Review by DarkSaiyan20

Reviewed: 10/07/04

What the first game should have been.

I've always been a fan of video games that improve over the previous title but takes nothing good away. Adventure Island II takes everything good about the original title and improves upon every aspect of it. It also leaves out the bad. The first Adventure Island was horrible if not because of the gameplay but due to the fact it's just about impossible to finish. I couldn't even beat it. But after the nightmares subsided I decided to give Adventure Island II a try and I liked what I saw. No more stages taking me six hours to beat and no more impossible jump to make. Instead I got a fun little game with a small challenge. It was what every 8-bit platformer should have been.

Story - 6/10
Believe it or not it's the same as the original Adventure Island. Tina has been kidnapped by monsters and it's up to Master Higgins to save her. This was the standard story in 1987 but by 1990 we should have seen something a little more in depth so i knock off a few points. I know this section really shouldn't matter but I like to look at games from all angles. Besides this one excells in every other department.

Graphics/Sound/Music - 7/10
The visuals are a big step up from the first game. Master Higgins and all the enemies can be clearly made out along with some nice colors to boot. Also the backgrounds ,while not unlike the original, have improved slightly. Sound is average so if you played the first game you know what to expect. The music has also slightly improved as well. It fits in but it's nothing spectacular. Just your average platformer tunes to help keep you into the game.

Gameplay - 10/10
Here's where this one really shines. Master Higgins is a whole lot easier to control than in the original Adventure Island. You won't need to hold the B button down the entire game to be able to jump high. He still throws axes but lost his fire throwing ability. But you really won't need it when you start riding the dinosaurs. Master Higgins has 4 different dino buddies to find and ride. Each one has a special ability making them useful in certain situations. Now probably the biggest change in gameplay is being able to stock axes and dinos. How this works is let's say you're playing some area and all you have is the axe. Ok you find a dinosaur to ride and everything is all good. Then you find another so you pick him but the dino you were just on will be saved in your inventory. At the inventory screen, which is before every area, you can choose what you want to play the level with provided you have axes and dinosaurs in reserve. And finally the newest addition to the series is being able to continue without the code or that stupid bee. The bee is still there to help you keep your inventory when you continue though.

Fun Factor - 7/10
Adventure Island II turns out to be real fun and should've been the beginning of the series. It's just such an interesting little platformer that's not too difficult but not too easy either. Unfortunately with such little to do it doesn't hold alot of replay value but it's definetely worth a look if you haven't played any of these games before.

To buy or not to buy?
If you actually did like the original Adventure Island you'll want to pick this up. Usually found somewhere between $5 and $10 it's a good bargain. If you're just looking for something new to try out then pick it up as well. You won't regret your purchase.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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