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Guide and Walkthrough by Clovershroom

Updated: 06/26/2002

FAQ #11

                         The Adventures of

       *******     ***   ***   ***  ******   ***    ***
       ***  ***   *****   *** ***  ***  ***  ***    ***
       ***  ***  **   **   *****   ***  ***  ***    ***
       *******  ***   ***   ***    ***  ***  ***    ***
       #######  #########   ###    ###  ###  ###    ### 
       ###  ### ###   ###   ###    ###  ###  ###    ###
       ###  ### ###   ###   ###    ###  ###   ########
       #######  ###   ###   ###     ######     ######

       #######   #######  ###       ###     ###   ###
       ###  ###  #######  ###       ###      ### ###
       ###  ###    ###    ###       ###       #####
       #######     ###    ###       ###        ###
       *******     ***    ***       ***        ***
       ***  ***    ***    ***       ***        *** 
       ***  ***  *******  ********  ********   *** 
       *******   *******  ********  ********   ***

                   The Complete Walkthrough!
               Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda) 
             E-mail address: cedric60914@yahoo.com

Welcome to the Bayou Billy guide, which (By the looks of things anyway) is 
the only walkthrough you'll find on the internet.  I'm assuming that you'll 
be needing all the help you'll get from a game as hard as heck, so you'll 
be wanting to read this.  By all means, do so, if that means you'll be wanting 
to sell it afterwards for it giving you such a hard time.

Table Contents

1. Introduction 
2. Overview
A. Beat 'em up
B. Shooting
C. Driving
3. Walkthrough
4. Weird Glitches
5. Credits
6. Disclaimer

Update History


The guide's first release.


Wiped out Frequently Asked Questions, basically because I forgot them...but 
rather than add some possible Frequently Asked Questions, I'm throwing the 
section out altogether.


Fixed some VERY careless errors. 

1. Introduction

"What is Bayou Billy?" You're probably asking me.  Well, Bayou Billy was  made 
in 1989 by Konami, who brought us undeniable classics like Contra, a handful 
of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games, and several others I'm not mentioning 
(I've never played Castlevania or Gradius, BTW.).  Here, this game combined 
three different genres into one cartridge.  The beat 'em up genre, the 
shooting genre, and the driving genre into one cartridge.  Basically, before 
Battletoads gave us intolerable difficulty, this game was first.  It revolves 
around the escapades of a a swamp hero, Billy West (a.k.a. Bayou Billy), who 
has to save his girlfriend, Annabelle from Gordon.

This game was basically hard due to poor hit detection in the beat 'em up 
stages, loose control for the driving stages, and the shooting for being easy, 
but cheap sometimes.  Here, by the looks of reviews, it's a game you either 
like of hate (Hate in many cases.).  Basically, Battletoads was hard by nature, 
and almost everyone liked it.  This game is a different story.  It's hard 
for the wrong reasons, wich were mentioned previously: Poor hit detection, 
Loose controls, and insane difficulty.  Which is why this guide is here: To 
help you beat the game (Duh!).  Good Luck.

2. Overview of the three games:

A. Beat 'em up

Part 1: Description

A drunk version of Double Dragon is what this particular game is.  As you 
can tell, it uses the Double Dragon fighting engine.  One button is for 
punching, and another is for kicking.  Both can be pressed for a jump-kick, 
because the NES controller doesn't have many buttons.

Like in any beat 'em up, you walk around beating the life out of bad guys 
until they die.  Since this isn't Final Fight or the Streets of Rage sequels, 
don't expect any life bar but yours and the bosses (The original SoR didn't 
have a life meter).  Because of the poor hit-detection system, hitting enemies 
can be a pain.  Many people say that enemies can usually be jump kick, since 
it will prevent enemies from hitting back, but this doesn't always help.  
Since your enemies (Unfortunately) can't be stunned (Actually, they are 
stunned, but it's only for about, hm...I don't know....a split second?).

