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FAQ/Walkthrough by yoh_ho_mario

Version: 1 | Updated: 05/26/06

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

If you have any questions or comments, email me: 
Omar Andrew Dia, yoh_ho_mario@yahoo.com. 

May 26, 2006 -- Version 1 Submitted

Walkthrough Version 1

Copyright 2006 Omar Andrew Dia 

When I first played this game, I thought to myself, wow!  This is so 
horrible, therefore I love it and I must write a GameFAQ on it.  I doubt that 
most of you that clicked open this FAQ did so for gaming help.  You only 
wanted to see who the heck would write a GameFAQ for Rocky and Bullwinkle and 
Friends and [sic].  Yes I am on drugs, not all the time, just for part of 
this writing.  No it is not what you think, I was on some prescribed 
medications following an oral surgical procedure.  Half of that is true, you 


Roll the introduction, exactly as how it appears, sadly.




c 1992 THQ, Inc.
Developed by Radical Entertainment Ltd.
Licensed by Nintendo

T . HQ


created by 


R O R Y  ARMES                   ED  KONYHA


              EXECU T I VE  PR O DU C ER

            HOWARD  PH I L L I PS  O F  THQ

FROSBITE  _____________________________________________   ABOMINABLE
 FALLS                                                     MANSION

'Get our heroes
to Abominable Mansion, and
collect Bullwinkle's inheritance!'


Our Blueprint to Success
Level 1 - 7 Scenes, Level 2 - 3 Scenes, Level 3 - 5 Scenes, Level 4 - 1 
Scene, Level 5 - 6 Scenes.

There is no need for a briefing before each level.  There are no items that 
will be difficult to find.  The game speaks for itself and so does this 

"Start Button" pauses the game.
"Select Button" switches your playable character.
"A Button" to jump
"B Button" to throw a bomb.  Press and hold the "B Button" to hold a bomb, 
release the "B Button" to throw a bomb.  
"Up" on the "D-Pad" opens doors/enters doorways also used to climb up stairs.
"Down" on the "D-Pad" to bend over to grab items.  Walk down stairs.  
"Left" on the "D-Pad" to move your character to the left.
"Right" on the "D-Pad" to move your character to the right.
While holding "Left" or "Right" (or "up", only for Rocky) on the "D-Pad", 
press the "B Button" for a special move.


             WHAT'S THE BUZZSAW?
               SIMPLY SHOCKING

Scene 1
First, select Rocky and begin moving to the right.  You will see two bombs on 
the ground.  It is not necessary to pick these up.   There will be a third 
bomb just after the first two.  Ignore the third, but do not touch it.  It is 
an explosive trap.  As Rocky, your special move is the ability to fly, or 
something of the sort.  As either character, your special move drains your 
health.  Even so, Rocky's special move is worth it, not so much Bullwinkle's.

As you approach the beautiful mountainside, you will see Boris.  Fly past him 
along with the parachuting bombs.  On the last mountain edge sits a key.  Fly 
to it and bend over to pick it up.  Continue moving to the right past Boris 
and to the cabin door.  Ignore the two soda cans outside of the door.  They 
restore some of your health, but they are not needed since your health will 
automatically be restored as soon as you enter the cabin.

Scene 2
When you enter the cabin, tap "right" on the "D-Pad" to slowly move your 
character to the right.  A rodent will appear.  Jump over him and continue 
moving along ground level.  Ignore the first two red spike balls and soda 
can.  After the third red spike ball makes it's debut, you will come to a 
magnificent waterfall.  Scene 3 is not located at the bottom of the 

Move Rocky just under the flight of stairs that are on the second platform.  
Use Rocky's special move to fly over to the second of three platforms.  Move 
Rocky near the edge of the waterfall, face left as to not fall into the 
waterfall and fly to the third platform.  Rocky should now be on or near the 
stairs that lead to Scene 3.  Obviously, Rocky is incapable of climbing the 
stairs.  Switch to Bullwinkle and climb up the stairs.

