popular arcade game, where you (and a buddy) play a game of 2-on-2, no-holds-barred basketbrawl. So, does this game score the 3 pointer in the last seconds of gameplay, or does it foul out?

Graphics: Great graphics! This, for a Nintendo game, is a GREAT job of porting over a 16-bit game to an 8-bit system. The characters are large and funny looking, and while there IS some slowdown and flicker, it still looks great.

Sound Effects: Ok, this could have been better. I mean, they already had the sounds (from the arcade), and all they had to do was adapt them! Instead, they hacked out just about all of them, and made a couple of new ones. Well, it’s STILL better than some games (I’m looking at YOU Amagon!).

Music: Again, not good enough. Look at “Sound Effects” for a larger rant.

Originality: Before this, there were, what, a couple of basketball games? And this one is not only humorous to watch, but it was also a precursor to NBA Jam (I love punching other basketball players). Wee hah!

Play Control: Sure, the controls are kinda hard to figure out, but there’s enough moves to make the game complex! There are actual strategies to this game! Imagine, a Nintendo game with strategy...

Enjoyment: Whether you’re going solo or playin’ with a friend, this game is sure to please.

Challenge: Ok, so it’s not that hard to drop the computer players and score a big slam dunk. Oh well...

Ending: You get your face in the paper. Oh boy. Let me just go play Street Fighter 3: Third Strike again.

Bad Points:
Well, it’s a Nintendo game, so they weren’t able to get ALL the stuff from the arcade into this game. Then again, this game isn’t that big, while Dragon Warrior 4 is HUGE! With all the space they were able to make for THAT game, I can’t see why they didn’t try harder.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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