Also, you get weapons, ranging from an everyday whacking stick to a whip.  
Heck, you can even use guns in here!  Apart from everyday thugs, you fight 
and crocodiles, birds in the first two stages invovling this game.  While 
it is rare for you to use a gun, getting weapons is more than common, along 
with a piece of meat to replenish your health. 
The enemies, though, while very dumb, take full advantage of the lousy hit 
detection for cheap hits.  Because of this, this makes it even harder for 
you to go ahead and fight your enemies.   
Out of the 9 total stages this game has, it covers 5.  Stages 1,3,6,8, and 
9 hav this genre.  1 and 3 takes place in the swamps, stage 6 at Bourbon Street, 
8 at the enterance to Gordon's mansion, and the final one inside the mansion. 
Stages 3 and 9 has you fighting bosses at the end.  

This would be going with some of the worst beat 'em ups like Rival Turf 
(Although that was actually pretty good),  but a game this poor would make 
Rival Turf look like Double Dragon when it first debuted at the local arcades.  
No kidding.

Part 2: Controls

Control Pad: 
B: Punch/Use weapon/Fire gun
A: Kick
A & B together: Jump Kick
Select: Swtich to Gun (If you have ammo)
Start: Pause   

Part 3: Items and Weapons

Stick: A good old fashioned whacking stick.  It works wonders on crocodiles, 
and will be your main weapon for the first few stages.  That is, until you 
get the whip...

Knife: An OK weapon, it's good at long range attacking, and it does fair damage, 
but you constantly have to pick it up, plus anyone wearing a bullet-proof 
vest will cause it to bounce off harmlessly.  Use it only when there's no 
other weapon.

Whip: Longer and more damaging then Double Dragon's lousy counterpart, this 
weapon has a good range, and does good damage as well.  You'll get this near 
2/3 of the game, but it'll be helpful near the end.  Trust me.

Guns: Very rarely will you fight enemies with these, but it'll be helpful.  
For every gun you pick up, it's six bullets.

Meat: Some enemies drop this sometmes.  It recovers your entire health.  (I 
may use different terms for it, like a meatball or something.)

Bullet-Proof vest: It'll not only protect you from bullets and knives, but 
it can help you take more damage as well.  Some enemies wear this.  

Part 4: Hints and tips

- In terms of unarmed combat, punches are weak, Jump kicks are strong, and 
kicking is in between.

- Although many people say that jump-kicking enemies usually prevents them 
from hitting you back, it doesn't always work the way it should.  Enemies 
have time to escape if not executed quickly, and you can be knocked out of 
it as well (Unless you move while doing it).

- This may come as a surprize to you, but for me, I hit the kick button as 
fast as possible.  Sometimes, an enemy may not be able to react in time.

- All enemies act differently, and by getting used to the way they fight, 
you'll have an easier time with them.

- Always carry a weapon for protection, and swing it as fast as possible, 
you'll be a little safer.

- Here's kooky glitch I discovered while playing, go to either the far left 
or right side of the screen (Usually right) and kick the enemy when he's just 
about on top of you, he'll get hit, walk into the screen, and walk away again, 
but you can kick him to bring him back (Don't use jump kicks, he may escape) 
to you, and this can be done until you beat him.  Don't do this if there's 
more than one enemy sprite, however.

- If you beat the practice version of it, you get a meatball.  When you  run 
out of health, it'll replenish it automatically, an extra life bar of sorts.  
Try not to use it too early...

B. Shooting

1. Description

This is self-explanatory.  Here, you use the Zapper to shoot people, but not 
everyone has a Zapper, plus, there are some people who's accuracy stinks with 
it (Like myself).  As you'll notice, the difference in between Game A and 
Game B is that game A lets you use the Zapper, while Game B uses the controller.

Here, this takes up two of the nine stages, 2 and 7.  They're the easiest 
of the three games, but not by much.  In fact, it takes effort to die here 
according to one review, because you constantly get powerups.

Throughout the stages, the screen will stop for a while and enemies will come 
out one at a time.  This is kind of easy, though.  It's the bosses who'll 
provide you with insane challenge with cheap hits all around. 

Apart from dying the normal way, you'll also "die" if you have no ammo left.  
Aim carefully!