Scene 3
Forget all the mumbo jumbo, use Rocky to fly past this scene.  Do not worry 
about the rodents or the one red spike ball near the stairs that lead to 
Scene 4.  If you keep moving, you will not lose too much of your health.  Use 
Bullwinkle to climb the stairs to Scene 4.

Scene 4
Switch to Rocky.  To your right are two soda cans and a key.  Bend over to 
pick them up.  Fly to the third platform.  Continue flying past a set of 
three red spike balls.  Enter the cabin.

Scene 5
This Scene includes, Boris throwing bombs, buzzsaws and some goof bombs.  
Goof bombs will always parachute downward.  When they explode, their goofy 
gas will temporarily chase your character.  If the goofy gas tags you, your 
controls will temporarily reverse themselves.  Pressing "Left" will move your 
character to the right and vice versa.

Do not worry about your health, it was just restored and will be restored 
again at the start of Scene 6.  Do not hang around for anything.  Use Rocky 
to fly over the chaos.

Scene 6
Move Rocky down to the second platform, ignoring any bombs.  Jump to the 
third platform and move Rocky to the far left, facing left.  Press and hold 
"right" simultaneously as you use Rocky's special move to reach a small white 
ledge on top of one of those UFO looking things.  Keep holding "right" and 
the "B Button" to allow Rocky to bounce off of the ledge and then fly to the 
fourth platform.

Jump to the fifth platform and then fly to the sixth.  Ignore the soda can if 
one is there, your health will be restored at the start of Scene 7.

Scene 7
Fly over the lizard, bombs and Natasha and enter the cabin.

              RIGHT ON TRACK
              DESERT ANYONE?

Scene 1
You are on a train that moves.  The screen moves as well.  If the left side 
of the screen touches you, you are dead.  If you fall off of the train, you 
are dead.  You need to reserve some health.  Start by jumping from cart to 
cart.  Near the end of this Scene, use Rocky to fly over two gunmen and into 
Scene 2.

Scene 2
This is where the game begins to get challenging.  In this Scene use Rocky to 
jump over two snakes and however many bombs Natasha can manage to drop on 
you.  There will be four gunmen, three of which you need to fly over.  There 
will be a key on a mountain edge, but do not fly to it. Use the two lower 
mountain ledges to jump to it.

This Scene is all about timing.  After a few tries it will be easy as pie.  
Enter the cabin for Scene 3.  Remember to conserve your health.

Scene 3
Do you remember what I said about conservation?  You only need two bars of 
health for this.  Use Rocky to fly to the second platform.  Boris will be 
there dropping bombs below.  There are a lot of snakes running around down 
there.  Do not bother with the two soda cans on the lower ledge.  Your health 
will be restored as soon as you walk past Boris and into the open doorway.

                 BOMB VOYAGE
               ROCKY SEAS AHEAD!

Scene 1
As soon as the Scene opens, use Rocky to fly over the goof bombs and onto the 
platform.  Keep flying past the pirate.  Walk over to the gap in the 
platform, fly over it and drop down to the lower ledge.  Pick up the soda can 
and the bombs if you feel like it.  Fly back up to the platform and go back 
to where you saw the first pirate.  The pirate is gone!  Use Bullwinkle to 
climb up the stairs to Scene 2.

Scene 2
Move along until you see a key guarded by a pirate.  Stand in front and 
outside the reach of the pirate's weapon.  Jump up and throw a bomb in the 
pirate's direction.  It will land close enough to damage him.  Three bombs 
and he is out.  Bend over to pick up the key.  There will be another pirate 
guarding the next door.  Do the same to get past him.

Scene 3
Stay on the top platform, move past the first flight of stairs, past the 
bombs and to the locked door.  Pick up the bombs if you feel like it.  You 
will see one of two pirates near the bottom of the second flight of stairs.  
While keeping your character on the top platform, throw at least three bombs 
to get rid of the pirate blocking the stairs.

Move down the stairs and to the right, ignore the other pirate.  Another 
flight of stairs will lead you to Scene 4.  Use Bullwinkle to walk down the 
stairs.  If you jump down the stairs, you will lose a life.

