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Reviewed: 04/04/04

This is not the end of the battle!

One of Hal's first games involves a blue ball like creature named Lolo. Lolo and Lala can be seen in several Kirby games (like SuperStar) and the duo follow Kirby around in the current Kirby: Right Back At Ya television show. Does Lolo live up to being a 'side kick' to Kirby? Let's see.

Story 4/10: Some monster thingamabob steals Lolo's pink Princess (his sister/girlfriend/mom/friend/etc?) named Lala. The abductor is supposedly the great devils evil empire. You storm his castle in hopes of rescuing her.

Gameplay 6/10: The gameplay is so-so. You have to collect all of the heart containers in a room to open its chest. Once you press the switch, you trigger the door to open and you can advance to the next room. Some of the containers give you ammo which you can use to shoot the enemies. The enemies range from snails, skulls, turtlish looking things, etc. You can shoot them with your ammo to defeat them. They can and will respawn after a short period of time, so it is a better idea to try to trap them in a small spot by using blocks. You can push blocks around to open new paths for yourself or to trap enemies. After a few rooms, you advance to the next floor which contains more tricky puzzles.

Sound/Music 8/10: The music is pretty catchy and well-done as most of HAL's music is. It has a calm mood, which is good for puzzle games as some tunes drive you crazy which is not good for puzzle games.

Graphics 5/10: They're decent graphics, but all of the colors are somewhat dull. The dullness leads you to ignore or not see certain blocks or enemies.

Replay Value 5/10: There's really only one or two ways to beat a level, so there isn't much to come back for. However, it is fun to take different routes through the level to see which one is the fastest.

SUMMARY 5/10: If you like puzzle games with a pinch of action you'll enjoy this game. But, if you don't like puzzles with little replay value, stay far far away from this game. For one of Hal's first games, they did a good job and have greatly improved on the quality of their games. As for LoLo and LaLa go, for LoLo to keep his sanity through these levels and game, he's definitely won his title as ''follow Kirby around sidekick'' ;p

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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