2. Controls 
Game A (Zapper)

Think of it as firing a real gun.  Pull the trigger to shoot, and aim with 
your hand.  You'll be like Captain N (An old school 80's cartoon from back 
in the day)in no time.  And don't worry, you don't have to shoot away from 
the screen to reload, that's for games like Lethal Enforcers and such.

Game B (Controller) 
Control Pad is to aim with a crosshair, and A or B will fire a shot.  Start 
pauses, and Select isn't used.  Trust me, it doesn't need a list like the 
other two games on controls.

3. Powerups

Bullet Proof Vest: with this on, you're invincible for 20 seconds.  Nothing 
will harm you! 

Bullet: Gives 40 rounds of ammo.

First Aid Kit: Refills your entire health. 
Hourglass: For 20 seconds, you can fire like a madman, because you won't lose 
any ammo until it stops working.

Star: Wipes out all enemies on screen.

1up: Appearing in the form of Billy, this gives you an extra life.

4. Hints and tips

- Everytime you miss, you lose a bullet, but if you hit someone, your bullet 
is kept.  If two people are shot at the same time, you get an extra bullet!  
Weird and confusing, but that's how it's done. 

- The game you pick depends on your preferences.  Game A should be played 
for those who are skilled with the Zapper (I never call it the light gun) 
and have played several shooters like it (Lethal Enforcers is a good example).  
Game B should be played if you don't have a Zapper, or you do have one, but 
your accuracy stinks with it.

- The Zapper only has 50 bullets,  so aim carefully.  It's doubled to 100 
if you use the controller.

- You can shoot projectiles away from you (Like dynamite) if you fire at it.  
It'll go off the screen if it does.

- For those who stink with the Zapper, you can go up to the screen and shoot 
the enemies as they appear.  I can't guarantee your accuracy will improve, 
but you'll have an easier time, that's for sure.

- And ALWAYS have lots of health and ammo for the boss. 

- By beating the practice game (Game A or B), you'll get extra bullets.

C. Driving

1. Description

Similar to Roadblasters, but ten times more rigged.  Here, you must drive 
drive your way in a jeep from point A to point B while shooting cars.  However, 
you also have to take care of planes that drop bombs and puddles of oil and 
water, along with poles on the side of the road.

The controls are kind of loose here, but a mistake often made is that people 
forget to slow down of some of the tricky turns, but the poles are more 
annoying than the planes or cars you'll encounter.  They go in a pattern, 
and ae not randomly placed (Contrary to what one reviewer said), but they 
are still annoying.

Out of the 9 stages, this, like the shooting stages, has two of them; Stages 
4 and 5.  You die with one hit, and your time is at 100 seconds.  I don't 
know what happens if you run out of time, but I came awfully close in stage 
5 (I finished it with 2 seconds remaining).  Stage 4 is on a dirt road, while 
stage 5 is on a highway.

2. Controls

Up: Accelerate, release to slow down
Down: Brake
Left or Right: Turn in that direction
A: launch grenade
B: Fire Gun
Select: Not used
Start: Pause

3. Powerups

Gas Can: There's only one of them, and it gives back about 10 seconds of time.  
It appears in Stage 4, but you might not see it in Stage 5 (And even if you 
did, it's easy to miss).  That's also (Unfortunately) the only powerup you'll 
get here.

4. Hints and Tips

- Not too many people realize that you can slow down.  Just release up or 
press down if you think you'll crash into something, or if you're coming into 
a very tricky turn.

- When you launch a grenade, you can't fire any shots it it hits something.  

- If a car and helicopter comes at the same time, look carefully to see who'll 
come to you first.  90% of the time, it's the cars.

- It's easier to dodge bombs the planes drop on straightways than on turns.

- Try to shoot every car you see on the road.  Don't try to pass it up unless 
there's no other choice and you're absolutely certain it won't catch up.

- The poles are not randomly placed, they go in a zig-zag patterrn from left 
to right.  That doesn't make it any easier to dodge, though.

- Grenades can also hit any cars in front of you, but they're more for hitting 
the planes above.

- Don't slow down too much, remember, you're timed.