Scene 4
Slowly move to the right towards the next pirate.  Use Bullwinkle to charge 
him and pass him.  Pick up the two soda cans along with the heart.  The heart 
gives your character an extra life.  Move along the same platform and bend 
over to pick up the key.  You will see a pirate standing at the bottom of the 
stairs located on a higher platform.  Those stairs lead to Scene 3.1.  Do not 
fly up there just yet.  While staying on the lower platform, jump up and 
throw some bombs to get rid of the pirate.  Use Rocky to fly up to the 
platform and then Bullwinkle to climb up the stairs.

Scene 3.1
Now you can go through the door.

Scene 5
Charge past the pirate and into Level 4.

                  LAND HO!

Scene 1
Use Rocky to fly over Boris and two sets of three red spike balls.  Move just 
past a seventh red spike ball and jump from rock to rock to cross the pond.  
With a few minutes of practice, it will become easy.  Make sure you jump to 
conserve health.  Bend over to pick up the key and move along.  Once back on 
land, fly over the critters and to the end of the Level.

            THE MOOSE IS TOO RICH!

Scene 1
Use Rocky to walk to the right.  Walk under the first goof bomb you see which 
will be just in front of Natasha.  Fly over Natasha and jump to avoid 
explosive bombs.  It is not a big deal if the goofy gas tags you.  Keep 
moving to the right and switch to Bullwinkle to climb up two sets of steps.

Scene 2
At the start of this scene, there will be a set of two parachute bombs.  
Ignore the first, just do not jump into the explosions.  Jump over the second 
parachute bomb just as it hits ground level.  You should jump over the 
explosion along with a chef that runs by.  Keep moving until you see a 
kitchen sink in the background.  As you pass by it, a chef will approach.  
Jump over him.  Switch to Rocky now if you have not already.  

There will be a set of two parachute bombs, the second of the two will be a 
goof bomb.  Ignore the first, just do not jump into it.  Slowly approach the 
first bomb and watch for the goof bomb to make an appearance.  Once it 
appears, wait for the goofy gas to approach you.  When it draws near, fly 
over it.  You will also fly over a third chef.  Move Rocky down to where the 
"floor tiles" end.  You will see a few boxes that have skulls and crossbones 
on them.  Jump over the gap, onto the boxes and down to Scene 3.

Scene 3
Move Rocky to the right.  Drop down to the boxes below.  Move to the left and 
drop down to ground level.  Simply walk past all of the diving bats and into 
Scene 4.

Scene 4
Practice makes perfect.  Ignore the diving bats.  Use Rocky to jump from rock 
to rock until you land on a longer than usual rock.  Walk to the far right 
side of the rock.  Fly past the remaining few rocks and into Scene 5.  Do not 
worry about landing on that red chest.

Scene 5
This Scene has one set of three red spike balls and two sets of two red spike 
balls.  It also has a knight that shoots arrows and it has goof bombs too.  
No timing is necessary here.  Use Rocky to fly over all of it.  Do not worry 
about your health.  It will be restored at the start of Scene 6.

Scene 6
This part does look hard but it is not.  There is no need for Rocky to fly 
past anything.  Select him anyway if you have not already.  All of the 
activity is just a ruse.  There will be several goof bombs.  Let them tag you 
and continue moving to the right.  Do not try to jump over Natasha.  She will 
back away as she throws bombs in your direction.  Follow Natasha while 
keeping Rocky between her and the bombs explosions.  As you follow Natasha a 
wolf will approach, followed by a lizard.  When they arrive, jump over them 
and continue moving.


Yep, that is it.  No Credits, roll introduction.


Allow me to jot down all of the people's names that appeared in this game

                   RORY  ARMES                   
                   ED  KONYHA
                   CHRIS  LIPPMANN              
                   PAUL  WILKINSON
                   HOWARD  PHILLIPS  

                   FIND THEM AND THANK THEM

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My thanks go out to the following websites for politely asking to post my 
walkthroughs (in other words, they are not thieves):


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