- For beating the practice version of it, you'll get an extra life, not more 
oil (Contrary to what the many codes on websites say).

3. Walkthrough

Stage 1 (Beat 'em up)

NOTE: When I mean by a "piece", I mean a part of the level you fight the guys 
on.  Got it? 

Piece 1

You'll start off by meeting a guy in blue.  If you have to use jump kicks, 
use them while moving.  It only takes six of them for him to die.  You can 
also use kicks in case the jump kick strategy doesn't work.

Piece 2

A guy in red and a guy in blue are your next opponents, the red one being 
quicker than the blue one.  The red ones also take more damage as well.  Take 
of one of them, then the other, and move to the next.

Piece 3  

Now two enemies in blue along a red guy will join the party.  One of the guys 
in blue carries a drumstick.  Jump kick around like crazy, because you'll 
take huge damage if you try anything else.  Once you find it, take it or save 
it after you're done with them.  Take it right especially if you're low on 

Piece 4 
Wade your way through a pool full of crocodiles.  There's also logs for you 
to stand on.  Punch any birds that get in your way and jump kick to work your 
way through the pool faster.  You don't have to fight the crocodiles, so don't 

Piece 5

Now you'll deal with some fat guys.  Two carry rocks, the other one has a 
stick.  Kick the one without the rock to make him drop the stick, and beat 
him over the head with hit.  If you're really fast, you can kil him before 
he can react, so don't bother using jump kicks.  As for the two guys carrying 
rocks, move out of the way when they throw of course, but it's not hard to 
hit them to make him drop it.  Of other note, you can't pick up the rocks.

Piece 6

Just a ordinary red guy going by...with A KNIFE!  Again, you can hit him to 
make him drop it, or let him throw the knife, but take cover behind the tree 
first.  Regardless of what happens.  Kill him with the stick, but DO NOT pick 
up the knife, trust me.

Piece 7 

You'll go into another pond.  This time, you have to fight TWO CROCODILES!  
Get to either the far left or far right side of the pond and hit them from 
there with the stick.  If you don't have a stick, you can still beat them, 
it's just difficult.  Plus, you'll get hit more, and their range is short, 
not to mention that they are weak.  Jump kicks are also out of the question, 
they'll knock you out of it.  Once their dead, search around the pond for 
any pieces of meat they've dropped.  It can be hard to find in there.

Piece 8

Not you'll go out of one pond and into the next.  There's a small piece of 
land in between them.  On the left side, two guys in gray scuba suits will 
rise from the water.  On the other side,a guy in a white scuba suit come up.  
The one in white has a bullet-proof vest, the other two have guns.  I'd go 
after the one in the bullet-proof vest first, then the two guys with the guns.  
They all can be taken care of with jump kicks before they can react.  HA!  
Pick up the guns, also.  You should have 12 rounds.

Piece 9

A bare-chested guy wielding a stick is here.  And two more men in gray scuba 
suits join in.  They can be taken care of with your gun.

Piece 10

Same as before, but only guy in a scuba suit appears, and it's in white this 
time.  Pop the the stick-wielding guy with two shots from your gun.  Then 
strip the other one of his scuba suit, and end his suffering with one bullet.

Piece 11

Work your way through a another huge pond filled with crocodiles.  You don't 
have to fight them, just work your way to the end.  And that's it!  Stage 
1 is finished!

Stage 2 (Shoot 'em up)

This really doesn't need a walkthrough, as it's too easy.  Here are some hints 

- Enemies who take cover in water, grass, or behind tree stump can be shot 
for items. 

- When the screen stops for a moment, enemies will jump out of the trees, 
one at a time.  Shoot enough of them to move on.  There are only two of them.

- After the first wave of enemies (When the screen stops and enemies keep 
jumping out), shoot the star (It should be the second one you've seen in this 
stage).  Apart from killing everyone on screen, a 1up will appear!

Boss: The boss is a helicopter that flies back and forth.  It shoots at you 
every once in while as well.  Also, men with machine guns will come out and 
shoot you.  You're hit by these guys in machine guns AFTER the they're done 
firing, so shoot them fast.  Concentrate your firepower on the chopper, and 
shoot the guys with machine guns ONLY if they become annoying.

Stage 3 (Beat 'em up)

Piece 1

Here, you'll face a two guys, one who normally carries a rock, and a red guy.  
The red guy has the knife, the rock throwing enemy has a stick.  The stick 
will finish them both easily.

Piece 2

Another small pond with crocodiles.  Be careful of the bird flying once you 
step in.  As before, go to either side of the pond and whack them with the 
stick from there, and search for any meat before going on.

Piece 3

Two more rock-carrying enemies waltz in, but only one has a rock this time.  
Again, the stick will finish them off.

Piece 4

Now a blue guy and a red guy comes in, the red one carrying a meatball.  The 
stick of course...well, you get it now.

Piece 5

Okay, this is challenging.  Three red guys all have weapons.  Two have knives, 
and one has a stick.  To save your health, I suggest running around and wait 
for someone to throw a knife, then pick it up and throw it at someone.  I've 
actually only lost one bar doing this, so you should be able to escape with 
little damage.  Be sure to pick up another stick after you're done, also.

Piece 6  

Just a red guy by himself.  Bash him good with the stick! 
Piece 7

Ugh...a boss, and I hate him.  He has a bullet proof vest, and his punches 
and kicks are real long.  Plus, if you're too close, he'll throw you, taking 
away one lifebar!  Cheapskate!  So to defeat him, go up or down below him 
and kick him as fast as you can.  I'm not kidding, kick him as quickly as 
possible, and only jump kick if he getting too close.  It's cuckoo, yes, but 
it's worked for me a few times before.  And you've beaten stage 3!

Stage 4 (Driving)

Note: I won't list the locations of the poles, I've said that they go in a 
zig-zag pattern.  This'll be done in a step-by-step format for easier reading.

1. Go forward and shoot the blue car ahead, then you'll turn to the right.  
Shoot the car along the way also.

2. The right turn will quickly become left after shooting the car, so be ready. 
Then it'll go into a straightaway for while.

3. Blow the the first car with a grenade, and shoot the car shortly afterwards.

4. Another quick turn to the right follows this, then a quick turn to the 
left.  Shoot the car also.

5. The road will be straight for a while, and after blowing up the plane with 
a grenade, you'll turn to the left.  

6. After that short turn, shoot both cars.  After the straightaway make light 
turn to the left-the curve is short.

7. Shoot the blue car, and you'll have to make a hard turn to the right while 
shooting two yellow cars, which are faster than the red ones!

8. After that turn, a plane will appear.  Stay to the right, because two rocks 
will appear on the left.  Another plane will also come.

9. Shoot the blue car and make a left, but be careful-a plane is coming during 
that time!

10. After blowing up the plane and destroying the two cars, you'll make a 
right turn.  Another turn to the right caomes shortly afterwards.

11. Go down the straightaway, shooting cars, until you turn right, but the 
turn is short, and you'll have to make a turn to the left in a second or two, 
followed but one more right curve!!  Plus, a plane will appear, so make sure 
the grenade hits!  Shoot the car near the end, also.

12. Another turn to the left...don't turn to far to the left, however.  A 
rock is on the left side.

13. You'll drive straight for a little while, shooting cars along the way.  
They'll fool you a bit here, though. The rock is on the RIGHT side this time, 
not the left.  A plane comes after this.

14. Make a right while blowing up the plane and shooting the car. After a 
short straightaway with two cars, turn to the left and blow the plane.

15. After making a right curve, go to the left, and you'll see the only gas 
can in here.

16. Turn to the left while shooting the cars.  On the right side, the last 
rock will appear.  Make another turn to the left.

17. After another straight path, turn to the right.  Dodge the puddle (Which 
will slow you down) and blow up th planes with your grenades as they appear.

18. Turn to the left, then quickly to the right, then left, then right again.  
The planes won't make it any easier.  Blast the car at the end.

19. You're almost there!  Just two turns to the right, and a turn to the left, 
and  you're done!

Stage 5 (Driving)

1. I love this music. Turn to the right, and blast the green car, then turn 
to the left and do the same thing.

2. Another turn turn to the right follows.  Blast the two cars.  You'll dodge 
the puddle of oil, because mainly you'll be on the left side.  

3. And another turn goes to the left.  Blast the two cars and turn to the 
right.  You'll encounter your first helicopter, acting similar to the planes.  
Use your grenades, as always. 

4. You'll make another turn to the right while shooting cars, and a turn to 
the left as well. Blow up the helicopter and make another left turn.

5. You'll turn right, blowing up two helicopters on the way, I hope.  And 
another sharp turn to the left, and one to right, but the turn's lengthy! 

6. Another turn to the left is made.  Be ready for that red car!  It's also 
pretty long.  After that, it's another turn to the right, and a quick turn 
to the left.  You'll FINALLY hit a straightaway!

7. Kill the cars and helicopters you encounter. Prepare to hurt your thumbs 
again, though, you'll turn to the right.

8.  After that, you'll turn to the left, then to the right, then to the left 
again.  During each turn you'll encounter a car except for the second left 
turn, which has a helicopter at the end.

9. Finally, another straightaway!  Don't get too cocky, we're making another 
right turn!  Then there's another left curve, and a turn to the right, then 
to the left again.  Remember to shoot any cars or heilcopters that appear!

10. Another straightaway...See #8 and #9.  It's the same thing, but the turns 
aren't that sharp as before.  

11.  Here's one more straightaway, followed by a turn to the left, then a 
turn to the right into another straightaway.

12. After the straightaway, shoot the car ahead and turn to the right, then 
to the left.

13. They try to be nasty here on the last part.  You're navigating an "S" 
curve.  You'll have to turn to the right, then QUICKLY to the left, then to 
the right, then to the left, then to the right once more!  I suggest slowing 
down here.  Try not to crash into any cars during this time!  You're done 
after this!

As for why this stage's walkthrough is more shorter than stage 4, it's because 
there are more curves and less straightaways.  

Stage 6 (Beat 'em up) 

Note: Can't Billy just drive to Gordon's mansion instead of doing some 
fighting here?  It'd save us time... 
Plus, if you play on the driving stages like I do, you'll have died a few 
times upon arriving here.  If you've made it with the stick and Bullet Proof 
vest, you're doing great. 
Piece 1

You'll encounter two women who'll stick knives at you, then run away.  If 
you still have the stick, hit them with it as quick as you can.  One wears 
red, another wears brown, but they take the same amount of damage, regardless 
of color.  If not, you'll have to use kicks (They may hit you out of them).

Piece 2

Just a girl in blue, who behaves similiar to the two you just met.  Not too 
hard...if you make it that way...

Piece 3

See piece 1, becuase that's the same thing.

Piece 4

A knucklehead will swing his ball and chain at you.  Get out of the way when 
he turns red, and once the ball and chain comes back to him, finish him.  Use 
jump kicks on this guy.

Piece 5

Same as piece 4, but a chick in brown will come.  Take care of the chainman 
first, and be sure to move away when the lady with the knife stabs you.

Piece 6

Great, now two guys with ball and chains.  don't worry,  this is easy.  Get 
in the center (They enter the screen from opposite sides) and this'll cause 
them to swing both ball and chains.  Move out of the way, and pick which one 
you'll wail on, since they won't move for a few seconds.  Take care of the 
other shortly afterwards.  The one on the left has a meatball.

Piece 7

See piece 4, but the chick is in blue this time.

Piece 8

Now two guys in green will jump from above.  They both carry whips.  Jump 
kick like crazy, until one of them drops it, but be careful because they'll 
go back for the whip you made them drop.  Once you've done that, it's a matter 
of keeping your distance.

Piece 9

A woman in brown is all you'll face.  Whip her good, but move away when she 
walks toward you, she may stab you.  She carries a knife, but you don't need 

Piece 10

Now three women, one of a diiferent color, will go up against you.  Move away 
if one or two approach, and use the whip's range to your advantage.

Piece 11

Just a guy in green with a whip.  You should have one of your own, so this 
should be easy.

Piece 12

Now three guys in green will come.  The two that jump down carries a whip, 
the other a stick.  Use your whip and stay on the right side of the screen.

Piece 13

Two women, one in red, another in brown, will fight you next.  You still have 
the whip, right?  Another easy one if you watch yourself.

Piece 14

The guys in shades aren't good news.  Go forward until you see your first 
one and stop there.  If you go too far, you'll deal with two of them at once.  
Deal with only one of them at a time.  Both carry sticks.  Whip them as fast 
as you can and he might not be able to react.

Piece 15

Just a woman in brown.  Basically, a free ride, since they SHOULD be easy 

Piece 16 

See piece 10.  The one in red has a meatball.

Piece 17

Another man with shades...strip him of his bullet-proof vest so his shirt 
changes color from brown to white.  Then finish him quickly with the whip.  
He carries a stick.

Piece 18

Another man in shades, minus the bullet-proof vest.  He carries a stick.  The 
second one will come with a knife.  You should have a bulletproof vest on, 
and the knife will bounce off of you!

Piece 19

See piece 17, but he carries a whip this time!  And you'll have beaten the 
longest stage in here!  *Faints*

Stage 7 (Shooting)

As before, it doesn't need a walkthrough, but here's some pointers if you're 
interested, since it's a little harder...

- Enemies can hide behind doors and windows.  Some doors will open with them 
aiming at you!

- A motorcyclist goes by firing at you if he gets the chance.  After a few 
shots, he'll usually leave behind some bullets.

- Watch for enemies who pop out of manholes.

- Everytime the screen stops, enemies will enter from the left and right 
(Usually outside the building).

- Health is a little more scarce, so if you see a first-aid kit, fire at it 
at once!

- After the second wave of enemies, you'll come across a bullet-proof vest.  
This can help you while you find any first-aid kits.

There are two of them.  One jumps around and throws knives.  Another one fires 
his gun like a maniac.  Take care of the big guy first, then concentrate on 
the little guy.  Everytime he lands, he'll throw a knife.  During that time, 
shoot him so your shot can delfect it, then concentrate on the big guy, because 
his gun will always hurt you when fired.  With the little guy by himself, 
he'll be a goner in a few seconds thanks to this strategy.

Stage 8 (Beat 'em up)

If you managed to beat stage 7 without dying, and you have the bullet proof 
vest and the whip, consider this stage easy.  Otherwise, prepare to face 
frustration.  This is very short, however.

Piece 1 
Three guys in green are all armed with guns.  With the whip and bullet-proof 
vest, this is easy.  Whip them like crazy and they'll die.  If you don't have 
them, take the first up close with moving jump kicks and try to take their 
guns away before they get to them.

Piece 2

Three guys in shades with in bullet-proof vests will appear.  One has a knife, 
another with a whip, and one more with a stick.  Jump kick around and get 
rid of their bullet-proof vests, then kill them with your gun before they 
do anymore damage.

Piece 3

A man will call for guard dogs everytime he uses his whip.  Strip him of his 
bullet-proof vest and kill him.  The dogs cn be taken care of with your whip.  
This stage is now over!

Stage 9 (Beat 'em up)


Okey doke.  It's time to face Gordon.  Here, he'll kick you, fire his gun 
at you, and also choke hold you when he grabs you.  He's not easy to hit as 
well, as he jumps away.  If you have the bullet-proof vest and the whip, he's 
easy.  The best time to hit him is when he fires his gun or you've trapped 
him (In this case, making him jump to the very top of bottom of the screen.).  
Plus, the bullets he fires at you will bounce off harmlessly.  

If you don't have the whip and bullet-proof vest, you can still beat him, 
it's just difficult.  Always stay close so he doesn't fire his gun (He may 
do it at close range, so watch yourself) and keep kicking him like mad (He 
can easily dodge your jump-kicks).  He kicks fast, though, so be careful.

But after he's dead, you have to face Rocky and Rocco, the heirs to his estate!  
Oi!  They'll punch, kick, and grab you while the other pounds you!  
If you're patient, they can be beaten easily with the whip and bullet-proof 
vest on.  First, they'll enter from opposite sides.  Feel free to get in some 
early hits.  When they come toward you, go in either a clockwise or 
counter-clockwise direction.  Make sure they're together.  

Y= You 
Ry= Rocky
Ro= Rocco
                            /        \
                           Y       Ry&Ro
                            \        /       
According to the map I made,  You'll want to keep both of them together.  Make 
sure you're going in a circle (Either clockwise or counter clockwise, I don't 
care), and every time you're on opposite sides of the circle path you're 
making, start whipping them.  Keep this going until you beat both of them, 
becuase they each have five blocks of health, totaling ten blocks altogether.

If they're seperate, you have to take of the one who's closest to you, then 
runway and get them together again.  And when going in a circle path, you 
have to make sure the circle is just right.  If it's too big, they'll cut 
across diagonally.  If it's too small, you'll get hit.  It has to be just 

And if you die, the next time you face them, it'll be five bars of health.  
Since you won't have the whip, you'll have be slightly above or below them 
and or jump kick, then run away and use the tactic I explained.  Your circle 
may need to be a little smaller, though.  

And you will finally beat this miserable game!!!  Try to stomach th cliche' 
romantic ending, if you can.

5. Glitches and other oddities

Dissappearing act #1: On enemies with bullet-proof vests, I hit one with a 
stick it disappeared and broke.  I really don't know what happened, but I 
can't use it anymore.  Hmmm...

Dissappearing act #2: In Stage 1, after you cross the first pond with 
crocodiles, you might see a bird flying to the right on the left side of the 
screen.  Here, if you make it to where you first fight the fat guys with rocks, 
and the bird is still there, You'll only get one guy carrying a rock instead 
of the usual two!  Here's the best part...he doesn't come at all!  This game 
can only have three sprites on screen at a time!

Dissappearing act #3: In the spot where you first fight the guys in scuba 
suits, kick the one's in gray to the left-you might not even see Billy's Leg!

Dissappearing act #4: Those ladies who'll stab you with knives in stage 6 
has glitch I hardly ever see-if they're partially or completely off-screen, 
and they don't appear for about 3 seconds, the game wipes it out and you can 
move on!  Huh?

Walking 'round in circles:  At the beginning of stage 1, at the area where 
you first fight the guys with rocks, one may stupidly walk to the upper left 
corner of the screen (Next to where the tree is in the background) and start 
walking back and forth with no counter-attacking!  This also appiles to the 
red guy after this section with a knife, but it's next to the tree near the 
bottom-right corner.


6. Credits 
Myself: for typing this guide out

Konami: For making a game not too many people like.  That's too bad, they 
usually do good at making games.

CJayC: Gamefaqs webmaster.

7. Disclaimer


This guide is copyrighted by Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda).  I have nothing to 
do with Nintendo, Konami, or any other parties involved in the making of this 
game.  It can be printed out, but not for money.  Also, make sure you give 
me credit if you wish to put this one your site.  If you say this is yours 
you will be in serious trouble (Not to mention the CJayC (Gamefaqs webmaster) 
will send out powerful lawyers afterwards.  The latest verison of the guide 
is always at www.gamefaqs.com, and I'd appreciate it if you update it when 
I update it, unless you like the previous one better.

FOR THE COMMONFOLK (Normal people) 
So you want to print this guide out?  Well, first you need my permission, 
and you must promise not to sell it.  You will the guide as the thing it's 
intended to be-a guide.  Either that, or out of entertainment (Reading it 
just for fun).  If you must send me E-mail, send me informative E-mail, which 
includes hints, secrets, and thank oyu's for the guide.  Don't send me idiotic 
E-mail, which includes job applications for the site, complaints, insults, 
stuff already mentioned in the guide, etc.  Trust me, it won't make it. 
Both of you people must follow these rules.  Failure to do this will result 
in you not using the guide altogether.

Until the next guide, everyone...


Copyright 2002 Cedric Cooks/Oda 
All rights reserved

              -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-

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